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GE and Jimmy Fallon Show You Their GIFs - Posted May 14, 2014
Here's an interesting little case study that combines three things we like: sponsored content, social media and real-time marketing. General Electric is all about invention, right? So the company encouraged fans and followers to submit their own great ideas using the hashtag #SomeoneShouldInvent and created customized GIFs of their favorites. .... [FishbowlDC]

3D Printing is Years Away from Transforming Supply Chains - Posted February 28, 2014
(Forbes) The challenges in additive manufacturing (AM) are surmountable, writes Steve Banker. Integration of 3D printing will take a commitment from the industry and for some, that could take up to a decade. Banker cites current AM technology limitations and points out how required process knowledge is nontrivial. As an example... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Oil Industry Joins World of 3D Printing - Posted January 24, 2014
(Voice of America) General Electric's oil and gas division will start pilot production of 3D printed metal fuel nozzles for its gas turbines in the second half of this year, a major step towards using the technology for mass-manufactured parts in the industry. Full production of the printed fuel nozzles... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Instagram Ads Officially Debut - Posted November 1, 2013
The first Instagram ad debuted Friday, from fashion brand ... [AllFacebook]

Instagram Provides Peek At Ads - Posted October 24, 2013
Earlier this month, Instagram announced that it would ... [AllFacebook]

3D Systems Could Send Short Sellers Scurrying For Cover - Posted October 24, 2013
(Seeking Alpha) Analyst Mitu Anand says 3D Systems is one of the best picks among all the 3D printing companies. There are many big name players in the 3D printing industry that can have a considerable influence on the performance of 3D Systems in the future, specifically General Electric. Anand points out... [Inside 3D Printing News]

The PR Measurement Debate Enters a New Stage - Posted October 22, 2013
Putting the usual cultural/political flotsam and jetsam aside, these are two of the month's most interesting developments in the PR world: 1. A majority of marketing execs ... [FishbowlDC]

General Electric's Gary Sheffer Named Chairman of Arthur W. Page Society - Posted August 27, 2013
In what would appear to be another move toward greater focus on corporate transparency, the Arthur W. Page Society has named General Electric's head PR man Gary Sheffer as its newest chairman. Sheffer, who's ... [FishbowlDC]

3D Printing May Benefit GE Shareholders - Posted June 14, 2013
(Seeking Alpha) Analyst John Mylant writes that 3D printing technology is very important for an investor to follow. Although he cautions it may be a bit premature, he believes shareholders in companies that invest heavily in 3D technology will benefit in the future. Not only will 3D printing make manufacturing ... [Inside 3D Printing News]

GE Announces Ongoing Series of 3D Printing Challenges - Posted June 12, 2013
(Personalize) General Electric has announced the first two of an on-going series of 3D printing challenges. The first contest, called 3D Printing Design Quest, asks participants to "completely reimagine" the bracket and hangers which support critical jet engine components during handling and make them 30 percent lighter. Michael Idelchik, who runs... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Additive Manufacturing and Ceramics Make for Efficient Jet Engines - Posted May 21, 2013
(Knovel) CFM - a joint project between General Electric and the French manufacturer Snecma - has started producing a new type of aircraft engine only made possible with additive manufacturing processes. Normal operating temperatures for airplane engines are actually above their own melting points. Though the all... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Stuzo Adds CTO, EVP Of Client Engagement - Posted April 29, 2013
Stuzo, a Facebook ... [AllFacebook]

10 of the Best Brands on Vine - Posted March 11, 2013
Twitter's Vine short video sharing service is the new thing. You've probably heard of it--you may have even seen what was supposed to be the world's first Vine press release. And you're going to keep hearing about it, because six-second video loops are quick, impressionistic and perfect for our social medi... [FishbowlDC]

GE's Jeffrey Immelt Says 3D Printing Not Over Rated - Posted February 26, 2013
(The Atlantic) GE's chief executive of Jeffrey Immelt said that "3D printing is worth my time, attention, money, and effort," at an Atlantic conference on the future of manufacturing in early February on the future of manufacturing in Washington, D.C. Immelt explained that 3D printing creates the product from the... [Inside 3D Printing News]

G.E. Is Totally Cool With 30 Rock, You Guys - Posted January 25, 2013
Say you're a PR/branding exec at a big corporation. Say there's a certain sitcom that's been making fun of you mercilessly for seven years (while appearing on a network that you once owned). What would you do? ... [FishbowlDC]

Do We Need Universal Standards for Measuring Success in PR? - Posted January 16, 2013
The art (and it is an art) of measuring success for clients has long been a challenge for PR firms. In the era of "Big Data", most industry veterans agree that metrics, otherwise known as "numbers", are more important than ever--and that the PR business needs to continuall... [FishbowlDC]

Education Is The Key To Preventing Facebook Leaks - Posted December 21, 2012
Many companies don't have seasoned social media gurus at the helm, often relying on interns or marketers to present the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. This sometimes leads to leaks, hacks, and other night... [AllFacebook]

Why Do Marketing/PR Execs Resist Social Media? - Posted December 3, 2012
For all the talk of original content and social interactions defining a brand in the current age, you'd think that the fingerprints of various marketing chiefs would be all over the social media sphere. And yet, ... [FishbowlDC]

Olympics Ads Boost Brand Perceptions for BP and Others - Posted August 9, 2012
A recent survey conducted by YouGov BrandIndex in order to gauge the public's perceptions of Olympics advertisers may prove that the coveted ad slots and expensive sponsorships are worthy investments, especially for... [FishbowlDC]

GE Illustrates How Not to Use Twitter - Posted March 29, 2011
Last week, The New York Times published a story stating that General Electric paid no taxes, thanks, in part, to "fierce lobbying" that actually resulted in tax benefits. GE's public affairs division thought it would be wise to try and refute this... [FishbowlDC]

Immelt and NBC Want More Media -- While It's Cheap - Posted November 17, 2008
General Electric, which owns NBC Universal among other media entities, wants to find more media buys, GE chief executive ... [FishbowlLA]

Is iTunes In Trouble? - Posted August 31, 2007
First Vivendi shifted its weight away from Mr. Jobs, and now NBC is following suit. Rivals from MTV and, EMI and Wal-Mart are also nipping at the digital music titan's heels. Per ... [FishbowlLA]