Jay Cooke

Jay Cooke
Jay Cooke is associate publisher at Travelzoo. Previously, he worked at Lonely Planet as client solutions manager, where he developed mixed-media travel content campaigns for American Express and Amazon.com. He was also senior commissioning editor of Lonely Planet Latin America and commissioning editor of US east, where he commissioned travel guides and content for New York City and New Orleans.

Jay has also written for National Geographic Traveler, Business Traveler, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Bay-Guardian, Cooking Light, Wired, Traveler's Tales, Publishers Weekly, and The New York Times.

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Jay is engaging and eager to share his vast wealth of knowledge. The class gave me both the tools and the kick in the pants I needed to start my freelance career. -- David Hennessy

"I sold my homework assignment before the course ended, and I sold two other pieces that I brainstormed while doing Jay's optional homework assignments." -- Genevive Bjorn

"If you have the slightest interest in being a travel writer, understanding editors, and learning the business side of writing, then this is your class and Jay is the instructor for you." -- Christy Rey

"Jay explained the most reasonable methods for pitching stories I've heard to date. He was knowledgeable about the travel industry, market, travel media, and outlet opportunities. Well done!" -- Mary Lee Shalvoy

"Jay is a fabulous teacher with tons of personality, enthusiasm, and practical knowledge. The class provides a broad perspective on the industry and specific tips." -- Margaret Huang, director, Atomic Public Relations

"I appreciated Jay's superb business smarts and willingness to share inside tips and realities. I'd consider anything I wrote successful if it passed muster with Jay." -- Sara Miller

"Jay's energy and humor were infectious. He shared his knowledge and never once talked down to the class -- even those who were exploring travel writing for the first time." -- Tom Honig, executive editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Jay shares the secrets of the trade. I live six hours away from San Francisco, and I'd be happy to drive that distance again for an opportunity to attend one of his classes." -- Betsy Husband

"Jay teaches what he knows -- and he knows a lot. His class is loaded with practical insight and nuggets of advice that will help launch a freelance career." -- Michael Coren, former CNN.com science editor

"I've already received 4 commissions from ideas generated in the class. This course exceeded my expectations." -- C. Edrich

"Jay is a great instructor with a tremendous amount of experience. He was encouraging, patient, and really organized. I hope to take another class with him!" -- Roopika Saran

"Jay's charisma, knowledge of the travel industry, and ability to direct students in their careers is superior." -- Michael Margherita

"My workshop with Jay was the best time and money I've ever spent. I highly, highly recommend this course!" -- Amanda Walter