Courtesy Winnipeg Free Press

During the night of Winnipeg’s October provincial election, reporters and citizens from the Canadian city came together to watch the results come in. Their choice of venue: the Winnipeg Free Press News Café.

Sponsored by the Winnipeg Free Press, the news café opened in March and is an attempt by the Free Press to create a stronger link to the community, said John White, the paper’s deputy online editor. The multimedia editor, video reporter and social media reporter all work out of the café and White is working on having a more formal rotation of reporters come down to the café and schedule appointments with readers. Community events, like book readings and debates between local politicians, are also a big part of the café.

“My main priority in pitching this café concept was to reestablish our physical link to the community,” White said. “When we relocated out of the downtown area to an industrial park we lost that meaningful connection and public meeting space.” Read more