Laura Mazer

Laura Mazer
Laura Mazer, a veteran book editor, has worked with a wide range of publishers including Avalon Publishing Group, Perseus Books Group, Counterpoint Press, and Random House. Previously, Laura edited op-ed columns for Tony Snow, Molly Ivins, Arianna Huffington, and Hillary Clinton. She was a senior editor at Brill's Content magazine and the special sections editor for the Los Angeles Times.

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Laura gave tons of information. She really cares about writers and loves helping new people succeed. I got more than my money's worth -- and then some! -- Paige Hodges

"Laura's assignments laid out a clear path to getting a book proposal ready. I finished a working draft of my proposal and am further ahead in my project than I dreamed I would be." -- Michelle Howard

"I have been in publishing for 30 years and cannot remember meeting someone who was so extemporaneously creative with ideas as Laura." -- Howard Baldwin

"Laura is a fantastic instructor and voice of encouragement. I've never felt so hopeful about publishing." -- Jennifer Eggers

"Laura knows what she's talking about and will dish it with a no-nonsense, honest approach. I will query better because she provided me with an understanding of how the business works." --Mary Kolesnikova

"Laura has an enormous amount of creativity and positive energy. Her attitude toward getting published was gratifying and infectious." -- Neala Philpot

"Laura has wonderful insight and experience to share with students. I highly recommend this inspiring and encouraging course." -- Allie Brawley

"Laura was the kind of instructor we'd all like to have -- one that knows her subject cold and is thoughtful when she gives you an answer." -- Rich LeFurgy

"Laura was well-informed, enthusiastic, and personable. She gave us a great overview of publishing and we all gained broader insight into our own projects. Laura was a gem!" -- Merikay Mcleod

"Laura's style is lively and humorous. I highly recommend this course to get yourself informed and moving on your project." -- Dr. Darlene A. Osowiec

"Laura presented solid material in an understandable way. She created an environment where we could get down to the business of learning to take our work to the next level." -- Beth Elliott

"By the end of class I knew it was possible, I could do this, and it wasn't a pipe dream. I left with more than hope. Laura handed me the how-to's." -- Heather Liston

"Laura was excellent! She was extremely entertaining, riveting, and very knowledgeable. I would definitely take another course with her. -- Nora Laherty

"Finally, a class with someone who knows the territory! I can't thank Laura enough for the valuable help this workshop provided me." -- Lynn A. Jacobson