BuzzFeed has launched a new tech vertical, FWD. Yes, it is another tech site to bookmark. Yes, the market is getting pretty crowded with them. But please don’t ignore this new kid on the block.

Here’s why: FWD starts off acknowledging how important the social is. It wants to do more than just share news about Apple and new tablets. FWD is trying to turn the tech news niche into something personal and personable, and perhaps most importantly, social.

“FWD is a way to share things. To pass them on. To nudge the conversation about technology in a different direction–maybe not the next level, exactly, but at least a different one. It’s fundamentally social, which is simply the way more and more of the web works now. Social is the web’s new reality,” the site’s editor, Matt Buchanan, writes in his introduction of FWD. Read more