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Building Interactive PDFs with InDesign and Acrobat (36:28)
Posted Jan 15, 2009
  Mastering Symbols in Illustrator (44:49)
Posted Jan 13, 2009
Using InDesign and Acrobat together, you can make interactive PDFs incorporating layers, hyperlinks, navigation links, audio files, and video files. Geoff Blake explains how to accomplish this...  more details

Indesign, Layout, Pdfs, Software Tips, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite 4
  Art director and NYU design professor Anna Savoie delivers a thorough guide to using symbols in Adobe Illustrator CS3. She covers placing symbols in artwork, creating your own symbols, modifying...  more details

Software Tips, Illustrator, Creative Suite 3
SPRY Widgets in Dreamweaver (36:11)
Posted Jan 8, 2009
  Saving Time with Enhanced Illustrator CS4 Features (28:33)
Posted Jan 6, 2009
Alison Cattelona explains how you can increase the functionality of your forms and navigation by adding and customizing SPRY widgets in Dreamweaver. This tutorial includes a close look at form...  more details

Dreamweaver, Web Design, Software Tips, Adobe Creative Suite 4
  The latest version of Illustrator takes it up a notch, making key features much simpler and more intuitive. Claudia McCue shows you some of the coolest CS4 upgrades: the ability to use multiple...  more details

Printing Tips, Pdfs, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Illustrator
What Drives Interactive Design?: Revving Up Interactivity (25:43)
Posted Dec 29, 2008
  Adobe Integration: Photoshop to InDesign (33:50)
Posted Dec 23, 2008
Aliyah Marr presents an overview of the various ways in which a website can engage the user. She likens web design to driving a stick shift, with the five gears corresponding to levels of intricacy...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Web Design
  This tutorial from Adobe-certified trainer Alison Cattelona contains numerous tips, tricks, and features that you can employ for smooth integration of Photoshop and InDesign. Alison explores syncing...  more details

Photoshop, Color, Indesign, Layout, Software Tips, Adobe Creative Suite 4
Non-Destructive Color Correcting Using Adjustment Layers (41:51)
Posted Dec 18, 2008
  Practical & Creative Uses for Photoshop's Pen Tool (31:22)
Posted Dec 16, 2008
Mara Sachs illustrates how to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of an image without affecting original pixels. Beginning with an introduction to adjustment layers and the new-to-CS4...  more details

Photoshop, Color, Software Tips, Adobe Creative Suite 4
  Photoshop's pen tool is an often-neglected feature, but multitasking designers will find it very useful, as instructor Helen Bradley demonstrates in this tutorial. She explains how to use the pen...  more details

Creativity, Photoshop, Software Tips, Creative Suite 3
Copywriting for Designers (28:12)
Posted Dec 12, 2008
  All About Actions in Photoshop (35:00)
Posted Dec 9, 2008
Designers can become more competitive by adding copywriting to their skill set. Nancy Hoffmann, a designer who has worked as a professional copywriter, understands how effective writing and...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Copywriting, Client Relations, Business Issues, Web Design
  Photoshop actions allow you to run a set of automated tasks on a file or group of files. By incorporating actions intelligently into your workflow, you can spend much less time on tedious,...  more details

Photoshop, Software Tips, Creative Suite 3
Common Type Mistakes... & How to Avoid Them (44:15)
Posted Dec 4, 2008
  Editing PDFs with Photoshop & Acrobat (31:16)
Posted Dec 2, 2008
Design professor Joseph Caserto surveys the most common typography errors made by today's designers... and the simple steps you can take to ensure that they don't show up in your work. Typographer's...  more details

Photoshop, Type, Indesign, Magazine Design, Book Design, Software Tips, Illustrator, Creative Suite 3, Quarkxpress
  Geoff Blake shows off some great ways to streamline your workflow by using Photoshop to edit and enhance PDFs. He demonstrates easy, fast methods of replacing, resizing, altering, and repositioning...  more details

Photoshop, Pdfs, Software Tips, Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite 4
Make Your Design Work... No Matter What (33:41)
Posted Nov 25, 2008
  Coding Marketing E-mails Using Adobe Dreamweaver (31:20)
Posted Nov 21, 2008
Designers have to work with the tools and materials available, and those are not always ideal. Making assets out of familiar design liabilities is the subject of this tutorial by noted art director...  more details

Creativity, Business Issues, Layout, Image Selection, Stock Photography
  To conclude her three part-series on designing effective marketing e-mails, Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") looks at how to translate an e-mail design accurately into HTML code. She deals with...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Dreamweaver, Layout, Web Design, Software Tips
Preparing an E-mail Design for Coding Using Adobe ImageReady (29:24)
Posted Nov 20, 2008
  InDesign Time-Savers: Variables & Data Merge (34:36)
Posted Nov 18, 2008
In her first tutorial, Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") covered Designing an Effective Marketing E-mail Using Adobe Photoshop. The...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Layout, Software Tips, Slicing, Guides, Imageready
  Adobe-certified trainer Alison Cattelona explores two features--variables and data merge--that can help you customize data instantly in InDesign. Variables allow you to create running headers and...  more details

