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Travel Writing Basics: Embrace the Locals

Making local connections is the best way to improve your pitches and pieces

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  2. Travel Writing Basics: Embrace the Locals (12:15) 12:15 FREE!
    We take some of Mediabistro's top tips for travel writers, and condense them into a short tutorial that will help you improve your pitches and articles. This time, it's all about the power of the local connection. We'll show you how to meet people and how to get the most out of your contacts.

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Great travel writing isn't just about where you've been: it's about the people you encounter along the way. At Mediabistro, we're travel writing experts, and we can set you on the road to tight pitches and stellar articles, with just the right hint of local color.

We begin with an example of a James Beard-award nominated travel story that began with a local connection. Then we provide some key tips that will help you write better pitches and craft more interesting stories.

We'll show you how to use social media and networking organizations to make connections while you're planning your trip, and we'll provide some hints on how to meet people on the ground.

Finally, we'll teach you how to think like a travel writer so that you can generate pitches on the fly, and turn every trip around the block into a potential story.

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