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VIDEOS: Data @Scale Boston - Posted November 17, 2014
Facebook hosted Data @Scale Boston... [AllFacebook]

Reddit Launches Its Own Crowdfunding Platform: Redditmade - Posted October 29, 2014
Good news for T-shirt-loving redditors: The front page of the Internet has launched its own crowdfunding platform called Redditmade. The site is currently in open beta and contains many T-shirt campaigns -- "the quickest and easiest campaigns to create (for now) are for T-shirts," ... [AllFacebook]

REPORT: Facebook Accounts for 22.36% of Overall Social Referrals to Sites in 3Q - Posted October 27, 2014
Despite a slight decline during the third quarter of 2014, Facebook was still responsible for nearly one-quarter of social ... [AllFacebook]

STUDY: 66% of Online Harassment Victims' Most Recent Incidents Were on Social Networks - Posted October 22, 2014
Despite extensive efforts by Facebook and other social networks to ... [AllFacebook]

Nuvi Adds Real-Time Conversation Feed; Post Scheduling to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter - Posted October 22, 2014
Real-time social media listening and reporting solution Nuvi added a real-time conversation feed and ... [AllFacebook]

Reddit Closes $50 Million Round, Will Give 10% Back to Users - Posted September 30, 2014
Reddit announced a $50 million funding round on Tuesday, led by Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator. Other notable investors include Peter Thiel, Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg and Reddit CEO Yishan Wong. From the announcement: We're planning to us... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Open-Sources mcrouter Memcached Protocol Router - Posted September 15, 2014
Facebook announced at its @Scale 2014 conference in San Francisco Monday that it is ... [AllFacebook]

Today's Internet "Slowdown" Is Fake, but Your Impact Is Real - Posted September 10, 2014
Whether you call it "The Spinning Wheel of Death," "The Beach Ball of Doom" or "The Loading Pinwheel," you're likely to be faced with the this dreaded symbol more often than usual today. In a protest nicknamed The Battle for the Net, Internet action groups like ... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Reveals Agenda for @Scale 2014 - Posted August 25, 2014
Facebook released the agenda for its @Scale 2014 conferenc... [AllFacebook]

Imgur Forms Research Alliance DERP - Posted August 18, 2014
It can be difficult for academic researchers to get their hands on social media data. As The Guardian reports: "The major services at least have a vibrant community of developers and researchers working on ways to access and use... [AllFacebook]

Is Grasswire, a "Real-Time Newsroom," a Better Version of Reddit? - Posted July 31, 2014
It's no secret that the Internet is often a hotbed of misinformation in the wake of a breaking news event, particularly during horrible disasters involving multiple deaths, such as the Sandy Hook shootings. And social media is often a conduit for the rapid spread of fake facts and those terribly convincing... [10,000 Words]

Will Native Advertising on Reddit Be an Opportunity for PR? - Posted July 29, 2014
DISCLAIMER: throughout my career as a literary publicist, I've tried to "place" a few clients on Reddit via the popular "Ask Me Anything" feature. Reddit staffers were always accommodating, helping me set up a time in the AMA calendar and sharing best practices to ensure ... [FishbowlDC]

Reddit Launches Live Blogging Platform - Posted July 24, 2014
Reddit has officially launched RedditLive, a new feature where anyone on the platform can create their own live blog via a subreddit. The feature has been in beta for a few months but now anyone can get at it and live blog at will. Are we still in a plac... [10,000 Words]

Nuvi Adds Publishing Capability to Social Media Monitoring and Visualization Platform - Posted July 23, 2014
Real-time social media listening and reporting solution Nuvi added publishing to its arsenal, announcing Wednesday that users of its s... [AllFacebook]

REPORT: 23.39% of 2Q Social Referrals from Facebook - Posted July 21, 2014
Facebook accounted for 23.39 percent of social referrals ... [AllFacebook]

INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Will Top Olympics, Super Bowl In Social Buzz - Posted June 11, 2014
Is it possible that a sporting event can tally more social mentions than the ... [AllFacebook]

EPA Head Hits Reddit to Promote New Climate Initiative - Posted June 4, 2014
It appears to be official: when you have a campaign to promote and would like to do a little bit of that old-fashioned engagement with the public, Reddit is the place to be. It's not just ... [FishbowlDC]