Indesign, Layout, Magazine Design, Software Tips, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Creative Suite 3
Color-Managed Workflows (48:30)
Posted Nov 13, 2008
  Designing Your Own Magazine (50:24)
Posted Nov 12, 2008
Picking up where her previous tutorial, Color Management Essentials for Creative Professionals, left off, Rita Amladi provides a...  more details

Photoshop, Color, Printing Tips, Indesign, Software Tips, Illustrator, Creative Suite 3
  Angela Riechers, design lecturer and former art director of Harper's Magazine as well as other major publications, guides you through the process of creating the "design voice" of a...  more details

Design, Color, Logo Design, Indesign, Layout, Image Selection, Magazine Design, Pdfs
Self-Promotion for Designers (28:27)
Posted Nov 7, 2008
  Designing an Effective Marketing E-mail Using Adobe Photoshop (31:24)
Posted Nov 4, 2008
Self-promotion is a necessity for designers contending with today's challenging economic climate. Unfortunately, designers often view self-promotion as an impossibly complex, expensive, and...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Client Relations, Flash
  Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") brings her years of experience creating great marketing e-mails to this highly informative tutorial. She addresses how to design e-mails with the coding process in...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Photoshop, Layout, Software Tips
How to Send a Message with Color (24:38)
Posted Oct 31, 2008
  Laying the Groundwork for Web Layouts in CS4 (35:23)
Posted Oct 27, 2008
Color is one of the most important tools a designer has in conveying a message, but how can you be sure that your color choices are telling the story that you and your client want told? In this...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Color, Image Selection, Web Design
  Designer/presenter Geoff Blake takes you inside his CS4 workflow in this practical tutorial on bringing a web layout design from Illustrator into Dreamweaver. You'll learn how to build a...  more details

Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Layout, Web Design, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Illustrator
Repeat & Align: Spacing Tips & Techniques in Photoshop (33:58)
Posted Oct 17, 2008
  Fundamentals of Retouching in Photoshop (43:23)
Posted Oct 16, 2008
In this tutorial, Helen Bradley supplies tips for using the Repeat & Align tools in Photoshop. You'll discover quick ways of aligning images relative both to a grid and to one another as well as...  more details

Photoshop, Logo Design, Software Tips, Creative Suite 3
  Adobe specialist Mara Sachs provides a handy overview of basic retouching techniques in Photoshop. Even if you are familiar with the clone stamp, healing brush, spot healing brush, patch tool, and...  more details

Photoshop, Image Selection, Stock Photography, Software Tips
Five Famous Logos Deconstructed (24:45)
Posted Oct 8, 2008
  Color Management Essentials for Creative Professionals (44:39)
Posted Oct 2, 2008
Designer/artist Lauren Matsumoto takes a fun approach to a software tutorial: demonstrating cool features and techniques in Adobe Illustrator by recreating five ubiquitous logos. Lauren shows how to...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Software Tips, Illustrator
  Adobe-certified technical trainer Rita Amladi provides a clear, helpful guide to the essentials of color management. The methods and software features she covers in this comprehensive tutorial will...  more details

Photoshop, Color, Printing Tips, Indesign, Software Tips, Illustrator, Creative Suite 3
Putting It Together: Achieving a Unified Design (24:13)
Posted Oct 1, 2008
  Boosting Sales Through Effective Web Design (27:46)
Posted Sep 24, 2008
In this tutorial, design professor and author Alex White explores a major aspect of what distinguishes great all-around design from something merely "attractive." Unity, he claims, is what happens...  more details

Creativity, Case Studies, Image Selection
  Designer and author Aliyah Marr answers the question, "How do you design a website that sells?" As Aliyah points out, it's all about how web design attracts, maintains, and directs the attention of...  more details

Marketing, Client Relations, Web Design, Flash
Photoshop Time-Savers: Leveraging Smart Objects (27:26)
Posted Sep 18, 2008
  Project Management: Staying On Track (28:28)
Posted Sep 16, 2008
The use of smart objects in Photoshop allows the designer special freedoms such as the ability to edit filters at any stage of your workflow and the ability to resize multiple times without a...  more details

Photoshop, Software Tips, Creative Suite 3
  This lesson will help you avoid many of the most common and treacherous pitfalls of design project management. Renowned business consultant and author Shel Perkins explains how you can keep your...  more details

Client Relations, Business Issues, Project Management
Project Management: Planning and Staffing (21:15)
Posted Sep 8, 2008
  Five Steps to Improve Your Design Process (48:22)
Posted Aug 26, 2008
A productive designer/client relationship begins before any actual design work is done. Shel Perkins, one of the design world's foremost business experts, demonstrates how thorough planning and...  more details

Client Relations, Business Issues, Project Management
  Alex White guides you through five principles that you can apply to your design practice to ensure legible, memorable results. These are: relationships, contrast, hierarchy, structure, and color....  more details

