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Web 3.0 Conference: Evolution: It's a Process

Keynote speaker Christine Connors outlines the past, present and future of the semantic web.

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  2. The Semantic Web: An Introduction (10:40) 10:40 FREE!
    Christine begins by explaining how the semantic web is defined by Dow Jones and why we care about it. It's all about letting more customers use data: unanticipated uses by unanticipated users. Some of the challenges of the semantic web: integration, master data management, and lack of follow-through and maintenance, usability and interaction design, ROI, trust and security, and market strategy. Myths: there will be a handful of killer apps, the semantic web will replace the current web, all semantic web projects are prohibitively expensive, there will be instant gratification. Christine then explores the concept of mashups and how they relate to the semantic web.
  3. The Human-Machine Connection (20:14) 20:14 FREE!
    There's been a rash of new natural language processing programs. Christine says: On the east coast, we talk about technology and business, on the west coast technology and content. Programs need human input to run. She advocates a hybrid solution, with humans and machines working together. She draws a parallel between card catalogs and old-style search engines. Christine discusses: What is an ontology? What is a taxonomy?
  4. How Data is Organized (10:27) 10:27 FREE!
    Christine begins this segment by asking: How many of you do the grocery shopping? Do you organize your list according to how the store is organized? She then takes the audience through a series of information organization methods, from lists to synonym rings. She explains the difference between precision and recall with regard to search, and how different kinds of taxonomies work to classify and analyze data. Crowdsourcing of information and annotation are ways of interacting and expanding your own work on the semantic web.
  5. Tag It Yourself (20:14) 20:14 FREE!
    Where do data sets come from? Christine describes the growth in this space that has taken place in the last year. Why do you need to contribute to the data cloud? What do you have to offer? Don't give it all away: paid content is still important on the semantic web. You need to represent your company on the web, or face corruption of your image. Make the small step of tagging your content.
  6. Semantic Web: Why Do We Care? (9:25) 9:25 FREE!
    Christine talks through some of the details of annotating your own web content and allowing outside tools to access it without compromising security. Christine talks through the W3C "layer cake" of standards and some of the challenges, including user interfaces. How does the semantic web decide what's the most accurate info? The answer: you should write your own queries and filters so that you have control. We need business development people to figure out how to use the info that's out there. We need information scientists, librarians, to set up and maintain these systems. Why do we care? Repurposing data, easier integration, product development, improve findability, e-commerce and compliance, and increase delivery channels for data and services. Finally, it's about getting past relevancy overload.

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Keynote Speaker: Christine Connors, Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions, Dow Jones, Enterprise Media Group

Everything evolves; the web is no exception. Technologies, user goals and roles are becoming more refined and sophisticated. The adoption curve is no myth, and some ideas have a steeper learning curve than others. In this session, Christine discusses how businesses, organizations and society in general will evolve with the web in a positive manner by building on what is known, starting with small projects and addressing the challenges head on.

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