Imgur, Reddit and Boing Boing Launch Anti-NSA Campaign - Posted June 2, 2014
This coming Thursday, June 5, major websites including Reddit, Imgur, Boing Boing and others ... [FishbowlDC]

'Community' Social Leader Holding Out 'a Little Hope' Cancelled Show Will be Revived - Posted May 10, 2014
As we covered, previous successful social campaigns to keep NBC's screwball comedy "Community" on-air failed to work this time around, as the peacock network ... [Inside 3D Printing News]

REPORT: Facebook Rules 1Q Referral Traffic - Posted April 21, 2014
Facebook continued to dominate referral traffic in the first quarter of 2014... [AllFacebook]

3 Social Media Insights Every Publisher Needs To Know - Posted April 2, 2014
How effective are certain channels are when it comes to ... [AllFacebook]

STUDY: YouTube Pummels Facebook In Post-Click Engagement - Posted March 31, 2014
Brands on Facebook striving for ... [AllFacebook]

Fast Food Restaurants Get More Bad PR Because Reddit and Rogue Employees - Posted March 7, 2014
They will do anything for a quick buck. Despite all the health awareness floating around in food land, fast food joints continue to grow at alarming rates because people adore making easy money and other people love order easy food for... [FishbowlDC]

Girl Scouts Discover the Hottest New Marketing Tool: Marijuana - Posted February 21, 2014
Get ready for a buzzkill: the Girl Scouts of America aren't quite the powerhouse they used to be. Facing declines in ... [FishbowlDC]

New Mac OS X Malware Steals Your Bitcoins - Posted February 11, 2014
(ReadWrite) There's a new piece of Mac malware that can spy on your web browser to steal your bitcoins. The trojan, which was discovered by SecureMac on Sunday, is disguised as a downloadable Bitcoin app called "StealthBit," which says it can send and receive anonymous Bitcoin payments. The troj... [Bitcoins Insider]

REPORT: Facebook Referrals Continue Upswing In 4Q - Posted January 24, 2014
Facebook saw its ... [AllFacebook]

The Hottest Social Network These Days? Not Facebook -- But It's Owned By Them - Posted January 22, 2014
Facebook remains the undisputed king of social networks. If you're sharing your stories or looking for sources, your time is well spent there. But if you want to keep up and catch up with your audience, you can't be only there, especially as the web moves to an ever more-visually driven medium.... [10,000 Words]

PayPal President Says Company 'Believes' in Bitcoin - Posted January 14, 2014
(Wired) PayPal president David Marcus is trying to make nice with Bitcoin, the digital currency that could ultimately become a big competitor to his company's massively popular online payments service. Monday, on Twitter, he said the folks at PayPal are in fact "believers" in Bitcoin and that the company supports the s... [Bitcoins Insider]

So Bitcoin Has Reached North Korea - Posted January 9, 2014
(Motherboard) From Berlin to Botswana to Beijing, Bitcoin is spreading all over the world, and now, it's finally hit North Korea. Well, sort of. A brave Bitcoiner known only by his reddit handle BitcoinDPRK -- maintaining anonymity makes sense for security reasons -- made the first Bitcoin transaction from Pyongyang, North Korea,... [Bitcoins Insider]

In Wake of Bitcoin Price Crash, Reddit Bans 'Meaningless' and 'Emotional' Posts on the Virtual Currency - Posted December 19, 2013
(IBT) Reddit has banned "meaningless posts about the price" of Bitcoin and any emotional posts on the virtual currency -- for now at least. The announcement on the content-sharing website said that the last time the price of... [Bitcoins Insider]

Is This a Great Charity Stunt or Not? - Posted November 20, 2013
Today someone on Reddit shared this "kickass campaign" set up by UK homeless charity The Passage, which provides overnight lodging for those who would otherwise sleep on the street. The campaign appears to be about a year old, but it's new to us--and we're not quite sure what to make of... [FishbowlDC]

How Does News Consumption On Facebook Stack Up Vs. Other Social Networks? - Posted November 14, 2013
A total of 47 percent of Facebook users get news on the social network, trailing ... [AllFacebook]

