Rachel Bertsche

Rachel Bertsche
Rachel Bertsche spent three and a half years as a producer at Oprah.com, where she wrote original content and helped adapt TV, magazine, and book club content for the web. She has written for websites including CNN, AOL, Huffington Post, MSN, Vulture (New York magazine's entertainment site), MarieClaire.com, Daily Candy, and Blogher. Rachel's memoir, MWF Seeking BFF, was released by Ballantine (Random House) in January 2012. She blogs daily at
mwfseekingbff.com. Read more of her work at rachelbertsche.com.

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Any print journalist looking to make a smooth and informed transition to web journalism will find Rachel's instruction essential for the journey. -- Mike Knights

"Rachel gets an A+. She is very knowledgeable, her lectures were interesting and informative, and she provided helpful and detailed feedback. She was always very encouraging and positive." -- Stacy Whitman

"Thank you Rachel for sharing your lessons learned and experience as an online editor. Your feedback on assignments was helpful and having a blog as a result of the course is fantastic." -- Sally Mayberry

"This course is a great starting point for someone looking to write/edit web content. Rachel is FANTASTIC! She makes the content digestible and intuitive, and she gives insightful yet succinct feedback." -- Krystn Powers

"Rachel is extremely knowledgeable about web writing, but just as importantly, she knows how to TEACH it! I enjoyed the course and learned a lot in a fairly short time." -- James Erickson