Wendy Dale

Wendy Dale
Wendy Dale is the author of the travel memoir Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals: Adventures in Love and Danger and Guerrilla War for Extra Credit, the first of two young adult novels scheduled to be published by Dutton. Her work has appeared on Public Radio International, in newspapers, magazines, and on television. The TV special she co-scripted, The New Adventures of Mother Goose, was nominated for an Emmy. She recently returned to her first love, memoir writing, with American Wetback: An Immigrant in My Own Country.

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Wendy was motivating and critical, pushing me beyond my comfort zone to explore new territory. She encouraged collaboration and with her feedback, I dug deeper to find the voice to complete assignments. -- Natalie Crate

"Wendy encourages her students to dig deeper -- and the results show. I highly recommend her. She is insightful, conscientious, and supportive. I couldn't ask for more." -- Michele Meek

"Wendy is that tough critic who can be the best thing that happens to your manuscript." -- Lucey Bowen

"Wendy is phenomenal! I've taken dozens of writing courses and completed an MFA in creative writing. Never have I received such useful instruction. I'm happy that I'll be starting her advanced course next week." -- Mary Rowland

"Wendy exceeded my expectations. I was stunned by how much practical information I learned and by how much I grew as a writer. The class was, in a word, invaluable!" -- Carly Van Thomme

"Wendy is the best instructor I've had, bar none. She continually pushes you and never lets you settle for good enough. She is knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and has an excellent sense of humor! I would take a class again with her anytime." -- Sandra Carpenter