Sallie Goetsch

Sallie Goetsch
Sallie Goetsch works with individual clients, small businesses, and non-profit organizations to build and customize websites on WordPress. She has been online since 1985, when she was introduced to BITNET on the mainframe at Brown University.

Sallie started hand-coding HTML in 1994 to produce a web version of her electronic journal. She discovered WordPress in 2005 and flung herself on it with gratitude because it made developing websites so much easier. In 2009, she became organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup. Sallie was previously a university lecturer in Greek and Roman drama. You can find her portfolio and blog at

Sallie Goetsch's Courses
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Thanks to Sallie, I was able to create my WordPress website from scratch and have it up and running in 3 weeks! -- Amadie Hart

"Sallie has a knack for clearly and concisely explaining the technical aspects of launching a website and the tricky elements of WordPress. She provided very helpful suggestions and resources." -- Jill Laurinaitis

"Sallie is a Wordpress guru and so helpful to me as I create my website. She does everything with a sense of humor and overextended her services for all of us as we went through the pains of putting up our sites." -- Greer Jonas