Newly launched and foursquare have joined forces to offer users a new way to participate in the upcoming presidential campaign trail: a “Campaign Check-ins” map. 

An example of the new "Campaign Check-ins" map.

The data visualization map will show check-ins from both President Obama’s and the Republican presidential candidates’ campaigns as they travel across the country. NBC reporters embedded with the Republican candidates will also provide real-time check-ins.

“Understanding where candidates go on the campaign trail and why they go there is a fascinating story that we wanted to share with consumers,” said Paige West,‘s creative director, in the press release. “Visually mapping the campaigns’ activities as we progress through each state’s nominating contest and the general election is the best possible way to bring that story to life. Without foursquare, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to produce this type of content.”

The goal of the interactive map, which won’t launch until January 2012, is to allow the public “to see which events candidates attend and the types of venues where they choose to make campaign stops,” according to a press release on the partnership.

The map will show the check-ins and activity of candidates and campaigns both in real-time and over time. This means it will be easier to visually map how well or poorly a candidate has done. That kind of data would be fascinating to analyze after the presidential election is over.

NBC announced earlier today as the network’s new online destination for its political coverage of the upcoming election. Our sister site, TVNewswer, has more details.

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