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Mediabistro Career Circus: Will Work for Money (But Happiness Desired)

Laurie Ruettimann knows HR inside and out. See her at Mediabistro's Career Circus on August 4, 2011

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Punk Rock HR: The Genesis (6:27) 6:27 FREE!
    Laurie addresses questions from the audience: What do you think about working for free as an entry into paid work? How long should I wait to contact someone after submitting a resume? Should we work with job boards? What about including keywords? Do you have to include salary requirements? What do you do if you're over- or under-qualified? What are the hiring trends in different cities?
  3. What's the Best Way to Find a Job? (14:36) 14:36 FREE!
    Laurie narrows it down, and gives advice to the audience.
  4. How Can I Get Hired? (16:40) 16:40 FREE!
    How do you get experience when you're fresh out of school? Are internships better at smaller companies? Where are the opportunities out there? Is stimulus money from the government helping? How do you know when you've interned long enough? Should you follow up after sending in your resume? How do you present yourself if you have varied work experience? Should people pursue entrepreneurial opportunities right now? What's the role of temp agencies if you're a freelancer? Do internships count as experience?

Video Details

Laurie Ruettimann will be speaking at Mediabistro Career Circus on August 4, 2011 in NYC, where you'll learn where you fit in today's job market, how to jumpstart your search, and how to redefine yourself at any stage. Speakers include execs from Facebook, HBO, and Martha Stewart. Click here for more info.

We admire Ruettimann for her straightforward, unique approach to looking at a job as displayed on her wonderful (now archived) blog, She doesn’t hold back as she shares her to-the-point techniques and tips with Circus attendees.

Laurie worked for more than a decade in the HR departments of Fortune 500 companies, and she’s seen it all. Her advice is fresh and to-the-point—you’re sure to come away with tips you can use in your search for a new career.

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