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Myspace Is Trying To Get You Back By Sending You Old Photos From Its Database - Posted June 2, 2014
Myspace is still around. And they're still giving it the old college try. Now they're making everyday Throwback Thursday by sending users old pictures of themselves when they were active on the platform in its latest attempt to lure back once loyal vi... [GalleyCat]

Myspace Is Trying To Get You Back By Sending You Old Photos From Its Database - Posted June 2, 2014
Myspace is still around. And they're still giving it the old college try. Now they're making everyday Throwback Thursday by sending users old pictures of themselves when they were active on the platform in its latest attempt to lure back once loyal vi... [FishbowlDC]

HBO Goes All in on Hip-Hop Promo with 'Rappers as Game of Thrones Characters' - Posted March 13, 2014
"...he is an a$$hole but is also very good at business and things..." Did you hear that HBO wants to "diversify" the Game of Thrones audience? It's true--... [FishbowlDC]

Are We Certain Facebook Is Doomed, Vivek Wadhwa? - Posted March 7, 2014
Vivek Wadhwa, a research professor at ... [AllFacebook]

WARNING: There Is No Such Thing As A Facebook Music Theme - Posted January 24, 2014
Although MySpace may be attempting to o... [AllFacebook]

STUDY: Facebook May Lose 80% Of User Base Between 2015 And 2017 - Posted January 21, 2014
Facebook is already experiencing some erosion in us... [AllFacebook]

Investing In Business Users Will Make Or Break Facebook's Future - Posted October 24, 2013
Facebook is more than a social networking site; it's a business with many complex features working together. Once a small website (for only ... [AllFacebook]

Former Facebook Rival MySpace Touts Growth - Posted October 1, 2013
Look out, Facebook: Here comes MySpace. OK, that may be a stretch, but the former top social network announced that it has posted a 50 pe... [AllFacebook]

Former Facebook Business-Development Head Ali Rosenthal Joins MessageMe As COO - Posted July 16, 2013
Ali Rosenthal left her post as business-development head at Facebook in January 2011, spending one year as an executiv... [AllFacebook]

REPORT: Facebook's Outdated Web Encryption Technology May Have Enabled Prism - Posted June 28, 2013
Facebook still uses encryption keys with 1,024-bit lengths, while the industry standard used by Internet companies -- including App... [AllFacebook]

MySpace Relaunch Generates 16 Million Hits & 450k Downloads in First Week - Posted June 25, 2013
Earlier this month MySpace announced that they had relaunched their site as a destination for creative people and along with it they introduced a new app that supports ad-supported music streaming. In the first week, the company reported having more than 16 million peo... [PRNewser]

MySpace Relaunch Generates 16 Million Hits & 450k Downloads in First Week - Posted June 25, 2013
Earlier this month MySpace announced that they had relaunched their site as a destination for creative people and along with it they introduced a new app that supports ad-supported music streaming. In the first week, the company reported having more than 16 million peo... [Inside Mobile Apps]

Social Gaming Network's Acquisition Of Mob Science Continues Trend Away From Facebook-Only Social Games - Posted June 17, 2013
Take a close look at Social Gaming Network's story, and you will see how social games are evolving away from a focus on Facebook-only games. SGN is rising... [AllFacebook]

Myspace Returns as Social Launch Pad for Artists - Posted June 13, 2013
In case you weren't aware that Myspace does actually exist outside the nostalgic realm of late 90's pre-teendom (because we weren't), the reinvented social media site has launched a $20 million campaign to enlighten you. The re... [FishbowlDC]

Can MySpace Rise From The Dead? - Posted June 12, 2013
MySpace was Facebook before Facebook was Facebook, and now the social network is attempting to reinvent its... [AllFacebook]

Rupert Murdoch: 'Look Out, Facebook' - Posted May 17, 2013
News Corp. Chairman and CEO ... [AllFacebook]

How A Company Gained Younger Customers Through Facebook Marketing - Posted April 3, 2013
Probiotic yogurt products that are aimed at digestive health aren't always the most exciting things. However, Lifeway Foods has used Facebook to not only grow awareness of the brand, but to ma... [AllFacebook]

Why Facebook Doesn't Have A Problem With A Lack Of Teens - Posted March 18, 2013
Much has been made in the tech and social media news circles regarding Facebook's eventual demise because teenagers don't make u... [AllFacebook]

Musical Artists' Facebook Pages Prompting Users To 'Listen Using MySpace' - Posted March 18, 2013
Facebook introduced its listen button for musical artists' pages last April, and last September, former social network juggernaut MySpace announced the ability for its users to sign in using Facebook or Twitter. Now, it app... [AllFacebook]

