Could a newspaper have a fundraiser to retain jobs

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DCAflyer Posted - 7/5/2013 1:40:58 PM | show profile | email poster | flag this post

I'm not in charge of newspapers but have been freelance writing for a few years now, and it saddens me that a number of the publications I've written for don't have the money to pay a whole lot to their journalists and freelancers.

The Chicago Sun-Times had to lay off their staff.

There's plenty of evidence out there that people appreciate and are willing to financially support an organization or person if they appreciate the value of their work. We see this with tipping at restaurants. We see this with kickstarter or fundraisers for non-profits.

Why can't newspapers take advantage of this pool?

I've recently written a couple articles for a website that became popular and drew comments that said "we need more articles like this" and I would have liked to respond "well, maybe you could all pitch in a couple more dollars to the site and this website would be able to afford to pay me a living wage and it would be very easy for me to pour in more dollars like this"

I of course am not going to do that to anyone who I write for because it would burn bridges, but why are newspapers so reluctant to monetize.

I write for another site that pays its contributors with ad money. They even have an app. What's the harm in charging for the app?

I think the Chicago SunTimes should hold a fundraiser for their laid-off journalists.

I also am aware that newspapers don't want to convert themselves into non-profits because they'll lose their integrity, but couldn't you donate to something that's not a non-profit? I just think the fact that the revenue stream is zero outside ads for some publications is troublesome.

I'd be

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