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10 Digital Media Skills Journalists Need to Know (8 minutes)
Posted Mar 24, 2011
  Career Paths for Journalists with Calvin Reid (10 minutes)
Posted Oct 25, 2010
What do you need to know as a new-media journalist? We talk you through ten key tips and techniques.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Google, Journalism, Twitter, Social Media, Multimedia, Digital Media, Seo, Flipcam, Video Tips
  Wondering what's next for publishing? Calvin Reid has answers, with the perspective and insight of an editing pro.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Publishing, Direct Access, New Directions, Next-Generation Journalist
How to Write Advertorials (5 minutes)
Posted Oct 7, 2010
  LinkedIn for Journalists (13 minutes)
Posted Sep 17, 2010
  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Advertorial, Copy Writing
  LinkedIn isn't just for job search. It's a great place to find sources and crowdsource information. We'll show you how.  more details

Linkedin, Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Next-Generation Journalist
Advanced Social Media: Online Tools for Journalists: (5 minutes)
Posted Aug 20, 2010
  Community Newspapers: Survival in The Digital Age (18 minutes)
Posted Jun 3, 2010
In this brief clip from our advanced social media seminar, you'll learn about one of the coolest online sites for journalists  more details

Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University, Social Media, Soraya Darabi, Muckrack, Next-Generation Journalist
  Elinor Tatum, Publisher of the Amsterdam News, speaks about the challenges facing community newspapers  more details

User-Generated Content, Community Newspapers, Online Community
Preparing for the Future of Journalism with Joshua Benton (13 minutes)
Posted Feb 9, 2010
  The New Fundamentals of Journalism with Katty Kay, author of Womenomics (11 minutes)
Posted Jan 15, 2010
Journalism is undergoing some major changes. Joshua Benton of the Neiman Lab at Harvard knows what's up, and what you can do about it.  more details

Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  What's it like to be a first-time author right now? Does the picture change when you're an established journalist? Our chat with Katty Kay gives a picture of the changes in journalism, and insight into the publishing process.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Writing & Publishing, Direct Access, Ebook Summit, Next-Generation Journalist
Can I Do That On My Blog? (12 minutes)
Posted Dec 29, 2009
  What Should Writers Do Now? Ask Topix's Chris Tolles (6 minutes)
Posted Dec 28, 2009
We walk you through blog ethics and etiquette, and teach you how to make good choices for your site.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Ethics, Blogging
  Chris Tolles understands the future of the news. We ask him to discuss how writers and editors can compete in a changing marketplace, how curation and gatekeeping come into play, and the new importance of transparency.   more details

New Media, User-Generated Content, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
Media, Society, and Change with Douglas Rushkoff (35 minutes)
Posted Dec 22, 2009
  Katty Kay: A Journalist and Author Speaks About eBooks (25:19)
Posted Dec 22, 2009
In this address at Mediabistro's eBook Summit, author Douglas Rushkoff kept the audience rapt with his hyper-relevant take on the future of media and society. This talk will excite and incite you; make the time to watch and understand it.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, New Media, Recorded Event, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing, Next-Generation Journalist
  In this conversation with Manoush Zomorodi at Mediabistro's eBook Summit, Katty Kay talks about being a journalist and first-time author in the current publishing climate. Along the way, you'll learn about women in the workplace, branding yourself, monetizing your work as a writer, and much more.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, TV, Film & Video, New Media, Recorded Event, Ebook Summit, Electronic Publishing, Next-Generation Journalist
Online Journalism with Scott Karp of Publish2 (8 minutes)
Posted Dec 14, 2009
  Get the Gig: Perfecting Your Pitch (15 minutes)
Posted Dec 9, 2009
Scott Karp understands where the real-time web is going. We ask him to discuss collaboration, social media, and what journalists need to know right now.  more details

New Media, User-Generated Content, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  A great query letter, or pitch, is your ticket to publication. We'll show you how to make editors love reading your emails.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing
Vivian Schiller on the Future of Media (13 minutes)
Posted Dec 7, 2009
  Get Into New Media with Mark Josephson of (6 minutes)
Posted Nov 30, 2009
Vivian Schiller understands communication and community. We ask her to discuss her transition to NPR, social media and radio, her predictions for the future of media, and her personal secrets for success.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Npr, Radio, New Media, Social Media, User-Generated Content, Direct Access
  Mark Josephson understands how media is changing. We ask him to discuss hyper-local content delivery, how the rules are changing, and how to find an audience for your content.  more details

