Was at the Capitol Last Night

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VTexan Posted - 7/13/2013 1:34:27 PM | show profile | flag this post

...and caught an interesting moment on video.


mpdodgson Posted - 7/13/2013 2:11:17 PM | show profile | flag this post

Do the legislators know

that there's a picture of a woman in the lobby? Who screwed up there?

"Democrats offered 20 amendments to the bill, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks, require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and require all abortions take place in surgical centers. They ranged from exceptions for rape and incest to allowing doctors more leeway in prescribing abortion-inducing drugs. But Republicans would have none of it."

The scene that sums it up was the confiscation of Tampons. "State troopers are confiscating tampons, maxi pads and other potential projectiles from those who are entering the Texas capitol to watch the debate and vote on a controversial anti-abortion bill. Guns, however, which are typically permitted in the state capitol, are still being allowed. "

Wowzers. Let the gags flow (But let's hope not that other stuff. it could have gotten reeeeal gross). "They can have my tampon when they pry it from my...." "Guns don't kill people, Maxi-Pads do" "Only a good guy with a tampon can stop a bad guy with a tampon..."

You want more silliness? "While discussing Texas’ pending legislation severely limiting abortion, Bill O’Reilly offered the insight that women want to undergo abortions any time and for any old health reason, and gave the headscratching example of a sprained hand. Yes, women like abortions so much, sometimes they have them when they aren’t even pregnant.

“You can just kill the baby, or the fetus, however you want to describe it, any time you want for any reason,” O’Reilly said. “You know, women’s health, that’s any reason at all...a sprained hand!”

And who says the GOP/Conservatives are out of step with the issues?

VTexan Posted - 7/13/2013 3:00:14 PM | show profile | flag this post

Important to note:

When tampons are outlawed...only outlaws will have Tampons.

While I could sure be wrong, I suspect this issue has handed Texas its next Governor, and she will likely be Wendy Davis.

stopbs-- Posted - 7/13/2013 3:39:21 PM | show profile | flag this post

Texas abortion law

Since you two already took all the good jokes, I'll just talk about the law.

I see some merit in this law. At a certain point, a fetus is potentially viable. If a woman doesn't know that she's pregnant before 5 months, then I don't think pregnancy is her worst problem.

I also see the merit in raising the standard of care for women seeking abortions, i.e. making sure that the doctor has a hospital affiliation and performing abortions in surgical centers. As a woman gets further into pregnancy, abortion becomes riskier. If there's a chance of bleeding out, for instance, you want to be in a place where you're most likely to survive.

What I don't like about this bill is that it's a backdoor way to shut down abortion clinics. I understand that there's only a handful of Texas clinics that can currently meet these standards.

So, my question is, why don't other clinics strive to meet the higher standards? Why don't all the Texans who are protesting vow to keep the other clinics open by doing whatever is necessary to ensure their success? To me, that would be a win-win.

blackedtaped Posted - 7/13/2013 4:25:01 PM | show profile | flag this post


That was a reasoned and thoughtful post. Don't ever let that happen again. That kind of thing is just not done around here.

VTexan Posted - 7/13/2013 5:14:52 PM | show profile | flag this post

It was a thoughtful approach

Though the idea of only 2 good jokes coming out of this is waaaay underdone. Here's a sample from the #tampongate from yesterday's Twitter:
"The only way to get your tampons past security at the TX Capitol is to load them into your gun. #tampongate"

"They're taking tampons and maxi pads, but they're perfectly okay with douches in the #txleg #tampongate"

"Today we got tampons into the Senate gallery. Next year let's get a whole woman into the Governor's Mansion. #txlege #tampongate"

"If only #GeorgeZimmerman had defended himself with a handful of #Tampons #TamponGate "

"Has anybody made a "weapons of mass absorption" joke yet? #tampongate

"Gun Sales Drop: People are now purchasing tampons in droves as the new weapon of choice! #TamponGate"

"'This is menstruation without representation!'! #tampongate"

"I'm so grateful not to be a Texan pro-choice activist with her period today. #TamponGate"

That's just a sampling. And while the post was measured and thoughtful, it was a bit misinformed. It's not 24 weeks in the law, but 20. That would be 4 rather than 5 months. That too is a long time, but it's only 4/5 the time you claimed. I suspect a woman that's waited that long does have problems bigger than her pregnancy, but they might not be the stupidity you suggest. It could also be making the decision between her religion and her rape. It could have to do with a lot of things that could stretch things out.

Further, while the idea that bothers me most about this law is that there are 100s of thousands of Texas women who use Planned Parenthood as their primary source for the health care they receive. The Texas legislature has methodically, and by name, been dismantling them in Texas. SB2 will likely leave just 5 full clinics open, all east of I 35. If you've been to West Texas, imagine being a poor El Paso woman and having to get to San Antonio for your birth control and health screenings. It's just 548 miles, or about 7 hours.

This bill will very likely CAUSE more abortions than it stops. It likely will kill as many women as babies it "saves." This bill will inadvertently target poor women, and they will bear the price.

Why not make the clinics more fully medical? Tell it to the legislature. They cut funding in 2011 and 176 clinics shut down. That's 176 of 300. They're not interested in making women's health care better. They're interested in ending abortion and killing planned parenthood.

mpdodgson Posted - 7/13/2013 5:19:03 PM | show profile | flag this post

stopbs; Good points, but...

You're laboring under a false assumption (no pun intended). The Texas Legislators--and especially their Governor--could give a rats ass about a womans health.

