Gaylord Fields

Gaylord Fields
Gaylord Fields is editor, special projects at Prior to this, he was senior editor at AOL Music and a copy editor and copy chief at Rolling Stone, This Old House, Spin, and Spy. He is also a longtime writer of articles and reviews on music and popular culture. While Gaylord has a definite opinion on use of the serial comma, he saves such discussions for parties.

Gaylord Fields's Courses
Grammar and Punctuation


Everyone needs a grammar refresher. If you're looking for a quick, painless class to remind you of the basic and very important rules, this class is for you. -- Lauren Szczerba

"Gaylord was great! He knows the English language inside and out, and there was never a question he couldn't thoughtfully address." -- Steve Boudreault

"Gaylord was wonderful and his lectures were both entertaining and informative. He was knowledgeable, funny, and responsive." -- Lia Huber

"Gaylord was very knowledgeable, gracious, and kind. I greatly appreciated how he reviewed our assignments. For questions we got wrong, he not only marked them as such, he explained why." -- Todd Burger

"Gaylord knew precisely the right way of framing a grammar issue and helped make the nuances of the English language instantly clear. This is the self-editing class that everyone in media sorely needs." -- Ethan Stanislawski