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Copywriting, branding, social media

51–69 out of 69 listings
ThinkMobile Conference: Cool Hunting--It's All About Discovery (1 hour)
Posted Oct 23, 2009
  The New Age of Advertising (71 minutes)
Posted Oct 12, 2009
How can your customers find out about your products and services on a mobile phone? We'll dig down into the key points you need to consider when developing a mobile marketing strategy from start to finish, such as: advertising, SEO, building services around location, data consumption, and more.  more details

Marketing, Advertising, Marketing, Mobile, Thinkmobile, Recorded Event
  Advertising is more engaging and interactive than ever, and it's also more competitive. Our panel takes on the big questions, predicts the future, and tells some great stories along the way.  more details

TV, Film & Video
Producing Online Entertainment Content (1 hour, 22 minutes)
Posted Sep 14, 2009
  Creative Storytelling: Innovative Design in Advertising & Branding (1 hour, 23 minutes)
Posted May 5, 2009
Video on the web is red-hot right now. Our panel tackles the big questions: How do you make great online video? Then how do you make money from your work?  more details

Marketing, New Media, Online Video, Online Ads, Recorded Event
  Some of the most exciting innovators in digital interactive design share their success stories and case studies, and discuss the magic behind the campaigns.  more details

Marketing, Interactive, Online Ads, Recorded Event
Writing about Technology for Consumers (36 minutes)
Posted Sep 17, 2007
  Advertising: The New Creative Agency (1 hour, 4 minutes)
Posted Mar 26, 2007
How can publishers offer information about technology in a way that engages new readers but doesn't put off their core audiences? And how can writers and editors get a leg up in the consumer marketplace? Our panel of technology writers tackles these topics and more in a discussion moderated by the vice president of content and programming at Yahoo! Lifestyles.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Marketing, Writing & Publishing, New Media, Mobile, Recorded Event
  A panel discussion with experts on interactive advertising.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Branding, Online Ads, Recorded Event
From Blogger to Author: How Bloggers Get Book Deals, and What This Means for Publishing (1 hour, 18 minutes)
Posted Dec 1, 2006
  Mediabistro Circus: What's Behind Online Design? (1 hour, 32 minutes)
Authors Julie Powell, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Michael Malice, and Robert Rummel-Hudson join literary agent Kate Lee and editor Laura Mazer to discuss how blogs can turn into lucrative book deals.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Blogging, Recorded Event, For Authors
  Do you know how people perceive, understand, and use your product? Google does, and they are the gold standard of user experience design. They've mastered the process of measuring and improving your interaction with their site.  more details

Marketing, Design, New Media, Online Video, Recorded Event, Seo
How to Throw a Digital Book Party (26 minutes)
  How to Promote Yourself on Facebook (36 minutes)
Got a new book to promote? Social networking can help. Get people talking, blogging, and tweeting about your book by following these easy, tech-savvy tips from's founder and expert community organizer, Laurel Touby.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Twitter, Social Media, For Authors, Crash Course, Intermediate
  Want to reach a few million people without spending a cent? Whether you're publicizing your blog, book, business, or just your own cool self, Facebook can be your new best friend.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, New Media, Social Media, For Authors, Intro, Crash Course
ThinkMobile Conference: Cross-Media Online to Mobile Advertising (41 minutes)
  ThinkMobile Conference: Successful App Stories: How to Make Money in Mobile (55 minutes)
What do the online majors have to say about mobile and the future of cross-media interactivity?  more details

Mobile, Thinkmobile, Online Ads, Recorded Event
  We talk to the people behind the current killer apps for mobile about their successes in development and marketing.  more details

Marketing, New Media, Mobile, Thinkmobile, Recorded Event
Mediabistro Circus: Brand All-Stars 
  Mediabistro Circus: Strange Bedfellows: The New [Media] Deal (44 minutes)
In this presentation, Steve Rubel of Edelman Digital outlines the steps you need to take to build your personal brand. A few simple steps can help your company stand out on the increasingly crowded web.  more details

Branding, Social Media, Recorded Event, Community Management
  Our panel of media business experts takes on the deal-making process and explores the new models that are emerging out of a tough economic climate  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Marketing, Writing & Publishing, Magazines, Business, New Media, Recorded Event
Mediabistro Circus: Marketing Renaissance: The Age of the Customer (56 minutes)
  Mediabistro Circus: From Gutenberg to MovableType: Publishing's Next Edition (1 hour)
To reach an audience online, you need to think in new ways. How do you capture people's interest and win their loyalty? Learn from four innovators who have made it happen in the digital marketplace.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Public Relations, Writing & Publishing, New Media, Social Media, Recorded Event, Seo
  Our panel of experts describes publishing's new models, including online, mobile, and on-demand, and predicts the future of content, profit and the web.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Marketing, Writing & Publishing
Evolution of Journalism 
  Mediabistro Circus: Relevance and Influence: Can Data Bring You Closer to Your Audience? (52 minutes)
A panel of experts takes on the big issues about the present and future of media, including free content, citizen journalism, business models, and social media.  more details

Marketing, Writing & Publishing, New Media, Social Media, Citizen Journalism, Recorded Event, Next-Generation Journalist
  Analytics and metrics can help publishers understand how online advertising can help them make money, but it's not always easy. Our panel tackles the big issues.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, New Media, Recorded Event, Seo
Mediabistro Career Circus: Your Evolving Career: A Work in Progress (58 minutes)
Starting your own business, or taking on a new career, begins with an idea. Our panel of experts will inspire and guide you to the next step in your new life.  more details

Marketing, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship