Melanie Nayer

Melanie Nayer
Melanie Nayer is an award-winning writer and editor who contributes to The Huffington Post, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Hotel News Now, and 4Hoteliers. Previously, she worked as a content producer for the business section of, where she produced the daily business section and blogs and created interactive features. She also worked as a freelance journalist and as a Capitol Hill news correspondent.

Melanie is a social media expert with experience in various blog platforms and branding initiatives for corporate and personal blogs.

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Melanie's knowledge of AP style is near encyclopedic. She's gifted in the ability to discuss the work at hand with complete focus, and her constructive criticism is always on target. -- Joe Wallace

"Melanie brought practical, strategic advice to the table and her insight was invaluable." -- Meredith O'Connor

"Melanie really knew what she was talking about and fully encouraged class participation. I would love to take another one of her classes!" -- Amanda Gonzalez

"You come away from this fun, fast, intense class with your own blog and knowledge of what to do with it. I wouldn't want to start a blog without this class." -- Cheryl Pruett

"Melanie is knowledgeable and without hesitation shares that knowledge with her students. She ensured all her students had the benefit of her direct attention while still being able to address the class in its entirety." -- Deborah Keegan

"Melanie is an excellent instructor. She is accessible, knowledgeable, supportive, and very helpful. She knew her stuff and has extensive knowledge about blogging and social media." -- Mariela Murphy

"Melanie is an outstanding instructor. She is knowledgeable and readily shares her knowledge with everyone who is taking a course from her." -- Caroljean Ellis

"Melanie's methods allowed me to create a blog of my own. Every time someone asks me about blogging, I find myself saying 'it's so easy, sure you can do it!'" -- Laila Saada

"Melanie's class empowered me to figure out the tech side of blogging. She made me believe that understanding things like Google Analytics isn't outside of my grasp. Melanie is a total expert in her field and had tons of resources." -- Brian Ives