"To be clear, my goal, and the goal of many of those joining me here today, is to make abortion, at any stage, a thing of the past," Perry said at a press conference organized by Texas Right to Life." (Yea. That's pretty clear Rick) "Last session, we passed, and I’m proud to say I signed, a law that prohibits abortion without the mother first having a sonogram, because we believe that unborn children deserve the respect of recognition before their lives are tragically cut short," (And that helps the Mother's health---how??)

(You) "making sure that the doctor has a hospital affiliation and performing abortions in surgical centers" Were you aware that "bill’s requirements include clinics that only dispense abortion pills and don’t perform any actual surgical procedures. If those facilities could not meet these new rules, they would be forced to close, and women would also lose access to other health care services they provided."??? (Again--this is not about womens health)


(You again) "As a woman gets further into pregnancy, abortion becomes riskier". And it's still not as risky as giving birth. "a study published online Monday in Obstetrics & Gynecology finds that a legal abortion is actually far safer than giving birth.
The research discovered that women are actually 14 times more likely to die during or after delivery than as a result of complications from abortion"

In cases of rape or incest, I'd rather agree with my wife or daughters decision to have an abortion than go through birth.

You were right on when you said "I understand that there's only a handful of Texas clinics that can currently meet these standards."
Out of 38 abortion clinics in Texas, only five would meet the new requirement. Five. In some states they're succeeding in getting it down to one or two, for the whole STATE.

Again, this is not about womens health. It's about stopping a womens right to choose any way they can. Letting women choose, not forcing anyone to do anything, now that would be a "win-win." IMHO.

Grateful Deadline Posted - 7/14/2013 10:52:39 AM | show profile | flag this post

That bill needs an attachment increasing support to mothers to raise their children -- low-cost full-service pediatric care, low-cost or free day care, and higher-education grants for starters.

it's just tv folks Posted - 7/14/2013 1:08:55 PM | show profile | flag this post

So stopbs and blackedtaped are all for the government coming between a doctor and patient. So stopbs and blackedtaped are all for raping a woman with a foreign object. So stopbs and blackedtaped are SO FOR a TAX INCREASE to care for the birthed babies they care so deeply for.

Food, medical care, daycare, education are just a few of the costs associated with the denying a woman and her doctor from making a private choice. Forcing a woman to bring her rapist's child to birth and telling her she has to pay for it is disgusting. Forcing a woman to bring a fetus to birth even if it may cause her great physical harm or death (didn't geo zimmerman argue that .. so if she shoots it it's just GREAT!!!?!?) is just fine and dandy with republitards and quite disgusting. Do you believe so in your fight against a woman's right to decide her medical health that you will pay out of your own pocket for ALL of the costs of YOUR decision to deny an unknown woman's choice about her own body?

Thanks blackedtaped for stepping up and paying for actually children, whatever race.

it's just tv folks Posted - 7/14/2013 1:13:29 PM | show profile | flag this post

make that actually born children.

Not born or fetuses are not the financial concern of republitards. Children who exist are not the concern of republitards. Just look at the republitard response to New Town. It seems the gop loves children for their future potential as targets for gun nuts.

mpdodgson Posted - 7/14/2013 2:07:24 PM | show profile | flag this post

That bill, and others like it

are so full of conservative contradictions and hypocrisy you couldn't possibly wrap your head around it.

Grateful? Of course you're right: "That bill needs an attachment increasing support to mothers to raise their children..." But No no no. See, we demand that unwed mothers on welfare have their unwanted babies--even if it was a rape in an alley, or Dad forced himself on his own daughter, but we're damned if we're going to help them afterwards. Not our problem.

It's all about womens health, donchaknow, even though of course it's not. Abortion is safer in the first place, and closing womens health clinics that don't even do abortions is all about womens health.

We're against BigBadLibrul Gubermint sticking their noses in our private lives, which is why we demand women get violated by instruments against their or their doctors wishes. When a Republican legislature passes a vaginal probe or ultrasound law it MUST be ObamaCare, but definitely not government.

(Goes hand-in-hand (heterosexuals of course) with 'Keep your government hands off my Medicare', and 'Obama's just like Hitler snooping my email--but it's okay if the Government tells me who I can marry and who I can't....huh?

And of course, the ultimate hypocrisy (a whole different topic altogether) We're just "Pro-Life". Every life is sacred. Born or unborn. Everyone deserves to live at the very least. Or as Rick Perry himself put it: “The tremendous outpouring of support for this legislation has demonstrated how Texas stands for life"...

...which of course explains why we love our State run execution system. Hell, we've hung, shot, poisoned, and fried more people than corn dogs at the Zapata County Fair. We just celebrated our [contemporary] 500th. (Got a few free eggrolls for that one). We're darn shootin proud were less civilized than, say, Cambodia, Nicaragua, or Haiti.

If you can't recognize the hypocrisy in all of this, you did way more drugs in the 60's than I did.

VTexan Posted - 7/15/2013 12:35:59 AM | show profile | flag this post

The buffoon behind the bill

...is this woman. She doesn't understand simple biology.


mpdodgson Posted - 7/15/2013 6:18:07 PM | show profile | flag this post

Speaking of buffoons...

"Fox News Contributor Erick Erickson Does His New Network Proud"

After the Texas Senate passed the bill Erickson tweeted: "dear Liberals, Go bookmarks this site now: storesupply.com/c-480-hangers..."

"And then he deleted the tweet, after writing a post about how "sorry" he was for "offending the kid-killing caucus." (No apology from Erickson, or Fox, indeed he was on the air and their web yesterday commenting on the GZ trial.)


And this is about 'protecting womens health' remember?

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