CBS Retracts Benghazi Story

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etaoin shrdlu Posted - 11/8/2013 10:23:30 AM | show profile | flag this post

It takes a lot for a "60 Minutes" report to get pulled. But this one fell apart quickly after it turned out the Benghazi security contractor told CBS one story -- of heroism under fire -- when he'd already filed a report with his superiors -- and told the FBI -- that he never went to the compound the night of the raid and rode out the firefight from the safety of his villa.

Dylan Davies had previously said he lied to his superiors to protect his job. But, it's since been learned he told the same story to the FBI as he told his superiors.

That's a different matter (and felony) completely if his altered, "60 Minutes" story stands.

Quinntessential Posted - 11/8/2013 10:30:35 AM | show profile | flag this post

If only this administration would do the same.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 11/8/2013 11:46:33 AM | show profile | flag this post

Looks like the Administration's account...

is pretty solid.

And attempts like Davies' to paint the administration -- and the CIA -- in a bad light keep imploding.

blackedtaped Posted - 11/8/2013 11:59:08 AM | show profile | flag this post

I forget, which account?

It was just a protest that went too far, a riot that got out of hand, or a planned attack against CIA operatives? I forgot which was the final answer.
Besides, according to the Secretary of State at the time, "what does it matter"? I can't understand why 60 Minutes would even be interested.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 11/8/2013 2:05:33 PM | show profile | flag this post


you seriously took the Secretary's words out of context. WAY out of context.

It WAS a CIA operation that went bad. That's been thoroughly vetted by multiple sources. The CIA created the cover stories to protect operatives still in the region.

And Sen Lindsey Graham has actually tried to "out" the agents involved.

But the story from Davies seems to have been either a shameless bid to sell books (which may now be recalled by his publisher) or a purely partisan attempt to smear the Obama administration while committing an act of "stolen valor."

it's just tv folks Posted - 11/8/2013 2:33:12 PM | show profile | flag this post

blackOPPS is fully behind the teabaggy terrorist party and their slashing of funds for security for our foreign embassies and consulates. Remember blackedOPPS clearly stated that we must have our financial priorities. Slashing funding for security personel at our consulates, costing 4 American lives, is great! Shutting down our government at the cost of at least 2 billion dollars is great! That's the teabaggy terrorist way, right blackOPPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

VTexan Posted - 11/9/2013 11:36:32 PM | show profile | flag this post

I just don't understand

...why the liberal media would run this story in the first place. The story makes the liberal President look bad. Could it be that the liberal media isn't so much it is seeking money? Big stories get LOTS of eyeballs. LOTS of eyeballs mean advertising dollars. Perhaps the media has a bias, it's just a bias towards money.

mpdodgson Posted - 11/10/2013 7:33:26 PM | show profile | flag this post

Folo up on that--

Everytime the 'Librul media' does go after the Adminstration (which they have done every night re "the disastrous ObamaCare" rollout) it chips away at the myth their all in the tank for the WH.

But the CBS Report was just bad on oh so many levels. Practically every Fox show joined in to hype it before it aired. Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy told viewers, "It's great that mainstream media, finally catching up. CBS did this story on Benghazi and I see criticism from the left where they go, 'You guys are covering a phony scandal.' 60 Minutes doesn't cover phony scandals."

That evening, Special Report host Bret Baier said that the 60 Minutes report "reaffirmed what we knew and had reported on." The Real Story host Gretchen Carlson and The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld also used the CBS report to prop up their network's own Benghazi reporting.

All told, Fox spent more than 47 minutes -- spread across 13 segments on 11 separate shows -- covering the CBS report on October 28. And it didn't stop there.

After serious questions were raised about Davies' credibility, the network rallied to his defense, with Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade suggesting the administration had leaked damaging information to the press in order to "discredit a seemingly very credible witness."

Logan herself apologized on the CBS Morning show. 7 hours later Fox mentioned the story was retracted. Librul media my ass.

proudliberal Posted - 11/10/2013 8:21:31 PM | show profile | flag this post

Librul media...Ha!

Jon Stewart ran a great piece where he made fun of the Obamacare website...all the talking heads were saying how bad it was when Obama "lost" Stewart. To which Stewart told them all to go f*ck themselves because they completely ignored all his comments about Bush and the far right, but now all of a sudden it was important what he was criticizing. The media is skewed so far right it is ridiculous. You think any of us liberals are going to claim douchebag David Gregory, or Scarborough, or Nora O'Donnell, or Matt Lauer, or Chuck Todd, etc etc etc?

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 11/12/2013 9:48:45 AM | show profile | flag this post

I loved how...

FOX stood by the "60 Minutes" story -- even after CBS disavowed it.

From the Washington Post:

“'We stand by our reporting on Benghazi, and given what is still unknown, we anticipate further fact finding from those who know the truth about what took place on 9/11/12,' said Michael Clemente, executive vice president of news for Fox News."

Eighth paragraph here:

This was just sloppy by CBS all around. No second source, no full disclosure -- Davies' book was being published by a subsidiary of CBS's parent company.

BTW, the publisher has since withdrawn the book.

orthicon Posted - 11/12/2013 11:46:31 AM | show profile | flag this post

remember when "60 minutes" was the example we ALL..

desired to emulate?..the gold standard of news broadcasting?

I do.. vaguely..

don Hewitt, wherefore art thou??

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