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How to Build a Logo: Type and Space (16:18)
Posted Aug 12, 2009
  Rock-Solid Brands: Essentials of Brand Longevity (24:42)
Posted Aug 7, 2009
Parsons professor Alex W. White continues his four-part series of tutorials on logo design by highlighting the all-important dynamic between type and spatial elements in a logo. As Alex proves,...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Logo Design, Type
  How does a brand stay strong for decades? Some well-known brands have remained virtually the same in their visual identity; others have had to adapt to social or cultural change in order to stay...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Copywriting, Case Studies
Ultimate Logo Makeovers (36:42)
Posted Jul 31, 2009
  World Wide Fantasyland Studios (28:35)
Posted Jul 21, 2009
Ivan Freaner discusses the ways in which designers can use the tools at their disposal (in this case, Adobe Illustrator) to spice up logos that are lacking in oomph. He focuses not only on improving...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Logo Design, Type, Illustrator, Guides
  Today's top online designers are employing video, animation, social networking, and ingenious illustration to transform websites into fantasy spaces, and promotion into entertainment. Aliyah Marr...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Web Design
How a Logo Fits (28:35)
Posted Jul 14, 2009
  Make the Medium Suit the Message (32:56)
Posted Jul 10, 2009
Author/university professor Alex W. White articulates the principles and processes behind successful logo creation, delving into key issues such as the initial creative brief, discussing concepts...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Logo Design, Client Relations, Project Management
  When creating promotional or communication materials, designers must make all the visual elements somehow reflect the "face" of the brand/company, without ever boring the intended audience with...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Client Relations, Type, Layout, Image Selection, Magazine Design
The Complexities of Simplistic Design (30:57)
Posted Jun 23, 2009
  Standout Logos: Creation and Presentation (30:56)
Posted Apr 24, 2009
Branding expert Jonathan Gouthier knows the value of simple design solutions. With the help of some striking examples, he illustrates how color, white space, specialty printing techniques, and...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Printing Tips, Collateral, Type
  This tutorial by Ivan Freaner is designed to help you create, present, and deliver extraordinary logos...and get them approved. Ivan addresses each of these stages, using Illustrator to share an...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Logo Design, Type, Illustrator
Fishing for Inspiration? (27:10)
Posted Apr 3, 2009
  Creating Logo Families (26:34)
Posted Feb 25, 2009
Aliyah Marr reels in a whopping netful of free online inspirational resources for designers. Ranging from archival trips through design history to cutting-edge displays of Flash wizardry, Aliyah's...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Logo Design, Web Design
  When a brand branches out, how can a core logo be adapted to reflect new services, products, acquisitions, etc.? With a plethora of case studies encompassing brands of all types and sizes,...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Logo Design, Case Studies, Client Relations
Smashing Your Creative Blocks (22:38)
Posted Feb 10, 2009
  Logo Design in Next to No Time (32:23)
Posted Jan 23, 2009
Because professional designers don't have the time to wait for inspiration, Aliyah Marr provides a set of practical techniques that you can use to jump-start your creativity when the ideas just...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Relationships, Logo Design
  Angela Riechers arms you with the game plan for completing a logo design and getting client approval quickly. She offers hints for each stage in the process, identifies common sources of...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Color, Logo Design, Client Relations, Business Issues
What Drives Interactive Design?: Revving Up Interactivity (25:43)
Posted Dec 29, 2008
  Copywriting for Designers (28:12)
Posted Dec 12, 2008
Aliyah Marr presents an overview of the various ways in which a website can engage the user. She likens web design to driving a stick shift, with the five gears corresponding to levels of intricacy...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Web Design
  Designers can become more competitive by adding copywriting to their skill set. Nancy Hoffmann, a designer who has worked as a professional copywriter, understands how effective writing and...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Copywriting, Client Relations, Business Issues, Web Design
How to Send a Message with Color (24:38)
Posted Oct 31, 2008
  Five Famous Logos Deconstructed (24:45)
Posted Oct 8, 2008
Color is one of the most important tools a designer has in conveying a message, but how can you be sure that your color choices are telling the story that you and your client want told? In this...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Color, Image Selection, Web Design
  Designer/artist Lauren Matsumoto takes a fun approach to a software tutorial: demonstrating cool features and techniques in Adobe Illustrator by recreating five ubiquitous logos. Lauren shows how to...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Software Tips, Illustrator
The Designer's Role in Bringing a Brand to Life (37:41)
Posted Jul 22, 2008
  Sick, Lost, Broken Brands: Symptoms and Recovery (33:49)
Posted Jun 5, 2008
In this tutorial, instructor Jonathan Gouthier highlights each of the three roles a designer can expect to play in today's market: strategist, researcher, and visual communicator. Jonathan explains...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Case Studies
  What do you currently do when your brand seems to be stagnant or unresponsive? Throw up your hands or do nothing? In this tutorial, Jonathan Gouthier will highlight problematic areas for brands and...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Case Studies
Identity Development Through Marketing, Sales and Investor Relations Departments (35:45)
Posted May 9, 2008
  10 Criteria for Logo Design (31:03)
Posted May 9, 2008
From past experiences with clients, it is presumed that a strong brand image is made through the redundancy of logo, color and type placement. While corporate standards are needed so each person...  more details

Branding, Color, Logo Design
  There are over one million registered trademarks, and if you add to this the number of small businesses that are launched with a logo every year, the amount is staggering. Yet the basic question is,...  more details

Branding, Color, Logo Design
Advertising: The New Creative Agency (1 hour, 4 minutes)
Posted Mar 26, 2007
  Mediabistro Circus: Brand All-Stars 
A panel discussion with experts on interactive advertising.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Branding, Online Ads, Recorded Event
  In this presentation, Steve Rubel of Edelman Digital outlines the steps you need to take to build your personal brand. A few simple steps can help your company stand out on the increasingly crowded web.  more details

Branding, Social Media, Recorded Event, Community Management