Magdalena Alagna Schmidt

Magdalena Alagna Schmidt
Magdalena Alagna Schmidt has worked as a copy editor for Infobase Publishing, a copy chief and copy editor for Rosen Publishing, and a proofreader for The National Law Journal. She has edited hundreds of books on subjects ranging from the life and times of Abigail Adams to the dangers of cosmetic surgery. She holds strong opinions about split infinitives and serial commas.

Magdalena Alagna Schmidt's Courses
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Magdalena is the high priestess of grammar. She will teach you how to make dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, and poorly formed sentences disappear from your life. -- Peter Messina

"Magdalena is a wordsmith. Her class allowed me to walk away with the tools and guides to find answers to my grammar questions." -- Grace Cavallo

"Magdalena gave me the tools to excel at copy editing. She met all my expectations in terms of course content and exceeded them in terms of her teaching style." -- Henry Visotski

"Magdalena was enthusiastic about every topic and had an obvious fervor for the art of constructing sentences. She was approachable and professional." -- Katie Sherman

"Magdalena makes learning and relearning grammar rules fun! Having such an easy-going, knowledgeable instructor made class worth every minute and penny." -- Patricia DeLuca

"Magdalena's presentations were engaging because she not only has an academic grasp of the subject, but also a hands-on approach which showed us what to expect in the industry." -- Nirvana Williams

"Magdelena gives you the skills and confidence to become a copy editor in just weeks. Her extensive knowledge of grammar and language is an amazing added bonus." -- Karen Grant

"Magdalena is outstanding! She really knows her stuff, communicates clearly, and inspires confidence. She offered great insights." -- Jody Potter

"Magdalena was inspired about grammar and her passion for it was infectious." -- Gabrielle Zuckerman

"I began using the material we covered on the job right after the first class. This is real-world grammar at its best." -- Gloria Dawson

"Magdalena is smart, knowledgeable, lighthearted yet serious, respectful, and very encouraging. I can't imagine anyone being better." -- Fran Schoenfeld

"I took this class together with my daughter, and we both felt the information Magdalena presented was useful, important, and relevant." -- Mary Brown

"Magdalena really knows grammar. She is approachable and emphasizes practicality over jargon. This course will benefit everyone from the novice to the seasoned professional." -- Stuart Ellison