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So What Do You Do, Shirley Halperin, Music Editor for The Hollywood Reporter?
The music scribe talks career, concerts and the magic of Janice Min.

So What Do You Do, Janice Min, Editorial Director of The Hollywood Reporter?
With five successful mag stints under her belt, THR's head honcho reveals why she headed West and how you can climb the masthead.

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'The Hollywood Reporter' Teams Up with Facebook to Launch TV Obsession Index - Posted December 3, 2014
How obsessed are Facebook users with their favorite television shows? ... [AllFacebook]

Nanci Ryder Shares ALS Diagnosis, Steps Down at BWR - Posted October 15, 2014
Today, famed celebrity PR pro Nanci Ryder -- co-founder of BWR and frequent "most powerful publicists in Hollywood" honoree -- made ... [FishbowlDC]

Who You Gonna Call for 'Bill Murray Day'? - Posted September 5, 2014
Why, Bill Murray of course. However, the headline for Scott Roxborough's Hollywood Reporter item about today's dedicated celebration at the Toronto International Film Festival - published a scant 24 hours before - suggests the actor's participation was anything but a sure thing:... [AllTwitter]

Court: Facebook Likes Are Not Property - Posted August 21, 2014
Facebook likes can be viewed any number of ways, but according to a federal court judge in Florid... [AllFacebook]

WORLD CUP: Univision Deportes Network To Feature Content From Facebook - Posted June 4, 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicks off June 12 and runs throu... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Paper Update Includes Notifications For Events And Birthdays, Photo Comments - Posted April 18, 2014
Facebook announced version 1.1 of its ... [AllFacebook]

PRSA-LA Invites You to a Virtual Happy Hour with Top Tech Journalists - Posted February 21, 2014
We don't know about you, but we're quite ready for happy hour! The "happy hour" in our headline doesn't involve discounts on cocktails, but that doesn't make it any less interesting: the Los Angeles branch of PRSA ... [FishbowlDC]

Starbucks Finally Responds to Comedian's 'Dumb Starbucks' Stunt - Posted February 11, 2014
The curtain has been lifted, but the mystery remains--and the coffee is no longer free. After the Internet pulled a collective WTF this weekend over L.A.'s brand-new "Dumb Starbucks" outlet, comedian Nathan Fielder officially claimed responsibility for the stunt yesterday jus... [FishbowlDC]

Amy Poehler Didn't Seem to Enjoy Her Hollywood Reporter Interview - Posted January 8, 2014
Disclaimer: we love Amy Poehler. Love her. We also understand why celebrities generally don't care to answer certain questions that we might call "leading", which is the Old Media word for "trolling." That said, she seemed a little uncomfortable during ... [FishbowlDC]

Lots of Animals Were Harmed During 'No Animals Were Harmed' Movie Shoots - Posted November 25, 2013
Here's some great investigative reporting via The Hollywood Reporter that should inspire ... [FishbowlDC]

Shirley Halperin, Music Editor For THR, On Interviewing Bieber - Posted November 20, 2013
Shirley Halperin has interviewed plenty of artists throughout her career. As the sole music editor for The Hollywood Reporter, she's gotten backstage access to some of the most famous people in the world. But it was ... [morningmedianewsfeed]

Shirley Halperin, Music Editor For THR, On Interviewing Bieber - Posted November 20, 2013
Shirley Halperin has interviewed plenty of artists throughout her career. As the sole music editor for The Hollywood Reporter, she's gotten backstage access to some of the most famous people in the world. But it was ... [FishbowlNY]

James Franco's Publicity Campaign Urges Oscar Voters to 'Consider This Sh*t' - Posted September 3, 2013
Hollywood publicists are coming up with new and innovative ways to push their clients's projects during awards season, aren't they? We find it interesting to consider the fact that some in the industry work as "Oscar publicists" pushing clients' movies to Academy voters six mont... [FishbowlDC]

Sony Pictures Hires PR Crisis Expert To Lead Communications Team - Posted August 29, 2013
In an interesting twist/sign of descent into desperation, Sony Pictures has named Charles Sipkins, a PR crisis response expert, as its new head of communications. Sipkins previously worked at the Los Angeles office of Sard Verbinnen & Co., a firm famous for "he... [FishbowlDC]

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Cans Top PR Rep - Posted August 20, 2013
Today The Hollywood Reporter brought word that Fox News chief Roger Ailes had given "right hand [PR] man" Brian Lewis his walking papers. That's not all: the THR headline asserts that he was "...escorted from the Fox News building" this morning. Kind of an unnecessary detail, but we get the point. Lewis... [FishbowlDC]

BET Slapped With Lawsuit Over Demise Of Unofficial Facebook Fan Page For 'The Game' - Posted July 24, 2013
Page administrators of successful but unofficial fan pages may want to le... [AllFacebook]

Should Brands Always Follow Suggested Standards? - Posted July 3, 2013
When a company's primary audience is under the age of 12, will the public expect that company to promote only products and behaviors deemed "healthy" by third-party standards or trust it to develop its own? To put it another way: does Cookie Monster really need to eat vegetables?... [FishbowlDC]

BSkyB Suspends All Facebook Advertising - Posted June 24, 2013
U.K-based pay TV provider British Sky Broadcasting, which News Corp. owns 39 percent of, announced that it has temporarily suspended all advertising campaign... [AllFacebook]

