Erika Mailman

Erika Mailman
Erika Mailman is the author of the novels The Witch's Trinity and Woman of Ill Fame. She has also published two nonfiction books about Oakland history and is a columnist for the Montclarion newspaper in Oakland. She has taught creative writing at the University of Arizona, the Tucson Open University, and others.

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Erika's example, encouragement, acuity, and good humor inspired every writer in our class and helped keep us focused on our goal. Time and money well spent. -- Bradley Owens

"Erika got me motivated to start the novel that had been in my head for years! By the end of the class, I was 150 pages into my book and had the rest outlined." -- Lian Dolan

"Erika is amazing! She breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces and makes novel writing much less intimidating." -- Alexa Fitzpatrick

"Erika is a dedicated, knowledgeable, fun instructor. She gives solid feedback that really helped me shape my novel." -- Lynn Braz