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Writing & Publishing

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Write articles and books, pitch, and get published

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Women's Magazine Writing On Demand 
Posted Oct 14, 2015
  Digital Journalism Fundamentals On Demand 
Posted Oct 14, 2015
  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Writing, Women, Magazine, Women's, Demand, On
    more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Journalism, Digital, Demand, On, Fundamentals
Develop a Freelance Writing Career On Demand 
Posted Oct 14, 2015
  Travel Writing On Demand 
Posted Oct 5, 2015
  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Freelance, Writing, Career, Demand, On, Develop
    more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Writing, Travel, Demand, On
Blogging On Demand 
Posted Oct 5, 2015
  How to Publish a Book: Fiction (4 minutes)
Posted Feb 25, 2011
  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Blogging, Demand, On
  Mediabistro instructor Lauren Lipton gives you the complete rundown on how to get your fiction project published -- in just about four minutes.  more details

Publishing, Fiction, Novel, Agents, Short Stories, Getting Published
How To Publish a Book: Non-Fiction (5 minutes)
Posted Feb 10, 2011
  eBook Promotion Strategies for 2010 and Beyond (35 minutes)
Posted Feb 2, 2011
Got a great idea for a book? We take you through the steps you'll need to take to get your non-fiction book finished and published.  more details

Book Publishing, Proposal, Pitching, Literary Agents, Non-Fiction
  In these presentations from Mediabistro's eBook Summit, you'll learn practical lessons from creators who used social media, crowdfunding, podcasting, and other new tools to build their platforms  more details

Marketing, Public Relations, Publicity, Marketing, Promotion, Ebooks, Social Media, Ebook Summit, Crowdfunding, Podcasting
eBook Summit: Ten Commands for the Digital Age with Douglas Rushkoff (38 Minutes)
Posted Jan 14, 2011
  eBook Summit: Digital Storytelling (45 minutes)
Posted Jan 4, 2011
In this talk at Mediabistro's eBook Summit, the author explains why he left his traditional publisher for a new house. You'll hear about the struggles and successes of an author and journalist in the new publishing environment.  more details

Publishing, Ebooks, Douglas Rushkoff, Ebook Summit
  Tablet computers, eBooks, enhanced eBooks, iPad apps, and new business models for both big publishing and indie presses -- we cover it all!  more details

Ipad, Ebooks, Tablet, Electric Literature, Ebook Summit
eBook Summit: Googled: The End of the World as We Know It (45 minutes)
Posted Dec 23, 2010
  How to Plan a Book Tour (15 minutes)
Posted Dec 20, 2010
Bestselling author and media columnist Ken Auletta joins us to talk about the changing media industry and what the future might look like for magazines, newspapers and books.  more details

The New Yorker, Ken Auletta, Ebooks, Ebook Summit
  It's time to hit the road and promote your book. We'll show you how.  more details

Public Relations, Publicity, Promotion, Novel Writing, Book Tour
How to Outline Your Novel Manuscript (21 minutes)
Posted Dec 2, 2010
  How to Get Noticed in Publishing with Debbie Stier (11 minutes)
Posted Oct 25, 2010
How are those chapters coming along? It might be time to go back to the outlining board and take some advice from our expert instructor.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Novel, Novel Writing, Proposals, Outlining
  Debbie Stier of HarperCollins tells you the secrets to getting hired in publishing and how to publicize your book.  more details

Branding, Promotion, Mediabistro Circus 2010
Breaking into Educational Writing (13 minutes)
Posted Oct 22, 2010
  Ghostwriting Basics (16 minutes)
Posted Oct 21, 2010
Learn what you need to land work with educational publishers and how to expand your client list over time.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Education, Writing, Freelancing
  We'll show you how to be an effective, empathetic, and successful ghostwriter.  more details

Memoir, Celebrities, Ghostwriting, Non-Fiction
Writing the Query Letter for Your Book Project (13 minutes)
Posted Sep 2, 2010
  Mediabistro Career Circus 2010: Town Hall Discussion (30 minutes)
Posted Sep 2, 2010
Your query letter has to be well-written, engaging, and targeted to a particular agent or editor. We'll show you how to make that happen.  more details

Book Publishing, Agents, Queries, Proposals
  In this session at Career Circus 2010, participants and job seekers had a chance to talk shop, share gripes, and exchange advice. Pick up some tips!  more details

Writing & Publishing, Career, Job Search, Hiring
Producing Promotional & Branding Materials: Booklets (49:28)
Posted Jul 12, 2010
  Lessons From A Publisher with Debbie Stier of HarperCollins (30 minutes)
Posted Jun 22, 2010
Plan and execute eye-popping, cohesive booklets in Adobe InDesign  more details

