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Jobs, News Cut at the Courant

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LAT Editorial Loses Another Battle

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So What Do You Do, Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker and Founder of the Webby Awards?
The director gives advice to aspiring filmmakers and tells why her family takes a "Technology Shabbat."

So What Do You Do, Phil Hendrie, Syndicated Radio Show Host?
How one radio show host is adapting the medium for the digital age.

So What Do You Do, Jess Cagle, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly?
The EW vet explains how his brand is innovating despite changes at Time Inc. and reveals the secret to a perfect pitch.

So What Do You Do, Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of AllThingsD.com?
The 'most influential reporter' in Silicon Valley gives tips on how to bypass PR talking points during interviews and weighs in on the lack of women in tech.

So What Do You Do, Andy Cohn, President and Publisher of The Fader?
The print vet explains how the independent music pub is succeeding in the digital age and gives tips to aspiring publishers.

So What Do You Do, John Yemma, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor?
One year after moving from a daily print edition to a weekly magazine, Yemma discusses the Monitor's Web-first state of mind and how the digital shift impacts revenue streams.

So What Do You Do, Lisa Sugar, Editor-in-Chief of Sugar Inc.?
In less than five years, this trailblazing blogger grew her business into a network of sites and continues to build the company with e-commerce, video, and more.

So What Do You Do, Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikipedia and Wikia?
The co-founder of the wildly popular open-content site talks about his for-profit project, Wikia, and what the media industry can glean from Wikipedia's approach to citizen journalism.

So What Do You Do, Jimmy Pitaro, Vice President of Yahoo! Media?
Charged with programming and packaging Yahoo!'s content, this digital VP discusses innovative sponsorship ideas, the key to Web video success, and how Carol Bartz has changed the company in her first year.

So What Do You Do, Mark Johnson, Senior Program Manager at Bing?
The program lead at 'decision engine' Bing shares dispatches from the cutting edge of search development and extols the advantages of semantic Web.

So What Do You Do, Peggy Northrop, VP/Global Editor-In-Chief, Reader's Digest?
Expanding Reader's Digest's content across multiple channels, Peggy Northrop opens up about sustainable pay models, revenue strategies, and industry contraction.

So What Do You Do, Rob Curley, President/Executive Editor, Greenspun Interactive?
A seasoned hyper-local journalist, Rob Curley spearheads a TV show that's reverse-engineered from the Web and creates rich content databases.

So What Do You Do, Ning CEO Gina Bianchini?
Culling rich data from the million-plus social networks on Ning.com, this CEO is honing a scalable, profitable digital business model.

So What Do You Do, Polaris Ventures Senior Adviser Larry Kramer?
Exploring new media monetization models, industry veteran Larry Kramer believes the future of profitable content delivery is "total integration."

So What Do You Do, Paul Slavin, ABC News Digital Senior VP?
Three decades into his ABC career, this digital exec details how TV pros can monetize the news, take advantage of mobile, and implement social media.

So What Do You Do, Heather Hartle, Co-Founder/Creative Director, 7x7?
This self-starter dishes on revamping her mag for the Web and how community focus keeps her business competitive.

So What Do You Do, Joni Evans, CEO, wowOwow.com?
The publishing powerhouse talks about launching a women's Web site and how the Internet can save the 'broken' book industry.

So What Do You Do, Jay Woodruff, EIC, Maxim Digital?
The lad mag editor weighs in on working with Kent Brownridge, the advantages of playing off a print brand, and why he wants to be more like Jon Stewart.

So What Do You Do, Steve Proctor, S.F. Chronicle Deputy Managing Editor?
The longtime print reporter discusses the difficult industry climate, how the Web influences his front page, and what it takes to keep readers coming back.

So What Do You Do, Candy Pratts Price, Executive Fashion Director, Style.com?
This style maven shares how she stays ahead of the 24-hour news cycle and why brevity makes for better blogging.

So What Do You Do, John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessWeek.com?
The online EIC talks about his bold business moves, reinventing Web 2.0, and journalistic success in a digital world.

Hey How'd You Launch a Specialized Documentary Film Company, Jamarlin Martin?
The CEO discusses the creation of Moguldom Films and how he's making commercially viable documentaries.

Hey, How'd You Draw 250 Million Viewers to Your Web Show, The Young Turks?
Cenk Uygur, founder of the Streamy-nominated web talk show, reveals how he expanded the project on a shoestring budget and why he'd turn down an offer to go mainstream.

Hey, Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, How'd You Form a Media Think Tank?
We Media's founders believe every institution is a media company and accordingly address how they can make creative advances in a competitive digital market.

Hey, How'd You Become A New Media Empress, Shira Lazar?
Hybrid journalist Shira Lazar juggles multiplatform media projects and ingratiates herself as a brand for the 'millenial movement.'

Hey, How'd You Grow an Online Mag and Social Network with Minimal Traditional Promotion?
This entrepreneur stretches a limited budget with grassroots marketing techniques and is developing a tiered pay model that promotes user engagement.

