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Get Into New Media with Mark Josephson of (6 minutes)
Posted Nov 30, 2009
  Hyper-Local Journalism with Michael Myers of (7 minutes)
Posted Nov 24, 2009
Mark Josephson understands how media is changing. We ask him to discuss hyper-local content delivery, how the rules are changing, and how to find an audience for your content.  more details

New Media, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  Michael Meyers understands hyper-local. We ask him to discuss a variety of issues from blogging to credibility to the future of local television news, plus how to make money online.  more details

New Media, User-Generated Content, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
Direct Access: Ben Ilfeld on Citizen Journalism (8 minutes)
Posted Nov 11, 2009
  Get Hyper-Local: Building Community City by City (54 minutes)
Posted Nov 10, 2009
Ben Ilfeld understands hyper-local: His Sacramento Press is setting the standard for community engagement. We ask him why local is the coolest place to be right now, and how writers can get involved.  more details

Citizen Journalism, Hyper-Local, Ugcx, Direct Access, Next-Generation Journalist
  In this panel from Mediabistro's UGCX conference, leaders in local explain the exciting changes in the journalistic landscape that affect both content and advertising  more details

Marketing, Citizen Journalism, Hyper-Local, Recorded Event, Ugcx, Next-Generation Journalist