New Media, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
Behind the Reporter's Notebook: The Power of the Crowd with Jeff Howe (1 hour)
Posted Nov 30, 2009
  Hyper-Local Journalism with Michael Myers of (7 minutes)
Posted Nov 24, 2009
Jeff Howe is the expert on crowdsourcing. Check out his focused lecture to learn more about how to make mind-share work for you.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Crowdsourcing, Recorded Event, Ugcx, Next-Generation Journalist
  Michael Meyers understands hyper-local. We ask him to discuss a variety of issues from blogging to credibility to the future of local television news, plus how to make money online.  more details

New Media, User-Generated Content, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
Direct Access: Rome Hartman on the Future of News (13 minutes)
Posted Nov 20, 2009
  Direct Access: Jeff Howe on Crowdsourcing (8 minutes)
Posted Nov 11, 2009
Rome Hartman understands news. We ask him to discuss how journalism is changing, how big organizations can use social media, and what the future of news looks like from his perspective.  more details

TV, Film & Video, News, New Media, Social Media, Ugcx, Direct Access
  Jeff Howe wrote the book on crowdsourcing. We ask him the tough questions about how user-generated content will affect the media, and how journalists can prepare for the future.  more details

New Media, User-Generated Content, Crowdsourcing, Ugcx, Direct Access
Direct Access: Ben Ilfeld on Citizen Journalism (8 minutes)
Posted Nov 11, 2009
  Get Hyper-Local: Building Community City by City (54 minutes)
Posted Nov 10, 2009
Ben Ilfeld understands hyper-local: His Sacramento Press is setting the standard for community engagement. We ask him why local is the coolest place to be right now, and how writers can get involved.  more details

Citizen Journalism, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  In this panel from Mediabistro's UGCX conference, leaders in local explain the exciting changes in the journalistic landscape that affect both content and advertising  more details

Marketing, Citizen Journalism, Hyper-Local, Recorded Event, Ugcx, Next-Generation Journalist
HARO's Peter Shankman: The Power of Social Media 
Posted Nov 5, 2009
  The New Newsroom: Journalism From Hyper-Local to Global (50 minutes)
Posted Nov 2, 2009
From karma experiment to million-dollar business, Peter's HARO project has taken off, big time. Learn his social media secrets by watching his appearance at Mediabistro's UGCX conference.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Reporting, Crowdsourcing, Recorded Event, Ugcx
  Breaking news stories make their way to the public through social media sites, user generated news sites, mobile, and more. It's a new kind of newsroom, and in this UGCX session, you'll hear from some of the business leaders who are changing the way we get our news and information.  more details

TV, Film & Video, News, Tv, Broadcast, Citizen Journalism, Recorded Event, Next-Generation Journalist
NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller: A New Strategy for a Media Powerhouse (53 minutes)
Posted Oct 27, 2009
  Breaking Into Magazines (8 minutes)
Posted Sep 25, 2009
Building a hyperlocal presence, forging key partnerships, and overseeing funding for a non profit media company in the current economy: these are just some of the challenges Vivian Schiller faced when she became President and CEO of NPR in 2008. In this keynote, you'll hear about the initiatives she's leading to bring this traditional media powerhouse into the new media world.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Npr, Radio, User-Generated Content, Recorded Event, Ugcx, Next-Generation Journalist
  Interested in the magazine business? Sure, lots of those glossy pages are turning into pixels, but there are opportunities for versatile candidates to do well. Check out our expert advice.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Newspapers, Career, Crash Course, Next-Generation Journalist
Breaking Into Newspapers (8 minutes)
Posted Sep 22, 2009
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Prevention (23 minutes)
Posted Feb 4, 2008
It's not all bad news in the papers these days - solid skills in writing and reporting can still pay off, even if your byline is online. Learn more from our experts.  more details

