Kimberly Fusaro

Kimberly Fusaro
Kimberly Fusaro is a copy editor, proofreader, and blogger. She worked as a staff copy editor at Martha Stewart Living and has copy edited for Shape, Seventeen, and Food & Wine.

Kimberly is the main blogger behind Save the Date, Glamour's weddings blog, and the sole blogger behind Bringing Up Baby, the Woman's Day "learn as you go" parenting blog. She has written for Blueprint, Family Circle, Glamour, Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Reader's Digest, and Real Simple, and has appeared as on CNBC's On the Money. Kimberly also served as an associate professor of journalism at Seton Hall University.

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Kimberly was very engaging and her humor made the class fun. For someone like me, intimidated by the idea of starting a blog, it was the perfect class. My blog is now up! -- Leslie Van Buskirk

"This course provided a comprehensive introduction to the field of copy editing. Kim is a knowledgeable and skilled instructor who taught a sometimes intense, but always enjoyable, course. I now feel prepared to begin looking for work in copy editing." -- Lisa Lord

"Kimberly is fantastic! She's thorough and practical in both her lectures and discussions. The content is extremely accessible, and Kimberly is above and beyond willing to clarify any questions and murky points. Loved the class! Loved Kimberly! I would gladly take other courses that Kimberly was teaching!" -- Krystn Powers