What Others Are Saying About Facebook's News Feed Redesign - Posted March 8, 2013
Not long after Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the redesign of news feed, several social med... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Innovation Lessons For Your Business - Posted February 18, 2013
Facebook is the big bang in the universe of social networking. Sure, MySpace and ... [AllFacebook]

Wall Street Lukewarm At Best After Facebook's Fourth-Quarter Earnings Call - Posted January 31, 2013
The sentiment on Wall Street following Facebook's ... [AllFacebook]

Why MySpace Needs to Change Its Tune...and Fast - Posted January 23, 2013
Let's admit that many of us are curious, if not excited, to see what's going to happen to the new MySpace. America loves a comeback story, and now that MySpace's arch nemesis Facebook has somewhat fallen out of favor with the pu... [FishbowlDC]

Twitter Implications Of The New MySpace - Posted December 7, 2012
The reborn MySpace, backed by pop culture guru Justin Timberlake, is officially accepting users. Early opinions of the reinvented platform range from admiring to awestruck to underwhelme... [AllTwitter]

Facebook, IPO Among Bing's Most-Searched Terms Of 2012 - Posted November 27, 2012
Though Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have the tabloid-turning power of Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber, Facebook was among Bing's most-searched terms of the year. The year isn't over yet, but that didn't stop Bing (which has been a solid partner with Faceb... [AllFacebook]

MySpace Recast as 'Spotify Killer' - Posted November 20, 2012
Back in September we reported on Justin "I Don't Make Music Anymore" Timberlake's latest role as the public face of the new-and-improved MySpace. ... [FishbowlDC]

Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Straying From Its Original Mission - Posted November 19, 2012
Billionaire Mark Cuban used his ... [AllFacebook]

Is Billionaire Mark Cuban's Anger At Facebook Misguided? - Posted November 15, 2012
Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks, is... [AllFacebook]

Microsoft Engineer Mark Zuckerberg? It Could Have Happened - Posted October 22, 2012
Reporting for work at ... [AllFacebook]

Could Niche Social Networks Eat Away At Facebook's Dominance? - Posted October 15, 2012
Many people may have scoffed when MySpace announced a rebirth, but could the music-based site chip away at Facebook's stranglehold on social media? That's what USA Today... [AllFacebook]

3 Reasons the Updated Google Trends Tool Will Benefit Journalists - Posted September 29, 2012
This week, Google announced that it is merging its Google Trends and Insights for Search into one Google Trends tool. From Google's blog post announcing the move: Now we are merging Insights for Search into Google Trends, wrapping it all up in a clean new interface to give you a clearer view of... [10,000 Words]

Can MySpace Rise Again? - Posted September 25, 2012
Today brings the return of a familiar face to our computer screens. No, we're not talking about Justin Timberlake, though he is a wise choice to play the role of public representative for the brand new MySpace. This new video dropped on Twitter yesterday, and we have to say that we are... [FishbowlDC]

The New MySpace: Now With More Facebook - Posted September 24, 2012
Justin Timberlake is bringing MySpace back, as the singer/actor was featured in a promotional video for the former ... [AllFacebook]

Report: Facebook May Have Reached Saturation Point Among Small, Midsized Businesses - Posted September 12, 2012
Facebook is by far the top social network in terms of adoption by ... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Has Nowhere to Go But Down - Posted September 12, 2012
General impressions of Mark Zuckerberg's speech at yesterday's TechCrunch ... [FishbowlDC]

INFOGRAPHIC: Back To School Often Means Back To Facebook Cyber-Bullying - Posted August 23, 2012
The words "back to school" make some kids even more unhappy ... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Employees Enjoy Tasty Perks - Posted July 5, 2012
As a group of high school students is currently discovering, it doesn't suck to work at Facebook. USA Today recently ... [AllFacebook]

Does Facebook Boost Your Self-Esteem? - Posted June 27, 2012
While we may seem happy on Facebook, liking pages on a daily basis and posting inspirational photos, does the social network re... [AllFacebook]

Facebook: The End Of The Beginning - Posted June 13, 2012
Facebook's initial public offering is a milestone in the evolutio... [AllFacebook]

IPO Sinks Facebook In Customer Loyalty Study - Posted June 1, 2012
The list of casualties of Facebook's staggering ... [AllFacebook]

'New York' Cover: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - Posted May 7, 2012
We admit to going ape-wild at the sight of our belovedly snarky, smart, sharp ... [AllFacebook]

