Simon Schatzmann

Simon Schatzmann
Simon Schatzmann is the CEO/President of the start-up entertainment company Fortune Girls/Zeus Media. Prior to this, he was vice president of online sales, e-commerce, and digital strategy for The New Yorker and held publishing positions at Nickelodeon Publishing, MTV Networks, and Pokemon USA. Simon has worked on multiple magazine launches and specializes in Internet sales, digital strategy, custom media and publishing, brand licensing and extensions, and new business development.

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This was an excellent course on launching your own magazine and the business side of a magazine, from conception to publication. Simon was perfect for the course and was knowledgeable and a valuable resource. -- D. Cole

"Simon went above and beyond to make sure all of us received the help we needed. He's informative, engaging, and has a wealth of knowledge for those of us who are novices in the publishing industry." -- Octavia Dingle