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Get the Most Out of Emerging Social Networks (43 Minutes)
Posted Apr 28, 2011
  How to Blog: Develop Your Content Strategy (13 Minutes)
Posted Mar 1, 2011
Learn effective social media marketing by utilizing the latest social networks.  more details

Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Times
  Mediabistro's blogging experts share tips and strategies to help your blog get noticed and retain readers  more details

Galleycat, Tvnewser, Humor, Twitter, Prnewser, Facebook, Blogging, Social Media, Tvspy
How ACUVUE Targeted Teens and Parents on Facebook: Social Ad Summit (23 Minutes)
Posted Nov 5, 2010
  Freelance Career Management: Landing Your First Gig (16 minutes)
Posted Nov 3, 2010
Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media and Royce Carvalho of Johnson & Johnson show how the company developed an engaging Facebook strategy for its ACUVUE contact lenses brand, which included the added challenge of targeting teens and parents together.  more details

Facebook, Social Media, Social Ad Summit, Facebook Marketing
  How to start a freelance career from scratch  more details

Design, Freelancing, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Career, Social Media, Client Relations, Business Issues
Lessons from Social Games - User Acquisition, Retention, and Viral Strategies (36 Minutes)
Posted Oct 28, 2010
  Big Brands Entering Social Media and Games: Social Ad Summit (28 Minutes)
Posted Oct 19, 2010
What can marketers, advertisers, and media brands learn from social games?  more details

Disney, Marketing, Facebook, Social Media, Viral, Social Games, Customer Retention
  Find out how Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Honda, and Microsoft executed successful campaigns leveraging the popularity of social games.  more details

Facebook, Social Games, Social Ad Summit
10 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Performance: Social Ad Summit (30 minutes)
Posted Oct 8, 2010
  Freelance Career Management: Thinking Beyond the Paycheck (16 minutes)
Posted Sep 16, 2010
Listen as Nick O'Neill reveals his top ten tips for making the most of the ad opportunities presented by Facebook.  more details

Marketing, Facebook, Nick O'Neill, Social Ad Summit, Social Advertising
  Tips for building and maintaining a successful freelance career  more details

Design, Branding, Freelancing, Marketing, Promotion, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Career, Social Media, Client Relations, Business Issues, Web Design
The Social Media Audit (58 minutes)
Posted Sep 8, 2010
  How to Build a Meaningful Public Profile and Social Presence: Career Circus 2010 (40 minutes)
Posted Aug 31, 2010
Learn how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to reach your company's goals  more details

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Social Media, Webcast
  In this session, our experts address the practical realities of managing an online presence for your creative and professional life  more details

Profile, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Career, Social Media, Digital Media, Next-Generation Journalist
Advanced Social Media: Facebook Tips for Media Professionals (12 minutes)
Posted Aug 5, 2010
  Social Media Basics: Writing an Effective Profile (13 minutes)
Posted Jul 22, 2010
In this brief clip from our advanced social media seminar, you'll learn how to make the most of Facebook  more details

Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University, Facebook, Social Media, Soraya Darabi, Privacy
  Learn the basics of building an effective social media profile for your business. Whether you're using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or all three, we've got the info you need to get started.  more details

Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Profiles, Social Media
The Challenges of Continuous Deployment: Social Developer Summit (33 minutes)
Posted Jul 15, 2010
  Scaling Social Analytics: Social Developer Summit (51 minutes)
Posted Jul 12, 2010
Making the transition to Continuous Deployment is difficult and requires process and cultural efforts to succeed. Hear how IMVU made the shift in this talk at Mediabistro's Social Developer Summit.  more details

Facebook, Data, Analytics, Social Developer Summit, Scaling
  In this talk at Mediabistro's Social Developer Summit, learn from some of the leading data analytics experts to hear what technical strategies they are implementing and how they are choosing to make sense of this information.  more details

Facebook, Data, Analytics, Social Developer Summit
5 Top Tools for Social Media (10 minutes)
Posted Jul 9, 2010
  Scaling From 100 to 100 Million Users at Zynga: Social Developer Summit (33 minutes)
Posted Jul 8, 2010
Learn about 5 tools (some are free!) that will energize your social media life, help you get organized, boost advertising, and more.  more details

Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Social Media, 37signals, Hootsuite, Knowem, Zemanta, Trada
  One of Zynga's top engineers and architects speaks about how they scaled some of the largest games on the internet.  more details

Facebook, Zynga, Social Developer Summit, Social Gaming
Great Dress, Great Brand: Online Marketing at Diane von Furstenberg (37 minutes)
Posted May 26, 2010
  Social Gaming Summit: Building Social Games For Your Own Platform with Geoff Cook (25 minutes)
Posted May 12, 2010's Meredith Fisher reports on her company's online marketing strategies from Facebook and Twitter to insider sales and discounts at Mediabistro Circus 2010  more details

Fashion, Branding, Twitter, Facebook, Mediabistro Circus 2010, Digital Marketing
  Ready to add social games to your platform? You'll want to make sure games work for your site's goals and audience.  more details

Facebook, Farmville, Gaming, Social Gaming Summit, Myyearbook
Protect Your Privacy: Social Media Settings (20 minutes)
Posted Mar 17, 2010
  The Evolution of Social Media with Brian Cogan (19:01)
Posted Feb 16, 2010
Balancing your social media life? We'll show you how to tweak your privacy settings and make smart decisions.  more details

Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Privacy, Linked In
  Professor Brian Cogan provides a historical perspective on the current fervor about social media, and gives insight into how we choose our own filters through which to view the world.  more details

Music, Television, Facebook, Social Media, Media Ecology, Popular Culture
How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business (60 minutes)
Posted Feb 11, 2010
Social media can bring you and your organization huge returns, but it takes more than good luck to make money online. You need a combination of strategy and tactics to create an effective approach to social media.  more details

Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Webcast