Even the most seasoned newsroom vet can have trouble handling an army of remote freelancers without the right software. Kapost, a new digital newsroom service, is seeking to change all that.

Kapost is project management software that integrates easily with the Content Management Systems that you already use; just install it within WordPress, Drupal, etc., and you can begin using it without any CMS overhauling.

Kapost allows you to manage content from a large pool of sources, effectively streamlining the editorial process and allowing “writers and editors [to] focus on content, not administrative tasks.” Everything from the germ of an idea (the “concept”) to the actual payment of the writer can be managed through Kapost. According to the site, “Kapost puts the processes of the newsroom–tips/questions, assignments, editorial calendars, revisioning, rights management, performance tracking, and payment–into an online workflow.” A comprehensive analytics platform allows editors to see pageviews, Facebook Likes and ReTweets per contributor, among other helpful stats.

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