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Freelance Career Management: Landing Your First Gig (16 minutes)
Posted Nov 3, 2010
  Breaking into Educational Writing (13 minutes)
Posted Oct 22, 2010
How to start a freelance career from scratch  more details

Design, Freelancing, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Career, Social Media, Client Relations, Business Issues
  Learn what you need to land work with educational publishers and how to expand your client list over time.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Education, Writing, Freelancing
Freelance Career Management: Thinking Beyond the Paycheck (16 minutes)
Posted Sep 16, 2010
  How to Write a Web Video Script (15 minutes)
Posted Aug 9, 2010
Tips for building and maintaining a successful freelance career  more details

Design, Branding, Freelancing, Marketing, Promotion, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Career, Social Media, Client Relations, Business Issues, Web Design
  Video is the hottest thing on the web right now, and you can pick up great jobs writing scripts. We'll show you how.  more details

Freelancing, Web Video, Scriptwriting
Insurance Basics for Designers (25 minutes)
Posted May 10, 2010
  Income Taxes for Freelancers (35 minutes)
Posted Jan 14, 2010
A pathway to obtaining the insurance you need for your freelance practice or design firm  more details

Freelancing, Client Relations, Business Issues, Insurance
  If you're new to freelancing, chances are that you have some questions about how to calculate and report your income taxes.  more details

Freelancing, Business Issues, Income, Taxes
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Prevention (23 minutes)
Posted Feb 4, 2008
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Latina (22 minutes)
Posted Dec 5, 2007
Prevention is the #1 healthy lifestyle magazine brand, and Executive Editor Courtenay Smith is looking for smart, science-based pieces with personality.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Latina is looking for freelancers for features as well as front-of-the book service pieces. How do you land a big story?  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Cookie (27 minutes)
Posted Nov 14, 2007
  Pitch Slam 1-on-1: Time Out New York (21 minutes)
Posted Aug 23, 2007
Cookie editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman likes two of three of our writer's pitches - but which ones?  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
  Time Out New York editor-in-chief Brian Farnham fields pitches from four writers who want to land in the NYC-obsessed arts and entertainment guide.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Magazines, Freelancing, Pitching, Pitch Slam
Land Your First Editorial Job (1 hour, 30 minutes)
  Get the Gig: Clips That Work (20 minutes)
Editors from top magazines discuss how they started, and how you can land your first edit job. They also dish about what you need to know to be a successful freelancer.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing & Publishing, Magazines, Freelancing, Job Search, Recorded Event, Internships
  Editors always tell us: the clips get you the job. But how do you know which ones to send? You'll learn how to choose the right piece to enhance your pitch or resume, and how to build your own clip database.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Freelancing, Pitching, Job Search, Intro, Crash Course
Writing and Selling FOBS (10 minutes)
Breaking into magazines can be tough, but editors always need short, sharp pieces for the front of the book. We'll show you how to come up with saleable FOB ideas, and give you tips from top editors.  more details

Freelancing, Pitching, Intro, Crash Course