Kate Bolick became something of a household name when The Atlantic published her nine-page, 12,000-plus-word cover story on the economics of dating, “All The Single Ladies,” last November.

Not only did the piece score her a book and TV deal, but she said the feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive — and, in some cases, life-changing.

“One of my favorite responses was from a man in his sixties with a 35-year-old daughter, saying that she’s lovely, intelligent, she’s the apple of his eye, and she is not married and has no intention of getting married — a point of concern for him and his wife,” Bolick told mediabistro.com for its “Hey, How’d You Do That?” series. “But, after reading the article, they don’t feel concerned anymore… It was very sweet that he had just come in to this new way of thinking towards his daughter and was then applying it to me.”

Read the full interview to get Bolick’s tips for successful freelancing and share your comments below.  What’s the best piece of feedback you ever received for an article?