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mcala Posted - 1/8/2014 6:12:42 PM | show profile | email poster | flag this post

Many superb performers fall short when it comes to the editorial part of their band or personal marketing. There is nothing worse than to read liner notes or press releases that are boring, banal or -- worse -- ungrammatical and not to the branding point.

I have written book, music, and concert reviews and features for Blues Revue and SING OUT! magazines from 2001-2012. I now write for the new Blues Music Magazine as well as for the traditional music site No Depression.

Recent full-length features include a profile of Marcia Ball and Don Bennett in Blues Music Magazine (print and digital), and another on the amazingly young and powerful blues band, The Homemade Jamz Blues Band.

I write liner notes, press releases,bylined or anonymous CD reviews and other material to support musical artists' branding.

Rates are reasonable. If I think your product is good and gets me enthusiastic, I can guarantee creating some fine support materials that have a better than average chance of getting to the right people, as opposed to when amateur writers are involved.

Please see my feature article on Marcia Ball here: (page 9)


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