Laura Lachman

Laura Lachman
Laura Lachman is the Promotion & Events Director at Condé Nast Traveler. She has produced top-level events for luxury and consumer brands around the world. Previously, she was senior manager of fashion and retail events at Vogue, special events manager at Gucci, and regional event director at Gen Art Chicago, where she produced the Gen Art Film Festival. Her events have been feted throughout the media including The New York Times, Vogue, and WWD.

In addition to event execution, she provides her clients with strategic consulting on business development, partnerships/sponsorships, marketing initiatives, and public relations. Recent projects include Nokia Art In Motion, the Warren-Tricomi Opening Party at The Plaza, Veuve Clicquot Le Grande Dame by Riva launch, Tory Burch Fall 2010 Fashion Show, Thompson Hotels, Nanette Lepore Spring 2010 Show, Y-3 2010 show, and ArtWalk.

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I give Laura an A+! The class was great, we all worked together, and people shared information while Laura shared her extensive experience. -- Sylvia Smyrek

"I really enjoyed Laura's class. She demonstrates her expertise in a fun and easy to learn way!" -- Alison Rubino

"Laura gave a deft and compelling overview of event planning from physical to tempermental aspects, business to creative. She was the most organized and thorough presenter I've seen." -- Janie Ho

"Laura was extremely knowledgeable and gave great insight. I hope she teaches other classes because I would surely take them. Thanks Laura, you were awesome!" -- Tiffany Rose

"Figuring out what you're trying to sell and your target audience is a skill that can benefit anyone. I recommend this class to people interested in planning a specific event or the events that make up one's life." -- Valerie Lee

"Laura was great. She provided helpful and detailed assessments of assignments and was very encouraging. The lectures were well laid out and straightforward and she was always available for questions." -- Heidi Thompson