McRib 'Reveal' Less Scandalous Than Expected - Posted November 12, 2013
Whatever your thoughts on industrial meat products, you have to agree that the McRib has been a big, fatty win for McDonald's. When your product inspires a memorable plot line in a Simpsons episode, you can officia... [FishbowlDC]

Facebook Signs Letter Seeking More Transparency From Federal Government On National Security Data Requests - Posted July 19, 2013
Facebook was among the more than 60 companies, investors, civil-liberties groups, and trade groups to sign a letter to top federal gover... [AllFacebook]

Reddit's New Pitch to Advertisers Includes Heavily Armed, Unicorn-Riding Cat - Posted May 20, 2013
Reddit, the "social-news" site, boasted more than 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors at the end of 2012; those are some serious stats to throw at potential advertisers. But rather than writing up a boring "look-what-we-can-do" press release or ad pitch, Reddit has opted to reel in ad... [FishbowlDC]

Reddit Apologizes for Content Implicating Missing Student in Boston Bombings - Posted April 22, 2013
Reddit has issued a formal apology for the conversations on its platform last week that wrongly implicated the missing Brown University student ... [AllFacebook]

The Art of Online Reputation Management - Posted April 9, 2013
Full disclosure: we recently Googled a friend from long ago to see what he/she had been up to in recent years and found ourselves confronted by an entire images page filled with mugshots. Is there a point to this sad story? There is! Yesterday our sister site ... [FishbowlDC]

Business Wire Adds Nuvi Social Media Monitoring Reports - Posted April 8, 2013
Companies that use Business Wire to release information to the media can now track how their content performed on Facebook and other ... [AllFacebook]

UPDATED: Facebook Correcting Bugs That Affect Events On New Timeline, Search History - Posted April 3, 2013
Facebook is working to correct a pair of bugs, w... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Addresses Android Issues, Dislike Button, Groups In Reddit AMA - Posted April 2, 2013
Facebook employees love to take part in Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. Tuesday, Facebook Product Engineer Bob Baldwin (as well as Joel Seligstein, who works on... [AllFacebook]

Olive Garden's Comped Receipt PR Win: Real or Fake? - Posted March 28, 2013
Social media has recently taught us that restaurant receipts, when posted and shared online, can provide brands with a lot of press that can be either very good or very bad. This week The Consumerist ... [FishbowlDC]

ProPublica Asks Reddit: What Should We Cover? - Posted March 27, 2013
This week, the non-profit investigative journalism group ProPublica decided to take its quest to uncover the untold stories in a different direction on the Internet: Reddit. And here's the twist, they're not seeking sources -- they're seeking stories. They've opened up a channel, InvestigateThisNews, asking users to tell them what they... [10,000 Words]

Retailers Fight 'Showrooming' by Charging Visitors to Browse - Posted March 26, 2013
"Showrooming" is a relatively new phenomenon in the retail world, but it appears to be growing. It's basically the act of visiting a physical store, checking out the prices on the items you want, then buying them online for less. (We assume celebrities hire people to do this sort of thing,... [FishbowlDC]

Reddit Partners With YouTube to Bring Video to Site - Posted March 18, 2013
The vibrant social news site Reddit said today that it had partnered with YouTube to deliver original videos based on the site's features. Reddit launched three videos that stem from its "Explain Like I'm Five" feature, first reported in an... [AllFacebook]

10 Replacements for Google Reader - Posted March 15, 2013
If you are one of the many loyal users of Google Reader, it's time to think about what you will do when Google pulls the plug on the RSS feed aggregator in July. Reader is not the only RSS feed reader, and we took a look at some of the others. What... [AllFacebook]

PR Stunts: Dove 'Restores' Photoshopped Models - Posted March 8, 2013
It's been nearly ten years since Dove introduced "Real Beauty", one of the 2000's best rebranding campaigns. Its focus on "real-looking" models helped distinguish Dove in the crowded beauty category--and the company's Canadian division just used a crafty PR stunt to try and extend that winning streak. First Dove ... [FishbowlDC]

Flesh Out Your Fictional Character on Reddit - Posted March 6, 2013
At the IAmAFiction subreddit, you can actually take your fictional character out into the world--interacting with readers and answering questions in character to help your writing process. The group was inspired by real-life interviews on Reddit... []

