Micol Ostow

Micol Ostow
Micol Ostow began her novel, Emily Goldberg Learns to Salsa, when she was a student in the Mediabistro class she now teaches. That book was named a NYPL Book for the Teen Age. Her newest release, So Punk Rock (and Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother), was named a Booklist Top Ten Arts Books for Youth of 2009 and Top Ten Religion Books for Youth of 2009 selection. Most recently, Micol signed a two-book deal with Egmont US for her novel family, a fictionalized look at the Manson family murders of 1969, and an unnamed book project to come. She has written more than 40 published works for children, tweens, and teens. Click here to listen to a podcast with Micol about writing and her YA course.

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Micol was a thorough, well-prepared, and joyful instructor. She openly shared her experiences as a writer. -- Joanne Donovan

"I had an idea for a book when I stepped into Micol's class, but she taught me how to flesh it out and make it into an actual novel.After a few of her classes and numerous revisions, I was able to send my book out into the world - and recently signed with an amazing literary agent!" -- Danielle Rumore

"I've been trying finish my book for years, and this class helped me focus on completing it. I've met several editors and agents through the class. None of this would have happened without Micol. Micol = Awesome." -- Darci Manley

"Micol is one of those teachers you're lucky to find. With her guidance, I landed a four book deal while taking her class." -- Shani Petroff

"Micol is the best. If you're serious about writing a young adult novel, I highly recommend her course." -- Taylor Morris

"Thanks to Micol's guidance, I've finished my novel and am shopping it to agents. I couldn't have done it without this class -- and especially Micol!" -- Jocelyn Davies

"Micol inspires with her sense of story, her knowledge of the industry, and her ability to elicit the best. She takes students through a spin of her rolodex, inviting fellow published authors, editors, and marketers as guest speakers." -- Melita Garza

"I'm taking the class again because I've come to rely on all the great feedback she, and the class, gives." -- Molly Reisner

"Micol's class is perfect for the writer that wants to walk away with a finished manuscript." -- Alecia Whitaker Pace

"I'd recommend Micol's class in a heartbeat. By the end of the course, you'll have a huge number of pages, a good sense of the business, and a cadre of supportive and creative fellow writers." -- Lisa Selin Davis