We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ Stories on crime and other violent acts get more attention, and eyeballs, so editors typically give them more prominent play on the news (be it TV, print or online) than other, more benign stories. But where do you go when you want news that isn’t all doom and gloom? Why not visit a positive news site?

A recent article in the Columbia Journalism Review by Alysia Santo does an excellent job reviewing online news sites that cover the “glass-half full beat.” These are sites that share hopeful news or as Geri Weis-Corbley, founder of the Good News Network, puts it, “We need to be informed by a world view that is not dripping with sensationalism and attuned to the police scanner.”

Are these unrealistic or fake news sites, as some critics may claim? Santo succinctly sums up the critics’ argument by asking, “… can you have “news” in your title if you won’t report on the bad? The function of “the news” is to tell us what we need to know, good or bad.”

This is true but sometimes we all need a break from news that only deals with death, wars and bad economies. Here’s a list of seven positive sites you should check out when you need a reminder that people are reporting on good events, not just the negative. (For more details, I highly suggest you read Santo’s article.) Read more