Relationships, Color, Case Studies
Using Specialty Printing Techniques to Improve Your Projects (49:39)
Posted Aug 20, 2008
  InDesign Time-Savers: Creating and Using Styles (37:55)
Posted Aug 14, 2008
Every client wants you to create pieces that stand out. Jonathan Gouthier explores several techniques--foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, laser cutting, thermography, and specialty inks--that...  more details

Creativity, Alternative Materials, Printing Tips
  Character and paragraph styles in InDesign are a great cure for the painful process of manual formatting. By using styles, you can quickly and easily establish consistency and legibility across any...  more details

Indesign, Layout, Software Tips
Photoshop Time-Savers: Creating Density Masks (33:40)
Posted Jul 24, 2008
  The Designer's Role in Bringing a Brand to Life (37:41)
Posted Jul 22, 2008
Density masks can be a powerful tool for the designer: They're great for creating natural, organic edges (such as in fur, hair or foliage) and are often easier to manipulate than the Pen Tool....  more details

Photoshop, Software Tips, Masks
  In this tutorial, instructor Jonathan Gouthier highlights each of the three roles a designer can expect to play in today's market: strategist, researcher, and visual communicator. Jonathan explains...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Case Studies
InDesign Time-Savers: Text-on-Path Tricks (36:32)
Posted Jul 17, 2008
  Creating the Unexpected (34:00)
Posted Jul 16, 2008
This video helps you master a slew of text-on-path tasks in Adobe InDesign, including starting with the ideal path, positioning text exactly where you want it (not where InDesign wants you to put...  more details

Indesign, Layout, Software Tips
  Almost everything you design has a set of expectations attached to it. If you're not careful, you can follow these expectations too closely and create cliched design. This video shows how you can...  more details

Creativity, Case Studies, Book Design
Design for Nonprofits: Special Events (54:54)
Posted Jun 30, 2008
  Preparing Art for Silk Screen (26:25)
Posted Jun 13, 2008
Designing for nonprofit special events is an often overlooked sector for graphic designers. This video provides an overview on nonprofits and their special events, and what the designer needs to...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Alternative Materials
  Silk-screen printing, especially for T-shirts is more popular than ever. Screen printing is defined and art preparation for basic screen printing is explained in this tutorial. In addition, a brief...  more details

Creativity, Logo Design, Alternative Materials
The Human Touch: How to Not Work on the Computer (36:55)
Posted Jun 13, 2008
  Sick, Lost, Broken Brands: Symptoms and Recovery (33:49)
Posted Jun 5, 2008
In today's digital world a hyper-reliance on computer technology often leads to the mundane and expected. Many of the traditional techniques for creation are being lost. Yet it is the role of the...  more details

Creativity, Case Studies, Book Design
  What do you currently do when your brand seems to be stagnant or unresponsive? Throw up your hands or do nothing? In this tutorial, Jonathan Gouthier will highlight problematic areas for brands and...  more details

Branding, Logo Design, Case Studies
Effective Newsletter Design (70:40)
Posted May 9, 2008
  Identity Development Through Marketing, Sales and Investor Relations Departments (35:45)
Posted May 9, 2008
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create an effective newsletter. You'll look at logo design, choosing and combining photos and art for maximum visual impact, selecting typefaces, building a...  more details

Photoshop, Indesign, Layout
  From past experiences with clients, it is presumed that a strong brand image is made through the redundancy of logo, color and type placement. While corporate standards are needed so each person...  more details

Branding, Color, Logo Design
10 Criteria for Logo Design (31:03)
Posted May 9, 2008
  Storytelling Through Dynamic Layouts (25:07)
Posted May 8, 2008
There are over one million registered trademarks, and if you add to this the number of small businesses that are launched with a logo every year, the amount is staggering. Yet the basic question is,...  more details

Branding, Color, Logo Design
  The late, great Tibor Kalman once said the three elements of a good story are clarity, forward motion and suspense. In this tutorial, you'll cover the visual storytelling of a feature layout,...  more details

Indesign, Layout, Image Selection
The Future of Design (1 hour, 24 minutes)
Posted Sep 5, 2007
  The Future of Photojournalism in a Digital World (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Posted Aug 27, 2007
Designers discuss challenges and opportunities in an expanding market.  more details

New Media, Recorded Event
  Photojournalists from Getty, The Washington Post, and the freelance world join directors of photography from AP and Sipa Press to discuss trends affecting newsroom photography today, especially the rise of multimedia journalism.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, News, Photography, New Media, Photojournalism, Online Video, Recorded Event
Web 2.0 Terms Every Media Professional Should Know (21 minutes)
  Mediabistro Circus: What's Behind Online Design? (1 hour, 32 minutes)
Behind the latest buzzwords are business strategies you can use. With Columbia Journalism dean Sree Sreenivasan.  more details

Business, New Media, Social Media, Intro, Crash Course
  Do you know how people perceive, understand, and use your product? Google does, and they are the gold standard of user experience design. They've mastered the process of measuring and improving your interaction with their site.  more details

Marketing, Design, New Media, Online Video, Recorded Event, Seo