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How to Build a Logo: Type and Space (16:18)
Posted Aug 12, 2009
  Rock-Solid Brands: Essentials of Brand Longevity (24:42)
Posted Aug 7, 2009
Parsons professor Alex W. White continues his four-part series of tutorials on logo design by highlighting the all-important dynamic between type and spatial elements in a logo. As Alex proves,...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Logo Design, Type
  How does a brand stay strong for decades? Some well-known brands have remained virtually the same in their visual identity; others have had to adapt to social or cultural change in order to stay...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Copywriting, Case Studies
Ultimate Logo Makeovers (36:42)
Posted Jul 31, 2009
  World Wide Fantasyland Studios (28:35)
Posted Jul 21, 2009
Ivan Freaner discusses the ways in which designers can use the tools at their disposal (in this case, Adobe Illustrator) to spice up logos that are lacking in oomph. He focuses not only on improving...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Logo Design, Type, Illustrator, Guides
  Today's top online designers are employing video, animation, social networking, and ingenious illustration to transform websites into fantasy spaces, and promotion into entertainment. Aliyah Marr...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Web Design
How a Logo Fits (28:35)
Posted Jul 14, 2009
  Make the Medium Suit the Message (32:56)
Posted Jul 10, 2009
Author/university professor Alex W. White articulates the principles and processes behind successful logo creation, delving into key issues such as the initial creative brief, discussing concepts...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Logo Design, Client Relations, Project Management
  When creating promotional or communication materials, designers must make all the visual elements somehow reflect the "face" of the brand/company, without ever boring the intended audience with...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Client Relations, Type, Layout, Image Selection, Magazine Design
The Complexities of Simplistic Design (30:57)
Posted Jun 23, 2009
  Personality of Type (26:53)
Posted Jun 19, 2009
Branding expert Jonathan Gouthier knows the value of simple design solutions. With the help of some striking examples, he illustrates how color, white space, specialty printing techniques, and...  more details

Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Printing Tips, Collateral, Type
  In a branding context, type is an important visual element with its own personality, which the viewer will inevitably associate with the personality of the brand. In this tutorial, Joseph Caserto...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Type
Designing Effective Banner Ads (27:20)
Posted May 5, 2009
  Fun With Stationery Design (28:09)
Posted Mar 17, 2009
What goes into a successful banner ad? Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") gives you a guide to the anatomy of a banner, some general do's and don'ts, and a slew of helpful ideas on how best to...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Photoshop, Web Design
  This tutorial from Ivan Freaner will help you spice up your clients' stationery. Isolating three main elements of stationery design--business cards, letterheads, and envelopes--Ivan demonstrates...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Color, Collateral, Illustrator
The Upside of a Down Economy (24:27)
Posted Mar 2, 2009
  Creating Logo Families (26:34)
Posted Feb 25, 2009
Nancy Hoffmann addresses the sometimes-harsh facts of recession-era living with a wide variety of tips and strategies designed to keep both you and your business going strong through an economic...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Client Relations, Business Issues
  When a brand branches out, how can a core logo be adapted to reflect new services, products, acquisitions, etc.? With a plethora of case studies encompassing brands of all types and sizes,...  more details

Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Relationships, Logo Design, Case Studies, Client Relations
Working from Home Revealed (33:31)
Posted Feb 13, 2009
  Good Advice for Bad Times (21:52)
Posted Feb 3, 2009
Ever wanted to start a freelance design practice out of your home? Designer/consultant Ivan Freaner did it successfully, and in this tutorial he gives advice on everything from finding clients to...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Client Relations, Business Issues, Web Design, Project Management
  Acclaimed author and educator Shel Perkins offers firm managers and self-employed designers six smart strategies for surviving, and maybe even thriving, during difficult economic times. Shel's hints...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Client Relations, Business Issues, Project Management
Coding Marketing E-mails Using Adobe Dreamweaver (31:20)
Posted Nov 21, 2008
  Preparing an E-mail Design for Coding Using Adobe ImageReady (29:24)
Posted Nov 20, 2008
To conclude her three part-series on designing effective marketing e-mails, Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") looks at how to translate an e-mail design accurately into HTML code. She deals with...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Dreamweaver, Layout, Web Design, Software Tips
  In her first tutorial, Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") covered Designing an Effective Marketing E-mail Using Adobe Photoshop. The...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Layout, Software Tips, Slicing, Guides, Imageready
Self-Promotion for Designers (28:27)
Posted Nov 7, 2008
  Designing an Effective Marketing E-mail Using Adobe Photoshop (31:24)
Posted Nov 4, 2008
Self-promotion is a necessity for designers contending with today's challenging economic climate. Unfortunately, designers often view self-promotion as an impossibly complex, expensive, and...  more details

Creativity, Marketing, Promotion, Client Relations, Flash
  Paulina Tracz (aka "Simple Pea") brings her years of experience creating great marketing e-mails to this highly informative tutorial. She addresses how to design e-mails with the coding process in...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Photoshop, Layout, Software Tips
Design for Nonprofits: Special Events (54:54)
Posted Jun 30, 2008
  From Blogger to Author: How Bloggers Get Book Deals, and What This Means for Publishing (1 hour, 18 minutes)
Posted Dec 1, 2006
Designing for nonprofit special events is an often overlooked sector for graphic designers. This video provides an overview on nonprofits and their special events, and what the designer needs to...  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Alternative Materials
  Authors Julie Powell, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Michael Malice, and Robert Rummel-Hudson join literary agent Kate Lee and editor Laura Mazer to discuss how blogs can turn into lucrative book deals.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Blogging, Recorded Event, For Authors
Get Noticed on Wikipedia (18 minutes)
  How to Throw a Digital Book Party (26 minutes)
Find out how to increase and influence your web presence on the world's largest encyclopedia.  more details

Promotion, New Media, Crowdsourcing, Crash Course, Intermediate
  Got a new book to promote? Social networking can help. Get people talking, blogging, and tweeting about your book by following these easy, tech-savvy tips from's founder and expert community organizer, Laurel Touby.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, Twitter, Social Media, For Authors, Crash Course, Intermediate
How to Promote Yourself on Facebook (36 minutes)
  Twitter for Writers (15 minutes)
Want to reach a few million people without spending a cent? Whether you're publicizing your blog, book, business, or just your own cool self, Facebook can be your new best friend.  more details

Marketing, Promotion, New Media, Social Media, For Authors, Intro, Crash Course
  If you're a writer, you need this platform. We'll show you how Twitter can help you promote your work, get new fans, and share your thoughts with the world.  more details

Public Relations, Promotion, Twitter, Blogging, Social Media, Intro, Crash Course
Write the Perfect Bio (10 minutes)
  How to Create and Maintain an Author Website (20 minutes)
The bio is the new resume! Learn how to summarize your life in just a few words to promote your work and your career.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Promotion, Blogging, Social Media, Intro, Crash Course
  Your online presence starts with your personal site. Learn what to post and how to keep readers coming back.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Promotion, Blogging, Social Media, For Authors, Intro, Crash Course