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Mediabistro Circus: Relevance and Influence: Can Data Bring You Closer to Your Audience?

Our panel of experts takes on key issues in online advertising, including search, infrastructure, and how to grab eyeballs

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Table of Contents

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  2. Ads, Privacy, and Targeting (16:46) 16:46 FREE!
    Stephen begins by asking Bruce about how Google feels about privacy issues. The fear: Google knows everything. How do you address that? Bruce describes how Google Ad Preferences works. Should Google be promoting this more? What data can people learn from our mobile devices and location-based servers? Ads will become more and more targeted and efficient, Frank explains. What new kinds of data will advertisers look for in the future? What are the ad infrastructure issues? Google Trends lets you see how successful an ad campaign has been.
  3. Matching Ads with Eyeballs (12:40) 12:40 FREE!
    The panel discusses how ads can be made more effective by customizing the creative based on information you have about viewers. A question from the audience: what kinds of ads are working best: banner, contextual, others? For publishers, finding the money is still the problem. Advertisers are running hundreds of different campaigns: people are always looking for the new shiny object. How do you get rid of the obnoxious belly fat ads? What do publishers need to know about data? Technologies, like Google's Website Optimizer, can simplify the process. Identifying the audience is key, says Frank.
  4. The Future of Online Ads (22:32) 22:32 FREE!
    From the audience: Can you address the uneasy relationship between ad networks and premium publishers? Put yourself 10 years in the future: everyone has the same tools. What does it look like? The current trends: downward CPMs and channel conflict. Frank explores the history of ad networks and explains the present and future trends. Bruce explains how ad networks work with publishers to let them make money without making sales. There's a disconnect between how people spend their time and where ad dollars are spent. How do you explain this? The market is still valuing a television viewer more than an online viewer: how will that change? The quality of the online experience is a key driver. Search is the ultimate expression of intent, which makes search marketing powerful. How is advertising working on social networks? Will we have the tools to block ads on the web?

Video Details

Data gathered from cell phones, internet usage, instant messaging, social networks, retail purchases, and more helps companies to match their products and services with customers. This technology begs questions - can ad networks save the newspaper industry, and the way media companies will make money in the future? What is the best way to employ data, so your company makes money but your customers retain their privacy? Stephen Baker, author of The Numerati, will lead a discussion on where we’re headed with data, and how it is impacting marketing, advertising, and the media business as a whole.

The discussion features Stephen Baker (writer, BusinessWeek and author, The Numerati), Frank Addante (CEO, Rubicon Project) and  Bruce Falck (Head of Google Content Network).


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