Who Will Facebook Buy Next? Place Your Bets! - Posted April 11, 2012
"We don't plan on doing many more of these, if any at all," Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said in announcing the social network's $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing... [AllFacebook]

Gravity Gets The Interest Graph Going; Partners Include Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch - Posted March 26, 2012
Just a little over a year ago The Semantic Web Blog introduced our readers to Gravity in this article. The project, spearheaded by former MySpace execs, is f... []

Facebook + Spotify = Goodbye iTunes? - Posted September 23, 2011
[caption id="attachment_27650" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Photo: Facebook"][/caption] Oversharing on the Internet went in to overdrive today, after Mark Zuckerberg and Co. at ... [FishbowlDC]

Tools Round Up: Facebook and Skype; Radian6 and Twitter; JT and MySpace - Posted July 6, 2011
Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype that will bring video calling to the social network's 750 million users. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Skype for... [FishbowlDC]

Gravity, Latest Project From Former MySpace Execs, Ties Users to Their World of Web Interests - Posted February 23, 2011
It's gravity that keeps us tied to earth, and it's Gravity that seeks to tie us to our personal world of interests on the web. With an executive team founded by MySpace's Amit Kapur (CEO), Jim Benedetto (CTO), and Steve Pearman, Chief Product Officer, the premise behind Gravity is the building... []

Twitter Hires Former MySpace Exec - Posted February 22, 2011
Twitter has lured away another big name from a competing tech company. Rita Garg, former MySpace business development director has signed on with Twitter. Garg will be joining Twitter's expanding team as the director of business development, and she let t... [AllTwitter]

Blake Griffin Dunks on Myspace - Posted February 17, 2011
Los Angeles Clippers power forward and National Basketball Association All-Star Blake Griffin... [WebNewser -]

Twitter is the Least-Liked Social Media Brand? - Posted February 7, 2011
Twitter apparently doesn't make the cut when it comes to brand loyalty. A new study from Brand Keys paints a picture of social media being dominated by, of course, Facebook, but also MySpace and Flickr. And Tw... [AllTwitter]

President Barack Obama Helps Russell Simmons Extend His Takeover of Myspace with a Special Message - Posted January 28, 2011
President Barack Obama has been quite the social-media star since giving a ... [WebNewser -]

Russell Simmons to Bring a Taste of Hip-Pop to Myspace - Posted January 25, 2011
Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons became the latest celebrity to "Hijack" Myspace, as he will use the social-networking site to host the Hip-Pop Challenge, a contest seeking unsigned hip-hop and pop artists, through Thursday. Simmons will choose all content to appear on the Myspace homepage, including music play lists, political and culture commentary,... [WebNewser -]

Cryspace: Myspace Confirms Speculation of Some 500 Layoffs - Posted January 11, 2011
Myspace's October launch of a redesigned Web site and shifting of its focus to entertainment apparentl... [WebNewser -]

Nearly Half of MySpace Staff Given the Axe - Posted January 11, 2011
MySpace announced today the layoffs of 47% of the company's staff, about 500 employees. The cuts come just 3 months after the News Corp-owned social network revamped the site. In a release, CEO Mike Jones made sure to emphasize that the alteratio... [FishbowlLA]

Myspace Music, Fuse Introducing... Cali Swag District, RyeRye, Christina Perri, Young the Giant - Posted December 21, 2010
Cali Swag District, RyeRye, Christina Perri, and Young the Giant will be the featured artists in the latest installment of ... [WebNewser -]

Myspace, Google Announce Multiyear Extension - Posted December 16, 2010
Google will continue to power search and search advertising on Myspace, and the search giant will add display-advertising services, under terms of a multiyear extension between the two companies, announced Thursday. Google will provide Web search, search... [WebNewser -]

Myspace Hijacked by The Black Eyed Peas, Jack Black - Posted December 9, 2010
The Black Eyed Peas hijacked Myspace as part of the News Corp.-owned social-media site's new Hijacks initiative, which will surrender control of the site to celebrities for three days, allowing them to curate entertainment areas, topic pages, and profiles. Comedian and actor ... [WebNewser -]

Mobile Myspace: New Mobile Site, iPhone App - Posted November 30, 2010
While rumors swirl about the future of Myspace, the News Corp.-owned (for now, anyway) social-networking site is still moving forward, an... [WebNewser -]

FX Gets in the Ring with Myspace to Promote Lights Out - Posted November 19, 2010
FX is getting in the ring with Myspace to promote Lights Out, a series about an aging former heavyweight boxing champion who struggles to find his identity and support h... [WebNewser -]

