When you’re applying for a new job, there’s a lot of ways to stand out in the applicant pool. Facebook and LinkedIn are always popular options. You could also try making an infographic resume or whittle down your resume to 140 characters on Twitter. But have you considered posting your resume on Storify?

Scott Kubie, who typically goes by Scott Rocketship, was recently laid off from his job at a mobile and web app technology startup. In his quest to find a new gig, the 27-year-old copywriter decided to use Storify to create a unique resume. In the five days since publishing, the Storify has gotten more than 1,150 views and been making the rounds on Twitter. Storify even shared it on its Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Rocketship has been lauded by many for his innovation and creativity. He’s received a few nibbles from interested employers.

“I hope this online resume and storytelling experiment will help show potential employers how I think and how I work, and make for interesting conversations in 2012 as I begin to more aggressively seek work with awesome companies,” he told 10,000 Words in an email interview.

We spoke with him to get more information on why he decided to create a Storify resume. (The whole Storify is embedded at the bottom of this post.)

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