Taylor Swift Shows the World How Not to Take a Joke - Posted March 6, 2013
Note to Taylor Swift: if you're looking to improve/maintain your reputation or get more sympathy from the public regarding your perpetual boy ... [FishbowlDC]

'Today' Show Producer: Leave Matt Lauer Alone! - Posted September 26, 2012
NBC's perennial ratings champion "Today" recently made some fairly big changes by ... [FishbowlDC]

Can MySpace Rise Again? - Posted September 25, 2012
Today brings the return of a familiar face to our computer screens. No, we're not talking about Justin Timberlake, though he is a wise choice to play the role of public representative for the brand new MySpace. This new video dropped on Twitter yesterday, and we have to say that we are... [FishbowlDC]

Revolving Door - Posted August 27, 2012
GQ has named Kevin Sintumuang multimedia editor. Sintumuang comes to GQ from The Wall Street Journal, where he was features editor for its "Off Duty" section. Also at GQ, ... [FishbowlDC]

Old-School Hollywood PR Man Irving Fein Dead at 101 - Posted August 15, 2012
In yet another reminder of the generational shift within the PR industry, old-school Hollywood rep Irving Fein has passed at 101. Never heard of him? Your age is showing: As reported in the ... [FishbowlDC]

Report: 88% Consider Facebook Entertainment - Posted May 3, 2012
Social media sites including Facebook were considered entertainment by 88 percent of people pol... [AllFacebook]

The Hollywood Reporter Launches Facebook Reader - Posted April 23, 2012
The Hollywood Reporter has rolled out "The Hollywood Reporter Social Reader," a free Facebook app dubbed "the first social reader for entertainment news." Fans of THR will ... [FishbowlLA]

The Hollywood Reporter Failed Rap History 101 - Posted April 16, 2012
Tupac Shakur didn't die for this. The Hollywood Reporter posted a Coachella recap early Monday morning on the duo of ... [FishbowlLA]

TMZ on the Move to Marina del Rey? - Posted February 23, 2012
Goodbye, Hollywood. Hello, Marina del Rey? The Hollywood Reporter broke the news Thursday that TMZ is close to signing a 10-year lease for 36,000 square feet of offic... [FishbowlLA]

THR's Janice Min: Never Tell a Hiring Manager You Want to Be EIC - Posted February 15, 2012
This powerhouse editor has five successful mag stints under her belt, and The Hollywood Reporter marks a successful number six. So what does Janice Min believe is the key to success? Making yourself indispensable and being willing to work your way up. "I r... [10,000 Words]

Janice Min Shares How to Climb The Masthead - Posted February 15, 2012
This powerhouse editor has five successful mag stints under her belt, and The Hollywood Reporter marks a successful number six. So what does Janice Min believe is the key to success? "A lot of it is making yourself indispensable to somebody or the organizatio... [MediaJobsDaily]

Hollywood Reporter Stirs Up USC-UCLA Rivarly - Posted November 21, 2011
The Hollywood Reporter is kicking off USC-UCLA week by publishing a story in this week's print edition looking at the crosstown collegiate rivalry through the eyes of Hollywood. In the piece, Saturd... [FishbowlLA]

The Hollywood Reporter's Janice Min Draws Praise from NY Times - Posted May 31, 2011
When former US Weekly editor Janice Min took over The Hollywood Reporter, she had her work cut out for her. Many, including us, were skeptical that the floundering trade mag could be revived. But in just 1... [FishbowlLA]

Keeping Up with the Lings - Posted October 11, 2010
While the daily lives of Sacramento born globe-trotting sisters Lisa Ling and Laura Ling would make for a potent reality TV show in the style of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, E! Entertainment has decided to go in a different direction in this case, hiring on Laura as exclusive new host... [FishbowlLA]

Departing Turner Broadcasting SVP Comm. Shirley Powell: 'I'm Open To Any Possibility' - Posted December 21, 2009
Longtime Turner Broadcasting PR executive Shirley Powell is leaving the company after the first of the year. Powell has not announc... [FishbowlDC]

Lance Loud , First U.S. Reality Star, Died 7 Years Ago Today - Posted December 22, 2008
Lance Loud, whose family became famous in the early 1970s as the first reality TV family before there was reality TV, appeared in a non-sexual role in gay film, the film's director Paul Barresi confided ... [FishbowlLA]

Hollywood Reporter Goes Fully Digital With THReviews As Trade Wars Heat Up - Posted November 21, 2008
While Variety is laughing at itself, The Hollywood Reporter is saying put 'em up. The HP is diving into the digital domain with the launch of THReviews, an online por... [FishbowlLA]

Blogging Cannes - Posted May 14, 2008
Wish you were in France? (Us neither). But just in case you want to keep up, here's a list of local pubs who have sent bloggers over for a vie en film: The Hollywood Reporter: Steven Zeitchik is live blogging Cannes. Los Angeles Times:... [FishbowlLA]

In the Trades: Remakes, Remakes, Remakes - Posted February 1, 2007
Russell Crowe will star as the not-as-bad-as-we've-been-led-to-believe Sheriff of Nottingham, based on a spec script from Ethan Reiff and Cy... [FishbowlLA]