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So What Do You Do, Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of
The 'most influential reporter' in Silicon Valley gives tips on how to bypass PR talking points during interviews and weighs in on the lack of women in tech.

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Coming Soon to MSN: Breaking News Tweets - Posted October 10, 2014
The MSN website caters to more than 425 million visitors each month, with many people having come to rely on the portal as their primary source of news. Soon, users will begin to see real-time updates on the platform delivered by what has become the leading channel for breaking news:... [AllTwitter]

Understanding 5 Types of Reporters (and How to Work with Them) - Posted September 10, 2014
This edition of '5 Things,' like many others, was inspired by a lunch we had recently with a few PR colleagues. It all started with a simple question and some half-assed Caesar salad concoction. What is the difference between a journalist and... [FishbowlDC]

5 Pitfalls to Avoid While Newsjacking - Posted August 13, 2014
Anyone remember this famous tweet? It happened during Team USA's run in the World Cup. As you can tell, Waffle House got a little notoriety from that soccer success as well. This act of genius, according to a term coined by ... [FishbowlDC]

How Little America Cares About War in Iraq as Seen on LIVE with Kelly & Michael - Posted August 11, 2014
ICYMI: Kate Upton is easy on the eyes. At least, that's what the cool kids say. I'm married so my eyes were removed years ago (Hey baby). Anyhow, Upton provides a ratings spike to most shows as you can imagine. Such was the case for LIVE with Kelly & Michael... [FishbowlDC]

Is Grasswire, a "Real-Time Newsroom," a Better Version of Reddit? - Posted July 31, 2014
It's no secret that the Internet is often a hotbed of misinformation in the wake of a breaking news event, particularly during horrible disasters involving multiple deaths, such as the Sandy Hook shootings. And social media is often a conduit for the rapid spread of fake facts and those terribly convincing... [10,000 Words]

Reason No. 5,298 Why People Hate Local News Coverage: Breaking Into World Cup Final - Posted July 14, 2014
Viewers are a little persnickety about what they think local news should and should not cover. Unfortunately, if you don't please them, your ratings could suffer. They hold on to the mantra "The customer is always right" closer than a Klansman and his tighty-whities. They bicker about fashion on the anchors, general... [FishbowlDC]

Another Word the Media Should Really Learn to Use Properly - Posted July 3, 2014
For what seems like this entire year, the phrase "Breaking News" has been questioned. You may remember a certain Malaysian airline flight that disappeared without a trace. Every story that came out was "breaking news." A rumor was heard: breaking news. A psychic had a dream: breaking news. A news crew may... [FishbowlDC]

Step Aside Family Vacations on Facebook; Move In Breaking News?! - Posted July 3, 2014
For years, Facebook has been the storehouse for the personal ego. No merit of anything other than where the beautiful people spend vacation, perfect marriages of Barbie and Ken, and stupid pet tricks. That may also be why people are just getting tired of Facebook. Until now. According to ... [FishbowlDC]

FOX News Offers a New (and Terrible) Way to Cover Presidential Press Conferences - Posted May 5, 2014
As we know in the world of media and national reporting, "Breaking News" doesn't quite have the same authority as it used to hold in ... [FishbowlDC]

Lithium Technologies To Acquire Klout for $100 Million - Posted February 12, 2014
Lithium Technologies, a social customer experience management software company, is reportedly buying Klout for at least 100 million and heading for an IPO. Unnamed sources told Re/code that a deal has been signed but is not yet closed. Klout scores ... [AllFacebook]

Journalist-Made Liveblog Pro Connects Real-Time Blogging and Twitter - Posted January 7, 2014
We talk often about reporting news in real time on this blog. Live-tweeting, live-blogging, live-streaming -- the whole shebang. We've talked about ScribbleLive and CoverItLive as options for ... [10,000 Words]

THIS JUST IN: A New Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It-Column - Posted December 17, 2013
At PRNewser, we love the random tips and tools, listicles and ... [FishbowlDC]

Does Circa's Breaking News Feed Raise Privacy Concerns? - Posted October 3, 2013
What if there was a new wire service for mobile devices that takes the citizen journalism aspects of Reddit and Twitter, and combines them with customizable... [AllFacebook]

12 Best Practices For Media Companies' Facebook Pages - Posted May 2, 2013
Facebook Journalism Program Manager ... [AllFacebook]

When News Breaks, How Does Facebook React? - Posted April 26, 2013
The recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon showed the expanding role of social media when it comes to the ... [AllFacebook]

5 Types Of Tweets That Will Get You Retweeted - Posted October 24, 2012
One of the golden currencies of Twitter is the retweet. When someone retweets you, they're telling their followers that you've got something interesting to say. But getting retweeted isn't an easy task - you've got to offer something new and interesting to your followe... [10,000 Words]

5 Types Of Tweets That Will Get You Retweeted - Posted October 24, 2012
One of the golden currencies of Twitter is the retweet. When someone retweets you, they're telling their followers that you've got something interesting to say. But getting retweeted isn't an easy task - you've got to offer something new and interesting to your followe... [AllTwitter]

5 Tweet Strategies for Highlighting Breaking News - Posted July 29, 2012
Social media producers battle for eyeballs, retweets and clicks. They fight because tweets fly by fast, easily slipping by readers in a stream shared with cat gifs and ... [10,000 Words]

Infographic: How Social Media Wins At Breaking News - Posted April 18, 2012
Here's some lunch-time fodder to consider. How reliant are you on social media to keep up on the latest news? How has this changed for you in the past decade? To put this in perspective, think about this: On September 11, 2001, how did you hear about the World Trade Center attacks?... [10,000 Words]

How To Use Google+ For Breaking News - Posted July 18, 2011
Google+ is the newest social media network on the block and, as we chronicled last week, there's a lot of innovative ways it can help a reporter with their individual beat. But what about when it comes to breaking news... [10,000 Words]

Revolving Door: More News Corp., Casey Anthony News - Posted July 14, 2011
[caption id="attachment_24278" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Casey Anthony at her sentencing hearing. Photo: Joe Burbank/Pool"][/caption] Developments about the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal seem to roll in by the minute. Besides this morning's news that they've ... [FishbowlDC]

Techmeme's Headlines Now Pulling From Tweets - Posted January 21, 2011
Techmeme just announced that Tweets can now become headlines or discussion topics. For those who live and breathe on Techmeme's technology news feed, the move isn't en... [AllTwitter]