Writing & Publishing, Branding, Typography, Marketing, Promotion, Printing Tips, Layout, Magazine Design, Software Tips, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Adobe Indesign, Booklets
  In this fireside chat, SVP and associate publisher Debbie Stier joins us to talk about how digital trends are affecting publishing, from book acquisitions to marketing, and how they are changing the way we both innovate and communicate.  more details

Marketing, Publicity, Marketing, Ebooks, Mediabistro Circus 2010
How to Build a Content-Driven Digital Community with Brandon Holley (10 minutes)
Posted Jun 17, 2010
  Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins on the 21st Century Book (40 minutes)
Posted Jun 4, 2010
Brandon Holley of Yahoo! Shine, knows how to bring women together online. In this interview, she shares her experience.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Direct Access, Mediabistro Circus 2010
  In this talk at Mediabistro Circus 2010, Eileen Gittins, founder and CEO of Blurb, speaks to the passion that drove her to start Blurb, and what it means to be a book in the 21st century.  more details

Marketing, Ebooks, Self-Publishing, Mediabistro Circus 2010
Michela O'Connor Abrams: Dwell's New Experience of Media (45 minutes)
Posted Jun 2, 2010
  Give a Great Reading (20 minutes)
Posted May 21, 2010
Dwell has become a digital media leader. Learn how, in this Mediabistro Circus 2010 presentation  more details

Magazines, Strategy, Digital Media, Mediabistro Circus 2010, Brand Extension
  Readings let you showcase your work and get new fans. With the help of some of our favorite writers, we'll show you how.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Promotion, Authors, Public Speaking, Readings, Performance
I Just Wrote A Book...What Do I Do Now? (22 minutes)
Posted May 13, 2010
  How to Line Edit Your Own Writing, Part 2 (15 minutes)
Posted Apr 19, 2010
FREE for a limited time! In this "reality" show hosted by GalleyCat's Jason Boog, you'll meet beginning novelist Jon Frith and learn along with him as he prepares to make the journey from writer to author. Along the way, a top New York literary agent provides valuable tips for refining his manuscript, finding the right agent, and selling the book.  more details

Promotion, Twitter, Manuscript, Social Media, Agents, Novel Writing, Novelist
  We go deeper into line editing in Part 2 of this tutorial. You'll learn how to avoid errors and polish your prose.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Grammar, Editing, Next-Generation Journalist
Developments in Digital Reading with Sony's Steve Haber (6 minutes)
Posted Apr 14, 2010
  How to Line Edit Your Own Writing, Part 1 (18 minutes)
Posted Apr 12, 2010
Steve Haber, developer of the Sony Reader, explores the intersection of content and technology and shares his thoughts on what makes a digital reader successful.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Ebooks, Ebook Summit, Digital Reading
  Is your writing bloated? Tired? Lacking zip? This quick tutorial will show you how to get rid of blah language and improve the clarity of your prose.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Grammar, Editing, Next-Generation Journalist
Fact Check Tool Kit: Asking the Question (15 minutes)
Posted Mar 26, 2010
  Digital Strategy and the Future of Publishing with Matt Shatz (8 minutes)
Posted Mar 26, 2010
Getting the facts straight sometimes means making some tough phone calls. We'll teach you how to pose questions to get prompt, accurate answers every time.  more details

Journalism, Fact Checking
  Will print survive? What's the future of eReaders? Get expert opinions and answers from the digital leader at Random House.  more details

Direct Access, Digital Publishing, Ebook Summit
Adventures in Digital Publishing with Rita Amladi (13 minutes)
Posted Mar 15, 2010
  Anthologize Me (11 minutes)
Posted Mar 15, 2010
With these notes from the front lines of e-publishing, author Rita Amladi shares her experiences as an eBook author and self-publisher.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing, Next-Generation Journalist
  Want to get your work out there, and join a community of writers? Being published in an anthology can do that, and more, for your career. We'll show you how.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Nonfiction, Submissions, Essay Writing, Anthologies
How ePublishing is Making Reading Sexy Again with Tammy Nam (11 minutes)
Posted Feb 22, 2010
  What's New in On Demand Publishing with Andrew Pate (8 minutes)
Posted Feb 16, 2010
Sites like have completely changed the game, for both readers and writers. Learn more about how publishing just got way more accessible and interactive, and how you can get involved.  more details

