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Illustrator CS5: Take Advantage of New Features (29:15)
Posted May 27, 2010
  Information Design: Making Data Come Alive (53:47)
Posted Sep 16, 2009
CS5's new features make working in Illustrator even easier  more details

Creativity, Type, Software Tips, Illustrator, Guides, Adobe Creative Suite 5
  Art director Anna Savoie is your guide for this comprehensive tour of information design. She shares loads of insights and tips that will help you ace the practical and aesthetic challenges of...  more details

Type, Indesign, Layout, Creative Suite 3, Guides
Ultimate Logo Makeovers (36:42)
Posted Jul 31, 2009
  Preparing an E-mail Design for Coding Using Adobe ImageReady (29:24)
Posted Nov 20, 2008
Ivan Freaner discusses the ways in which designers can use the tools at their disposal (in this case, Adobe Illustrator) to spice up logos that are lacking in oomph. He focuses not only on improving...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Logo Design, Type, Illustrator, Guides
  In her first tutorial, Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") covered Designing an Effective Marketing E-mail Using Adobe Photoshop. The...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Layout, Software Tips, Slicing, Guides, Imageready