CEO of Modern Meadow Explains BioPrinted Meat - Posted March 5, 2013
( Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, defined bioprinted meat in a February 27 Reddit appe... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Facebook Director Of Engineering Talks Zuckerberg, Graph Search On Reddit - Posted February 15, 2013
Reddit has a feature called Ask Me Anything (AMA), where notable people allow readers to, well, ask them anything. Facebook has loved this recently. Wednesday, Facebook employees answered questions about the ... [AllFacebook]

The Inside Scoop On Facebook's Hiring Practices - Posted February 13, 2013
Ever wondered if you have what it takes to work for Facebook (even if you're not applying for a job as the company's global head of dive... [AllFacebook]

PR Win: Restaurant Gives Discount for 'Well-Behaved Kids' - Posted February 5, 2013
Most viral restaurant stories concern customers, bosses and co-workers behaving very badly--but today Reddit has finally provided us with something ... [FishbowlDC]

PR Fail: Applebee's Fires Server Who Shared Obnoxious Tip-Free Receipt - Posted February 1, 2013
Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant should be able to relate to this viral story: Last week a pastor at a St. Louis-area church took her congregation to dinner at Applebee's after the service. Apparently unaware that 18% gratuities are standard practice for parties of six or more at... [FishbowlDC]

Former Redditor Aaron Swartz Dies at Age 26 - Posted January 13, 2013
Aaron Swartz, an early employee of the link-sharing site reddit, is dead at the age of 26, the Associated Press has confirmed. The 26-year-old programmer and internet activist reportedly hanged himself in his Brooklyn ... [AllFacebook]

Studio Screens New Star Trek Film for Dying Fan - Posted January 2, 2013
Promoting a Hollywood blockbuster is a massive project, especially when you're working with a very well-established franchise. Sometimes it's tough to break through the media onslaught and let your core fan base know how much they mean to the... [FishbowlDC]

Shoutlet 6.0 Rolls Out With New Features For Facebook Marketers - Posted December 4, 2012
Cloud-based self-serve social marketing platform Shoutle... [AllFacebook]

Facebook, IPO Among Bing's Most-Searched Terms Of 2012 - Posted November 27, 2012
Though Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have the tabloid-turning power of Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber, Facebook was among Bing's most-searched terms of the year. The year isn't over yet, but that didn't stop Bing (which has been a solid partner with Faceb... [AllFacebook]

Black Friday And Cyber Monday: Retailers' Referral Traffic From Facebook, Mall Check-Ins, - Posted November 27, 2012
The huge shopping days of Black Friday... [AllFacebook]

How Not to Care for an iPad: Video - Posted November 9, 2012
I'm sure many of my readers are entertained when tech blogs or Blendtec destroy a new gadget, but the following video will be far less amusing. It reportedly shows a group of Walmart employees abusing iPads. I'm not entirely sure this video is real, but according to the Redditor who posted this... [PRNewser]

How Not to Care for an iPad: Video - Posted November 9, 2012
I'm sure many of my readers are entertained when tech blogs or Blendtec destroy a new gadget, but the following video will be far less amusing. It reportedly shows a group of Walmart employees abusing iPads. I'm not entirely sure this video is real, but according to the Redditor who posted this... [Inside Mobile Apps]

Obama to Reddit Users: 'Go Out There and Cast Your Vote' - Posted November 6, 2012
President Obama visited Reddit an hour ago to ask users, who had engaged him in an "Ask Me Anything" digital conversation in August, to go vote. User PresidentObama wrote: I'm checking in because polls will start closing in this election in ... [AllFacebook]

Man Hires Assistant to Slap Him Into Productivity - Posted November 5, 2012
Today in Random Day Before the Election News: This clever study in personal dedication broke a couple of weeks ago, and it's already made its way around a good portion of the Internet. Still, we'd like to come back to it on a day characterized by irritation and anxiety for so... [FishbowlDC]

Facebook Is '800-Pound Gorilla' In 2012 Elections, Cites 'CQ Researcher' Report - Posted October 31, 2012
The winners and losers aren't yet known in the 2012 presidential election, but that hasn't stopped one publication from taki... [AllFacebook]