Social Media, Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing
  On demand delivery systems have changed how books get into the hands of their readers. What's next? Learn from our expert.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Print On Demand
Transitioning to New Media with Angela Riechers (11 minutes)
Posted Feb 11, 2010
  New Directions in Audiobooks with Tara Gelsomino (10 minutes)
Posted Feb 4, 2010
Designer/writer Angela Riechers explains how she learned to combine her passions for design and the written word on her blog, NounVerbDesign  more details

Writing & Publishing, New Media, Blogging, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  Social media and audiobooks come together in cool new ways. Learn how, from an expert at BBC Audiobooks America.  more details

Twitter, Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Audiobooks
Accessibility and eBooks with Bob Livolsi (8 minutes)
Posted Feb 1, 2010
  Literary Agents and Electronic Publishing with Jason Allen Ashlock (17 minutes)
Posted Jan 29, 2010
One of the key problems with eBooks is platform dependence. Bob Livolsi saw the issues in the industry, and built a business around making eBooks more accessible. Learn from his experience.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Accessibility
  The job of a literary agent is more challenging than ever, thanks to new twists in electronic publishing and a tough market. Learn about the current landscape with one of the key players in the field.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing, Agents
Lessons Learned from Google Books with Brandon Badger (12 minutes)
Posted Jan 27, 2010
  What's Next for the eBook, from Publishing to Technology (57:05)
Posted Jan 22, 2010
In this informative interview, Brandon Badger shares the philosophy behind Google Books, and explains what the new service means in the changing ecosystem of publishing.  more details

Google Books, Direct Access, Ebook Summit
  Where are eBooks going? Is it about the content or the technology? What about readers? Get the answers to these questions and more, from our panel of experts at the eBook summit.   more details

Ebook Summit
Electrifying the Future of Literature with Andy Hunter (8 minutes)
Posted Jan 20, 2010
  Publishing Innovation in Academia with Wim Van Der Stelt of Springer Science and Business Media (8 minutes)
Posted Jan 19, 2010
What does the future of literature look like? It's animated, alive, electric! Just ask Andy Hunter.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Fiction, Poetry, Direct Access, Ebook Summit
  Academic publishers had a grip on this whole online publishing thing way before the rest of us. Get some wisdom and perspective from an expert in the field.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Academia
The New Fundamentals of Journalism with Katty Kay, author of Womenomics (11 minutes)
Posted Jan 15, 2010
  Innovations in Interactive Children's Publishing with Lisa Holton of Fourth Story Media (10 minutes)
Posted Jan 13, 2010
What's it like to be a first-time author right now? Does the picture change when you're an established journalist? Our chat with Katty Kay gives a picture of the changes in journalism, and insight into the publishing process.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Writing & Publishing, Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Next-Generation Journalist
  Children's books aren't just printed pages any more. Learn about the revolution in interactive books, and what to expect from the future from Fourth Story Media's Lisa Holton.  more details

Ebook Summit, Children's Books
Promoting Books in a Digital Age: The New Economics of Publishing (1 hour)
Posted Jan 12, 2010
  New Career Directions in Publishing with Andrew Malkin of Zinio (10 minutes)
Posted Jan 11, 2010
In this eBook Summit discussion, our experts work through the challenges of the current economics of publishing. You'll gain insight into how writers and publishers can promote their work and businesses in the current environment.  more details

Marketing, Recorded Event, Ebook Summit
  Innovations in electronic publishing mean new opportunities. Learn what's going on now, and what to expect from the future of eBooks and online publishing from Zinio's Andrew Malkin.  more details

Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing
What's Next in Publishing with Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp of Open Road Integrated Media (12 minutes)
Posted Jan 7, 2010
  Achieving eBook Success with Neelan Choksi of Lexcycle (10 minutes)
Posted Jan 7, 2010
Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp are breaking new ground in digital publishing and book marketing. Join them for this educational discussion of what's to come and how you can get involved.  more details

Marketing, New Media, Direct Access, Ebook Summit
  How do content and technology interact in the age of eBooks? Pick up some pointers from tech visionary Neelan Choksi.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Mobile, Direct Access, Ebook Summit
Writer, Agent, Publisher: New Roles for the eBook Era (1 hour)
Posted Jan 4, 2010
  Media, Society, and Change with Douglas Rushkoff (35 minutes)
Posted Dec 22, 2009
In this panel discussion at Mediabistro's eBook conference, Jason Boog leads a conversation about how the new landscape of publishing, digital content, and print on demand affect the fragile relationships in the publishing process.  more details

New Media, Recorded Event, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing
  In this address at Mediabistro's eBook Summit, author Douglas Rushkoff kept the audience rapt with his hyper-relevant take on the future of media and society. This talk will excite and incite you; make the time to watch and understand it.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, New Media, Recorded Event, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing, Next-Generation Journalist