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Monetizing Smartphone Games: Smartphone Games Summit (39 Minutes)
Posted Nov 19, 2010
  Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash In On Your Passion (58 minutes)
Posted Oct 29, 2010
Join us for an exciting conversation from some of the top monetization solutions in the world of mobile games.  more details

Mobile, Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Smartphones, Smartphone Games Summit
  Do you need a splash of cold water in the face? Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV will provide all the inspiration you need to get your new career or project going.  more details

Marketing, TV, Film & Video, New Media, Blogging, Online Video, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship
Keith Ferrazzi's Secrets to How to Thrive in Totally Screwed Up Times: Webcast (51 minutes)
Posted Oct 14, 2010
  Career Management Online and Off at Career Circus 2010 (1 hour 40 minutes)
Posted Aug 19, 2010
In this recorded webcast, you'll learn firsthand from Keith Ferrazzi, the man Inc. magazine dubbed the "Most Connected Person in the World," how to strengthen your business and personal relationships to get real world results.  more details

Networking, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Motivation
  This session at Mediabistro Career Circus 2010 features experts who will talk you through what you need to manage your career and balance your life, with a special focus on the technology tools that can help.  more details

Media, Job Search, Entrepreneurship, Career Circus 2010, Career Management
Blueprint for a 21st Century Career Strategy at Career Circus 2010 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Posted Aug 18, 2010
  Carley Roney of at Career Circus 2010 (45 minutes)
Posted Aug 13, 2010
This high energy session from Mediabistro Career Circus 2010 features speakers with fresh perspectives on how to navigate the job market, and the trends that are affecting careers in the media business.  more details

Media, Job Search, Entrepreneurship, Career Circus 2010, Next-Generation Journalist
  In her talk, Lessons from a 21st Century Media Entrepreneur: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Film School, Carley shares her secrets to career success.  more details

TV, Film & Video, Film, Entrepreneurship, Career Circus 2010
Organize Your Entrepreneurial Life (15 minutes)
Posted Mar 1, 2010
  How to Launch Your Web Business: Advice from Kate Thorp (5 minutes)
Posted Feb 1, 2010
Congratulations, you're an entrepreneur! You're about to enter into a new world of making your own schedule, planning your own day and choosing where you work. We'll talk you through it.  more details

Organization, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills
  Kate Thorp understands the intersection of content and advertising. We ask her to discuss how she founded Real Girls Media Network, the pros and cons of user-generated content, and how to find the right tools and funding to start a web-based business.  more details

Marketing, New Media, User-Generated Content, Entrepreneurship, Ugcx, Direct Access
Starting a Successful Business with HARO's Peter Shankman (7 minutes)
Posted Nov 24, 2009
  Building a Media Business Through User Content and Engagement (44 minutes)
Posted Nov 12, 2009
Peter Shankman understands networking, and how to start a business. We ask him to share his secrets about entrepreneurship, finding the right people, and getting honest feedback.  more details

New Media, Haro, Entrepreneurship, Direct Access
  Kate Thorpe of Real Girls Media Network explains the new relationship between content and advertising online in her lively talk at Mediabistro's UGCX conference.  more details

User-Generated Content, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship, Community Management, Ugcx
Building a Successful Internet Business with Ben Huh (6 minutes)
Posted Nov 11, 2009
  Finding Your Audience with Ben Huh (32 minutes)
Posted Oct 30, 2009
Ben Huh knows the secrets to making money from user-generated content. We ask him to spill his guts on topics like marketing, ad networks, and cute kitties.  more details

Marketing, User-Generated Content, Entrepreneurship, Ugcx, Direct Access
  In this presentation, Ben Huh, CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger, shares the innovative ways he has turned users into customers through social media, and ended up with over one million Twitter followers. If you want to see wacky cat pictures, though, you'll have to visit his sites.  more details

Marketing, Business, New Media, Social Media, User-Generated Content, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship, Community Management, Ugcx
Mediabistro Circus: Creating a Global Phenomenon with Tim Ferriss 
  Mediabistro Circus: Crowdsourcing (41 minutes)
Tim shares his secrets of using analytics, social media, and other tools to create a best-selling book and global movement.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Blogging, Social Media, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship, Seo
  In this presentation, Jeff Howe describes a wide variety of businesses and fields that have been impacting by the power of "the crowd" on the web.  more details

Design, Editorial/Journalism, Business, Crowdsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Recorded Events
Mediabistro Circus: New Business Models for Media (55 minutes)
  Mediabistro Career Circus: Your Evolving Career: A Work in Progress (58 minutes)
In this presentation, leaders from a range of web-based businesses tell the success stories of their startups  more details

TV, Film & Video, New Media, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Recorded Events
  Starting your own business, or taking on a new career, begins with an idea. Our panel of experts will inspire and guide you to the next step in your new life.  more details

Marketing, Recorded Event, Entrepreneurship