Kimberlee Auerbach

Kimberlee Auerbach
Kimberlee Auerbach is the author of the memoir The Devil, The Lovers & Me: My Life in Tarot. She is a former breaking news producer who now writes and performs fulltime. She has performed her comedic monologues at The Original Improv, The Kraine Theater, and The Bitter End. Her one-woman show played to sold-out houses at the New York International Fringe Festival and she has competed in several Moth GrandSLAM Championships. For more information about Kimberlee check out

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Kimberlee encouraged us as we became better writers. I looked forward to class every week. She is a rare breed -- the excellent, unforgettable teacher. -- Elaine Perlman

"Kimmi is the best writing teacher I've had. She creates a safe space and cares more about the students than I've ever seen. I took two of her classes and I've completed a new manuscript. She is truly brilliant and inspirational!" -- Kate Lutzner

"Kimberleegives fantastic lectures, tackling tough writing issues in a simple-to-digest method. She has a tremendous sense of humor and perspective, and knows how to manage a classroom." Christopher Moore

"Kimberlee is encouraging and positive, offering constructive criticism in a way that doesn't seem a bit like criticism!" -- Diane Singer

"Kimberlee was incredibly insightful and helpful. She knew exactly what each of us needed to do to get our pieces to the next level, and she provided a great balance of praise and constructive criticism." -- Megan Auster-Rosen

"Kimberlee has a talent for breaking down text and diagnosing exactly what's working, what isn't, and how to improve it. She possesses the intelligence to rescue a stuck writer and a heart and spirit generous enough to encourage a tentative one." -- Eileen Kelly

"Kimberlee knows how to engage the class and create a safe learning environment. Her comments are always insightful and detailed, balancing out the positive feedback with specific suggestions." -- Jean Brown

"Kimmi is undoubtedly the best writing teacher I've ever had -- not to mention insightful, professional, generous, and funny." -- Margie Goldsmith

"Kimberlee really hears what the writers in her class are trying to say and helps us get to the heart of what we want to write about. Bravo, Kimmi!" -- Leslie Hunter-Gadsden

"Kimberlee is a sparkling gem of a teacher, whose abilities are both precious and rare." -- George Morin

"Kimmi provided a very safe and encouraging atmosphere. I left each class with practical tips and the confidence I could do it." -- Sara Jarrett

"Kimberlee is an intuitive genius who will help you nail the comedy of your memoir without losing touch with the deeper meaning." -- Ami Angelowicz

"Kimmi's humor and candor make for a refreshing take on what taking a writing class truly means. I'm fortunate to have been her student." -- Shermaine Barlaan

"Kimmi is an extraordinary teacher! She is incredibly insightful and supportive and provided spot-on feedback that inspired me to take my writing to another level!" -- Jennifer Garam