PBS Mixes Facebook, Other Social Networks Into Documentary 'Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women' - Posted September 24, 2012
PBS will air documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide Oct. 1 and 2, but ... [AllFacebook]

Dr. Pepper Ad Inspires Evolution 'Debate'? Seriously? - Posted September 14, 2012
Today in You Guys Are Really Bumming Us Out News: At first we didn't think Dr. Pepper was looking for a fight when planning their "... [FishbowlDC]

Redditors Are Ready to Crack Open a Beer with President 'Brobama' - Posted August 29, 2012
At 4:30 p.m. on August 29, anonymous Reddit users crowded around the "front page of the Internet" to ask our nation's President about the economy, space exploration, the Internet, and the White House recipe for beer. Throughout ... [AllFacebook]

President Hits Reddit for Q&A - Posted August 29, 2012
In case you hadn't heard, President Obama is currently participating in an "Ask Me Anything" session on ... [FishbowlDC]

If Social Networks Were Dinosaurs... [INFOGRAPHIC] - Posted August 6, 2012
They're nowhere near extinct, but what if social networks actually were dinosaurs? Can you take a stab at which ancient beast Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest would be? According to one rather imaginative graphics designer, all of our favori... [AllTwitter]

Congressman Asks SOPA Opponents to Help Draft Mobile Privacy Law - Posted July 26, 2012
Reddit, one of the main leaders in the anti-SOPA blackout, has become the go-to place for one lawmaker. Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia has turned to the Reddit community for input on how to create mobile privacy legislation. He ... [10,000 Words]

Facebook Engineer Apologizes For Blocking Image-Sharing Site Imgur, Explains What Happened - Posted July 17, 2012
Accidents happen, including during the course of operating and maintaining a social network with ... [AllFacebook]

Indiegogo Campaign Raises Over $300,000 (And Growing) For Bullied Bus Monitor To Go On Vacation - Posted June 21, 2012
The life of 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Huff Klein has been changed forever, thanks to Reddit user Max Sidorov. After seeing a video on Facebook of Karen the Bus Monitor being bulled by schoolchildren, Sidorov uploaded the video to YouTube and sta... [AllFacebook]

Pro Tip: Use Reddit To Find Story Ideas - Posted November 29, 2011
Reddit is an Internet firehose, a repository of the good, the bad, the silly and the shocking. Online journalists should make it a habit to look at Reddit from time to time. Not only can it be a great way to promote work, but there always seems to be a good... [10,000 Words]

When Is User-Generated Content Not Useful? - Posted October 6, 2011
To judge from Time Warner Cable's director of digital communication Jeff Simmermon, the answer to the question above is "often." Simmermon was one of the speakers scheduled to take the stage today at ... [FishbowlDC]

Revolving Door: AOL and Arrington, Conde Nast, and More - Posted September 8, 2011
As we mentioned in this morning's Ticker, Michael Arrington is officially out at AOL, at least for now. ... [FishbowlDC]

Linked Data Influencer Under Indictment For Data Theft - Posted July 20, 2011
The U.S. government on Tuesday unsealed an indictment of Aaron Swartz, who helped to develop standards and tutorials for Linked Open Data, on charges including computer intrusion, fraud, and data theft in computer hacking incidents that targeted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and JSTOR, a not-for-profit archive of scientific journals and... []

Social Sharing Buttons: Too Much Or Not Enough? - Posted May 26, 2011
News can break at a moment's notice, and whether you have the exclusive scoop or not, chances are that readers coming to your website to read the story will want to share it with their friends and family. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking services can help give your story... [10,000 Words]

Media Maven Dan Greenberg Tells mbStartups How to Make a Video Go Viral - Posted January 11, 2011
... [WebNewser -]

Digg Lays Off Over a 3rd of Staff - Posted October 26, 2010
The CEO of San Francisco-based Digg, Inc. announced yesterday that it will lay off 25 employees, 37% of the site's total staff. This followed chief revenue officer Chas Edward's announcement that he was quitting to take a job at another company. Things have been loo... [FishbowlLA]

Conde Nast Experiments With Reddit - Posted March 30, 2009
There's something new going on at Reddit reports MediaMemo. The Digg... [MediaJobsDaily]