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etaoin shrdlu Posted - 1/28/2014 9:19:21 AM | show profile | flag this post

Mother of the Year Bristol Palin is criticizing Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis for being a bad mother. Seems Davis didn't live long enough in a trailer to suit a lot of conservatives, and they also don't like the exact way she pulled herself up by her bootstraps.

Just look at the tone of Palin's crass commentary and the classy response from Davis:

Palin: "She left her kid, husband, made it into a false 'made-for-TV-movie-type-tale' and then demanded that Texans have the right to kill babies. That’s the woman you libs can really get behind!"

Davis: “With all due respect to Miss Palin, of course, nothing that was said in that tweet is true. I am very proud of the mother that I have been to my daughters. I have always been and will always be the most important female in their life. They are the most important thing to me."

Yep, Bristol. And when you grow up and learn to quit whining, Davis is the kind of woman you'll get behind.

Quinntessential Posted - 1/28/2014 10:26:51 AM | show profile | flag this post

Class? Like mocking paraplegic's?

Class? Like lying on your bio?

Palin exposes the liberal fraud that is saint Wendy.

Please Texas Dems and moonbats across America, give Wendy the nod. Then watcher her lose by double digits.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 1/28/2014 11:40:52 AM | show profile | flag this post

Poor, poor, cruzo...

has to mansplain how Davis didn't live in a trailer LONG enough, and didn't pull herself up by the right bootstraps.

Really not scoring any points with women voters. But that's the GOP way these days.

Petty little Palin -- who abandoned her kids to perform on "Dancing with the Stars" is hardly a model of modern motherhood.

cruster Posted - 1/28/2014 12:48:48 PM | show profile | flag this post

"Then watcher her lose by double digits"

Like we watchered Obama lose to Romney by double digits.

This is Benghazi all over again... cowboy Quinn/con hopes.


con Posted - 1/28/2014 1:32:44 PM | show profile | flag this post

no shock democrats have no problems with their own lying and laughing at paraplegics.

stay classy libs.

cruster Posted - 1/28/2014 2:05:08 PM | show profile | flag this post

It's Okay con

I know when Wendy Davis called the video abhorrent, you didn't understand because it's a very big word and you were confused.

Abhorrent means bad.

But keep trying! This could turn out to be the Benghazi Benghazi wasn't!!!

And you need something to pass the time, instead of working.


con Posted - 1/28/2014 2:27:14 PM | show profile | flag this post

shocking. the left won't criticize the abhorrently egregious behavior of wendy davis, her campaign and her supporters.

we must remain stoopid for the cause and claim we know. in the immortal words of jim mora "you will never know ".

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 1/28/2014 3:42:14 PM | show profile | flag this post

Con has drunk the kool-aid...

and gone back for seconds!

He's sure buying into the wrong-headed (and flat out wrong) talking points Republicans are spreading about Davis.

Keep it up, con. Guys like you are winning more votes for Davis!

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