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How to Write a Cover Letter (7 minutes)
Posted Mar 18, 2011
  How to Get an Internship (18 minutes)
Posted Mar 11, 2011
Mediabistro's director of education takes you through her tips to write an ideal cover letter  more details

Job Search, Resume, Cover Letter
  Learn how to apply for and land the internship of your dreams with these tips from Lauren Berger of  more details

Resume, Intern, Internships, Interviewing, Cover Letter, Recommendations
How to Interview for a Job (5 minutes)
Posted Feb 4, 2011
  How To Write A Resume (3:47)
Posted Jan 25, 2011
Preparation is the key to a successful sit-down. Mediabistro's The Job Post blogger Nadine Cheung takes you through the steps to be sure you'll shine at your next job interview.  more details

Job Search, Resume, Interviewing
  Mediabistro's director of education, Carmen Scheidel, takes you through the steps to create the one perfect page that will get you in for an interview.  more details

Interview , Job Search, Resume