Storify is one of the best tools out there to curate content. It has been used to cover everything from the Occupy movements to breaking news on the shooting at Virginia Tech to Alec Baldwin‘s dismissal from an American Airlines flight. In fact, Poynter recently had an article on the five types of stories that make good Storifys. But Storify has been underutilized when it comes to covering more mundane events, such as a school committee meeting.

Leave it to social media wonderman Sree Sreenivasan to solve the problem. On Dec. 1, Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism School’s dean of student affairs, held an advanced social media workshop in New York City and then created a Storify of the event. While “Social Media One-Night Stand Dec 2011#cjsm” only covers the last two hours of the workshop, the Storify is a great example of how to use the tool to cover something that might not immediately lend itself to the platform.

“As a journalist, I like Storify’s ability to put together a story in a clear, logical manner and the flexibility for the user to decide whether to choose a chrono[logical] or topic/theme/section approach,” Sreenivasan said via email.

Here are some tips from Sreenivasan on how to use Storify to cover a meeting, workshop or similar event. (The whole Storify is embedded at the bottom of the post.) Read more