Newspapers, Online Media, Next-Generation Journalist
  Prevention is the #1 healthy lifestyle magazine brand, and Executive Editor Courtenay Smith is looking for smart, science-based pieces with personality.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Latina (22 minutes)
Posted Dec 5, 2007
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Cookie (27 minutes)
Posted Nov 14, 2007
Latina is looking for freelancers for features as well as front-of-the book service pieces. How do you land a big story?  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Cookie editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman likes two of three of our writer's pitches - but which ones?  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Writing about Technology for Consumers (36 minutes)
Posted Sep 17, 2007
  The Future of Photojournalism in a Digital World (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Posted Aug 27, 2007
How can publishers offer information about technology in a way that engages new readers but doesn't put off their core audiences? And how can writers and editors get a leg up in the consumer marketplace? Our panel of technology writers tackles these topics and more in a discussion moderated by the vice president of content and programming at Yahoo! Lifestyles.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Marketing, Writing & Publishing, New Media, Mobile, Recorded Event
  Photojournalists from Getty, The Washington Post, and the freelance world join directors of photography from AP and Sipa Press to discuss trends affecting newsroom photography today, especially the rise of multimedia journalism.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, News, Photography, New Media, Photojournalism, Online Video, Recorded Event
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Time Out New York (21 minutes)
Posted Aug 23, 2007
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Esquire (32 minutes)
Posted Jul 23, 2007
Time Out New York editor-in-chief Brian Farnham fields pitches from four writers who want to land in the NYC-obsessed arts and entertainment guide.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Esquire articles editor David Katz meets with four writers who want to break into the award-winning magazine.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Food & Wine (28 minutes)
Posted Jun 1, 2007
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Redbook (20 minutes)
Posted May 21, 2007
Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin wants to hear trend-driven pitches from four writers. Can they deliver?  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Redbook editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison sits down with four writers eager to break into this general interest magazine for women in "the grown-up stage of life," and offers feedback on their story ideas.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Breaking into Sports Journalism (1 hour, 35 minutes)
Posted Apr 24, 2007
  Editors on Truth Serum (57 minutes)
Posted Jan 29, 2007
Editors and writers from ESPN The Magazine, The New York Times,, and The Wall Street Journal discuss how to maneuver the sports beat and write great stories without ever using the phrase "110 percent."  more details

Editorial/Journalism, TV, Film & Video, Sports, Pitching, Blogging, Recorded Event
  Editors from Jane, Men's Journal, Redbook, CosmoGIRL!, and Departures discuss the nuts and bolts of their profession.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Editing, Recorded Event
War Reporting in Iraq (1 hour, 20 minutes)
Posted Oct 25, 2006
  Is Writing for the Web Different from Print? (15 minutes)
American journalists from the Washington Post, CNN, MTV, and the Columbia Journalism Review discuss the challenges of reporting from Iraq.  more details

TV, Film & Video, News, Recorded Event
  Find out what works online, what doesn't, and how to make a smooth transition from print to online.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing, New Media, Blogging, Intro, Crash Course, Seo
Writing for the Web: Understanding How Readers Use the Web (15 minutes)
  The Secrets of First Person Writing (1 hour, 41 minutes)
What is "usability" and what does it mean for writers? Find out how to keep people on your site, and coming back for more.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing, New Media, Blogging, Intro, Crash Course, Seo
  The editors of The New York Times "Lives" and "Modern Love" sections join book agent Elizabeth Kaplan, Villard editorial director Bruce Tracy, Jane editor Esther Haynes, and authors Gael Greene and Susan Shapiro to discuss the secrets behind publishing first-person writing.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Memoir, Pitching, Essay Writing, Recorded Event
How to Write an Arts and Culture Review (15 minutes)
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: OK! (22 minutes)
Learn everything you need to know to write a smart, publishable review of music, film, books, theater or any other arts and culture topic.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Arts, Pitching, Intro, Crash Course, Reviewing
  OK! editor-in-chief Sarah Ivens takes pitches from three writers with ideas for the stateside version of the U.K.'s best-selling weekly celebrity magazine, which is interested in hearing from anyone with access to big names.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Ladies' Home Journal (36 minutes)
  Guidelines for Writing Online (15 minutes)
Four writers try to sell Ladies Home Journal editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore story ideas for the modern version of a venerable magazine with lots of room for freelancers.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Find out what today's audiences expect online and learn to engage them with searchable headlines and appropriate multimedia content.  more details

Writing, New Media, Crash Course, Intermediate, Seo
Fact-Checking (18 minutes)
  When Life Throws You A Curve: When Industry Changes Affect Your Career (43 minutes)
How to work with writers and editors, mark up copy, and track down information and sources.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Magazines, Publishing, Copy Editing, Editing, Research, Crash Course, Intermediate
  A panel discussion about your place in the evolution of the media.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, New Media, Job Search, Social Media, Recorded Event
Mediabistro Circus: The Future of Social Media with Chris Anderson (55 minutes)
  Mediabistro Circus: Taking The New York Times Digital with Jim Roberts (1 hour, 14 minutes)
The editor of Wired explains how to create a social network that works.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Social Media, Recorded Event, Community Management
  Jim Roberts (editor of digital news) and Aron Pilhofer (editor of interactive news technology).  more details

Newspapers, News, New Media, Blogging, Recorded Event