Behind the Myspace Redesign - Posted November 19, 2010
Myspace underwent a thorough redesign that it began rolling out to users in lat... [WebNewser -]

MySpace Connected to Facebook via Connect - Posted November 18, 2010
Just a couple weeks after introducing its redesigned site and new entertainment focus, MySpace will now allow its users to log in via ... [FishbowlDC]

The New Myspace: That's Entertainment - Posted October 27, 2010
Myspace began rolling out its redesigned Web site and new product suite in beta Wednesday, aiming for a full rollout to all of its global users by the end of November. The refocusing ... [WebNewser -]

MySpace Redesigns With Entertainment Focus - Posted October 27, 2010
MySpace has begun rolling out a redesigned site that will target "entertainment junkies" in the 13- to 35-year-old ag... [FishbowlDC]

Vote via MySpace for People's Choice Awards 2011 - Posted October 20, 2010
For the second consecutive year, fans can vote for the nominees and winners of the People's Choice Awards 2011 via MySpace. Voting is open through Nov. 9 in 40 categories covering music, movies, and TV, and the top five vote-getters will become the nominees in their ... [WebNewser -]

Facebook Vs. Twitter: Decide for Yourself - Posted October 14, 2010
At this point there are a bajillion articles that discuss some aspect of the "Facebook versus Twitter" question: ... [FishbowlDC]

MySpace Drawler iPhone App Allows Users to Manipulate Mobile Photos - Posted October 5, 2010
MySpace launched an iPhone app that serves no purpose whatsoever, but at least it's free. Drawler allows users to modify mobile photos by drawing on them or adding stickers, art, words, or ot... [WebNewser -]

Mobile Developer HipLogic Adds Jason Ling from MySpace, Stephanie Jorgl from Opera - Posted September 30, 2010
Mobile-application developer HipLogic tapped two prominent Internet companies to strengthen its executive team, bringing aboard former MySpace h... [WebNewser -]

comScore: Twitter Bypasses MySpace in Monthly Unique Visitors - Posted September 28, 2010
The inevitable finally happened, according to data from comScore, Twitter bypassed MySpace to become the world's No. 3 social-networking-type online service, ... [WebNewser -]

MySpace Rolls Out Sync with YouTube - Posted September 23, 2010
Following an integration with Google, MySpace announced the rollout of Sync with YouTube, which enables users of the social-networking site to add videos from Google-owned YouT... [WebNewser -]

MySpace Shifting Andy Marcus to Senior VP, Entertainment and Video - Posted September 23, 2010
MySpace is turning to one of its own to lead its entertainment efforts, shifting senior vice president of business and legal affairs Andy Marcus to the post of senior VP, entertainment and video, according to ... [WebNewser -]

MySpace VP of Communications Joins Brew Media Relations - Posted September 22, 2010
Tracy Akselrud has left MySpace for a position with Brew Media Relations. As ... [FishbowlDC]

MySpace VP of Communications Tracy Akselrud Leaves to Hoist a Brew with Brew Media Relations - Posted September 22, 2010
MySpace vice president of communications Tracy Akselrud is leaving the social-networking site to join Brew Media Relations, according to ... [WebNewser -]

Audition for American Idol via MySpace - Posted September 16, 2010
Auditions for the 10th season of American Idol are under way, and potential contestants don't even have to wait in line: Through Oct. 6, singers and wannabe singers between 15 and 28 can submit audition videos via MySpace. Songs from artists including ... [WebNewser -]

MySpace "In Freefall" as Marketshare Drops More Than 35% in Last Year - Posted October 14, 2009
Internet monitoring company Hitwise released new data on the top social networks last week. As suspected, Facebook and Twitter experienced growth. In Facebook's case, the network grew 190% over last year and now claims 58.6% market share in terms of total visitors to social n... [FishbowlDC]

Former AOL CEO Finds New Job With News Corp. - Posted March 30, 2009
The former head of AOL, Jon Miller, is joining News Corp in the new role of CEO, Digital Media ... [MediaJobsDaily]

MySpace Starters Get Awards -- They're Just Kids - Posted December 10, 2008
MySpace CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe and president and ... [FishbowlLA]

MySpace and PayPal: Give Money To The Cheerleader, Save The World (Or At Least The Whales) - Posted September 24, 2008
MySpace and PayPal have teamed up to create "donation widgets" that will allow the same people who hit your page up for drunken pictures of your 'neathage to cont... [FishbowlLA]