Hey, How'd You Create A Highly Successful Viral Marketing Campaign, Jonah Sachs?
Free Range Studios' co-founder shares his strategy for crafting a campaign that generated more than 5 million views for an online video.

Hey, How'd You Launch A Lucrative Writing Business, Michael Sedge?
Ingratiating himself in global markets, this writer uses guerrilla pitching tactics and negotiates syndication deals to fuel a steady income.

Hey, How'd You Launch The New York Times' One in 8 Million Project, Sarah Kramer?
Ripe with radio sensibilities, this New York Times producer shifts gears to a digital endeavor and forecasts the role of multimedia content in newsrooms.

Hey, How'd You Build An International Newscast From Scratch, Marc Rosenwasser?
This network journalist-turned-public TV producer strategizes with staffers and creative partners to deliver daily foreign news on a modest budget.

Hey, How'd You Build A 50-Title Publishing Network?
This CEO shares how she created a franchise of local food mags in six years and her plans for extending the brand.

Hey, How'd You Launch A User-Generated Fact-Checking Site?
Ameritocracy.com's community director discusses how commenters can 'get to the truth' behind politics in media.

PR, Perfected: Making The Video
Harness Web video to strengthen your client's brand or alleviate crisis situations with these guidelines from PR practitioners.

What You Need to Know About Writing for Blogs
Think you've got the next great blog idea? Here's what you need to know about pitching or starting one.

The Rookie Guide to Freelance Writing
Being a freelancer is harder than it looks. Heed these tips from veteran scribes before you dive in.

Writing Web Headlines That Work
Online editors and writers detail six no-fail strategies for crafting headlines that will make audiences click, read and come back for more.

The Art of the Listicle: Craft a Perfect 'Top 10'
Think writing a listicle is easy? Learn the formula for a top 'Top 10,' from timeliness and methodology to snark and shareability.

How To Sell Sex Articles
When pitching sex articles, creating the right chemistry is key. Writers and editors reveal tips for scoring assignments, from email subject line to salacious subject matter.

Ready, Set, Star: Produce Your Own Online Video Show
Have your sights set on Internet stardom? Learn how to develop, execute, and promote your own compelling Web video show.

Writing Gone Rogue: 7 Rules to Break on the Web
Forget what you learned in English class: From paragraph parameters to forbidden first-person prose, we school you on which writing rules to break online.

7 Ways to Boost Traffic for Your Story
SEO and Web copy experts share seven strategies for helping your story take off, from capitalizing on current events to developing shareable content.

The Truth About Blog-to-Book Deals
Splashy gimmicks, snarky themes, and sky-high traffic stats won't necessarily turn your blog into a book. Here, agents and authors lend a much-needed reality check.

Get Ahead with A Grasp on Semantic Web
Prep for the next step in Web technology with semantic tactics that enable you to aggregate content in new ways and improve ad placement and search functionality.

The New Rules of Independent Magazine Publishing
To make it in the new magazine economy, forget old-school conventions and focus on building community, traction, and a realistic business plan.

The Real Deal on Writing For 'Content Farms'
Wondering or wary about freelance revenue sharing? We parse the 'page view and click-through' pay models of popular sites to help you evaluate whether you should write for one.

Revamp Your Print Habits For Web Writing
Seasoned writers who jumped from print to Web journalism offer seven strategies for retooling old habits for digital discourse.

Launch A Successful Online News Conference
Marketing experts explore how to orchestrate an online news conference, from the technical logistics to fostering audience interaction.

Best Online Practices For Print Writers
Savvy bloggers share techniques for transitioning your writing style from print to online and propelling a blog to success.

Monetize Your Web Site
Five bloggers detail the essential tactics for turning a Web site into a profit-generating business, from selling ad space to negotiating syndication deals.

New Media, New Jobs: Hybrid Roles in the Digital Newsroom
Be it distributed reporting, Web content strategy or developing software apps for news sites, talented and driven media pros can break into these emerging careers.

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Would you be surprised to hear that Twitter employees use official Twitter apps to send and read their tweets much more often than the general public? Probably not, but that's what Business Insider found after looking into just how Twitter employees actually used Twitter. ... [10,000 Words]

How do Twitter Employees use Twitter? [Infographic] - Posted April 11, 2011
Would you be surprised to hear that Twitter employees use official Twitter apps to send and read their tweets much more often than the general public? Probably not, but that's what Business Insider found after looking into just how Twitter employees actually used Twitter. ... [AllTwitter]

Deseret News Gilbert: "Optimistic about the industry? No" - Posted September 29, 2010
Fresh off the heels of cutting 43 percent of Deseret News' staff, CEO Clark Gilbert spoke to a Dallas, Texas advertising conference about the future of media. Lets just say he doesn't have very many good things to say... [MediaJobsDaily]

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Morning Reading List 05.28.09 - Posted May 28, 2009
Good morning FishbowlDC! Happy Birthday to WaPo Publisher Katharine Weymouth Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line. Here's what we're reading this Thursday morning... TV | MAGAZINES | WEB | ... [FishbowlNY]