Patricia Ryan

Patricia Ryan
Patricia Ryan is an art director and graphic designer with over 15 years experience in design and magazine publishing. As an art director and graphic designer for Hachette Filipacchi, American Media, and Rodale, Patricia has gained vast knowledge and experience working with InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

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This class was phenomenal! Patricia is clearly a master, and she conveyed her knowledge in a concise, focused, and very approachable way. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to every editor and writer out there -- freelance or staff. -- Elisa Agostinho

"Patricia is very knowledgeable and easily taught a class with people from all different disciplines. The class is great for getting an overview of the program and gives you tools to implement projects for yourself." -- Donna Gronachan

"Every job out there expects you to know InDesign, but they don't want to teach it. This course gives you all the tools you need. I would definitely recommend it!" -- Kate Kenny

"Tricia was amazingly responsive to our questions. It was a pleasure to learn from someone so good-humored, patient, and expert at the program." -- Kaukab Jhumra Smith

"Tricia gave me the tools to learn InDesign in a very efficient way. This class helped me a lot in my first days of work. Thank you, Tricia." -- Carol Jimenez

"Tricia's blend of technical know-how and practical advice is perfect. I am so glad I took this class and look forward to using InDesign in my career!" -- Heather Chin

"I can now put InDesign on my resume and apply for more jobs. Thank you so much for that. It was the least painless experience I've had learning a new computer program." -- Annrei Athy

"Patricia has perfect pitch as an instructor. The amount of information learned and the pacing of the class were exceptional!" -- Lisa Bowie

"Patricia is a terrific instructor. She has a wonderful sense of humor and held my attention. She was truly remarkable." -- Patrick Fisher

"Tricia made everyone feel comfortable with the material. She's casual, approachable, and knows her stuff. I can now take the information and run with it." -- Robert Haynes-Peterson

"I can't think of another class anywhere with such a dynamic and patient teacher." -- Rick Rodgers

"I can now use InDesign with confidence. And that means I can now apply for many more jobs." -- Joanne Gerber

"I've been taking Mac software classes for 15 years and Patricia was the best instructor I've ever had." -- Nancy Deutsch

"Patricia is an InDesign guru! Her instructions are easy to follow and she is very patient. I'm thrilled that I came away with a clear understanding of the program." -- Helena Carey