Why Does MySpace Suck? Two Local Authors Have the Answer - Posted September 4, 2008
In their new book, Impotence in the Boardroom: MySpace Caught an STD, marketing experts Yvette Bowlin and Sonni Carr explore what they call "strategically transmi... [FishbowlLA]

LAT In 90 Seconds - Posted May 15, 2008
Unclear on the Concept: A note to the headline writers. You can't say "Spoiler Alert" and then follow that up with a colon and the actual spoiler. That's not an alert. That's a headline that tells you ... [FishbowlLA]

LAT In 90 Seconds - Posted April 4, 2008
Weekend Box Office Predictions: Josh Friedman is betting on pro football. Apple Be... [FishbowlLA]

LAT In 90 Seconds - Posted February 7, 2008
The Medium Is The Message: Spin Magazine sees its subscription rates rise after giving away its product for free on MySpace. We have no idea how or why, but we really, really hope the nitwits who run newspapers don't get any ideas. ... [FishbowlLA]

Web 3.0 - Posted November 20, 2007
I'm weighing in in favor of Web 3.0 as an alias for the Semantic Web. I know there are a lot of people who will roll their eyes and initiate some anti hype exorcism, but let's have a sober look at the pluses and minuses here. Web 3.0 is not without its... []

LAT In 90 Seconds - Posted August 27, 2007
Tom To Sell Out? MySpace might get in on e-commerce, a move that would inspire every soft-core porn princess in the world to put Rupert Murdoch in her Top 8... [FishbowlLA]

TV Folks Catch and Pitch - Posted July 23, 2007
Sean Perry, head of Alternative Television at Endeavor is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the National Association of Television Program Executives annual TV Produers' Boot Camp on Thursday in West Hollywood. Among the other promised highlights are the derision-inspiringly nam... [FishbowlLA]

LAT in 90 Seconds - Posted May 31, 2007
Henry Kissinger: Says a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq wouldn't work. And as proof, he summarizes his view of the entire Vietnam War. ... [FishbowlLA]

Pentagon Limits Soldiers' Access to MySpace, YouTube. Not Soon Enough For Dr. Laura - Posted May 23, 2007
According to the Santa Barbara Independent, Dr. Laura is taking some time off from her column in the Santa Barbara News-Press following a story about her soldier son Deryk Schlessinger's disturbing MySpace... [FishbowlLA]

Barack Obama Campaign Seizes MySpace Page, Friends Flee - Posted May 4, 2007
Barack Obama's campaign got Los Angeles paralegal, Joe Anthony, to stop his politicking for the Senator via MySpace. Anthony set up the page 3 years ago and got more than 30,000 friends--before Obama even annou... [FishbowlLA]

Mark Burnett, MySpace Team Up for a Competition to Pick a Political Candidate - Posted April 25, 2007
We checked our calendars, just to be sure, but - nope - it's not April 1. That means either someone at MediaPost Publications has it wrong, or this here story is true: Just in time for the next presidential election, reality TV impresario ... [FishbowlLA]

The Answer Bitch Celebrates Her 100th Episode - Posted April 17, 2007
E!'s The Answer Bitch broadcast her 100th episode Monday -- a fairly huge milestone given that podcasting is such a wee little baby of a medium. As the deliverer of delicious ... [FishbowlLA]

Sundown on Sunset - Posted March 16, 2007
Maybe it's all that exposure from BrooWaha, but we've been hit with an inordinant number of MySpace friend requests. While we slog through those this weekend, the rest of you can enjoy a few tasty news nug... [FishbowlLA]

MySpace News! Not Just Fluff for Fluffy Lovers - Posted March 9, 2007
MySpace is getting into the news business. Here's how: * MySpace News takes News to a whole new level by dynamically aggregating real-time news and blogs from top sites around the Web. Kitty blogs surge to top of Technorati. * Creates focuse... [FishbowlLA]

Spaceland Launches Record Label - Posted February 26, 2007
One of the best places to hear up-and-coming artists in LA is Spaceland. So why not leverage that hipster cred into global domination? Featuring some live releases from Spaceland's own hallowed grounds, Spaceland Recordings is gearing up to do so. Though the company launched in September, it's been on a media... [FishbowlLA]

In the Trades: CGI, WGA and Xena - Posted February 12, 2007
Bridge to Terabithia is well worth seeing, writes Justin Chang. Animation director Gabor Csupo lets the CGI run away with the movie, but the effects are ultimately outshone by stronger performances by AnnaSophia Robb and Josh... [FishbowlLA]